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Leo sign meaning. Leo, the zodiac sign that is represented by a strong and imposing lion, stands out for being very creative, generous, passionate, happy, affectionate and funny beings.

But they also have weaknesses such as stubbornness, arrogance, laziness, self-centeredness and inflexibility. Leos don’t like being ignored or having to face difficult realities.

Leos love to go on vacation, be admired, participate in the theater, bright colors, expensive things, have fun with friends, and always be treated like queens or kings.

People of this sign are born leaders; They are dramatic, creative, confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist, they have the ability to achieve what they set out to do at any stage of their life.

Leo often has many friends because they are generous and loyal, as well as self-confident and attractive, they can bond with other people and lead them towards any cause, making everyone collaborate in an easier way.

Leo Characteristics

In general, those of the Leo sign are very outgoing and sociable people, they like to interact with other people and have many friends, they have charisma, they like to attract attention and they are very proud.

They believe that they are superb people, but deep down they are not, what happens is that it is a sign that has nothing to hide and if it can teach something positive to others, it will not be a problem for them.

Leo sign characteristics
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Leo sign characteristics

Start date leo

The Leo sign begins after the sign of Cancer and runs from July 23 to August 22.

Leo in Love

In love, people of this sign do not keep anything, they prefer to give everything to stay with nothing or half, and then repent. I read them are very romantic and intense, they like the details a lot and even if they think otherwise, I read they like more to give than to be given.

When I read them they fall in love, they will not stop thinking about their partner; Despite the stereotypes that exist about Leo, when they open their hearts to the person they really love, both their attitude and their way of being change completely.

In addition to being generous, they are demanding and receptive to romantic stimuli. Being a fire sign they are very hot and passionate, so they live their intimate relationships with debauchery, a lot of passion and speed.

Leo is an extremely expressive sign and they like to impress those around them, which means that their partner will have a thousand proofs of what they can feel with a born under this sign.

Leo woman

Women of this sign are mostly identified as being perfectionists to the fullest, in addition to having inexhaustible energy and leadership. With great creativity, I read them possess artistic abilities and inexhaustible strength.

Leo women tend to be very friendly, sociable and they like social relationships and meetings a lot, they are usually the center of attention, thanks to their power of conviction and convincing.

They can be defined as passionate about life, although at certain times when they feel exhausted from living to the fullest, they will need periods of rest until they can find the motivation and energy necessary for the next race.

These women are passionate about spending a lot and shopping for shoes, fashion clothes, bags, etc. They tend to have an exquisite taste, although they cannot always afford the whims they deserve.

They are capable of giving without measures, even if it implies taking it from themselves, their friends can attest to this. To have everything prepared, they anticipate events and enjoy life to the fullest.

Leo women are calm, sweet and gentle, but when their pride comes out, you can discover women who are not at all submissive and shy, who tend to disappear automatically.

They are women who in their actions and decision-making give off a lot of security, they are demanding and perfectionists with themselves as well as with other people, making them uncomfortable.

Thanks to their great vitality and inexhaustible energy, Leo women are enthusiastic about everything they do, they are tireless workers and do not rest until they occupy positions of authority and leadership.

It is for this reason, that I read them occupy positions of directors, managers, organizers, businesswomen and other positions where they can give everything they have to offer.

In the same way, women of this sign as co-workers are highly valued, due to their dedication and predisposition when collaborating with their colleagues.

Their affection, creativity, generosity and enthusiasm are positive aspects that stand out from the ladies of this sign. In addition to being faithful, great friends, very understanding and hate falsehood.

Among the negative aspects of the leo is their intolerance and impetuosity at times, if they are not allowed to meet certain objectives or if their path is hindered.

Those governed by the sign of Leo highly value sincerity to the point of whether you lie to them or fail, it will be difficult for them to forgive if they do. They like luxury, money and parties with a certain glamor.

Children are passionate and enjoy shows, they detest loneliness, vulgarity and selfish and uneducated people, and they always try to escape from the routine.

Leo women in love throughout their lives can have many partners, this happens because they tend to attract without wanting to, in addition they do not like to settle and always seek to improve what they have.

They have many friends in their environment who may even be secretly in love with them. When they have a partner they are very sincere and faithful, as long as the love lasts.

In private they are considered generous lovers, as long as they have the necessary confidence to show themselves as they are.

Leo man

Thanks to their fire element, Leo men possess great strength and energy, which makes them very powerful and influences their enthusiastic and domineering personality.

Leos are considered authoritarian and courageous. They love family life and will do anything because their family is very happy and they lack nothing. He enjoys a lot in the company of children and usually plays with the little ones in the house. They try to give children the best education so that they stand out in their lives.

They may appear self-centered, due to the enthusiasm and characteristics of their profile. Some phrases they often use begin with an “I”, which gives them a narcissistic image, but it really is about the desire that these men have to communicate and be understood.

Some people say that I read them are a bit authoritarian and proud, but without malice or in order to harm someone, it is just their way of being. The gift of command is natural in Leo men.

The energy, personality and strength make Leos easy to follow leaders, they have charisma, they are funny and talkative. When someone of this sign arrives at a meeting, all eyes are on him and they usually grab the attention immediately.

The desire for power, along with generosity, combine perfectly, they do not like to be opposed, but they argue to refute their opponents. By gaining the trust of a Leo, you can have a direct and faithful friend.

Men of this sign, despite their differences with other people, are not enemies, they will be of no use to them. As for the labor field, they believe that their ideas are the most successful.

They are natural leaders which makes them adopt a certain air of superiority, this helps them to supervise and direct the teams, with which they feel comfortable. When the opposite is the case, his charisma allows them to get along with their superiors, since he knows how to keep them happy.

They are excellent co-workers, but I always read them and they will try to outperform the rest and show what they are really worth.

Leo men in love are not afraid of risks and decision-making, although they tend to flee from love affairs if they notice that they can get hurt. They are comfortable with long-lasting and stable relationships.

I read them in bed they are passionate, they like to have the command voice as in almost all aspects of their life. Between the sheets is a sign that he likes to dominate, as long as he is given confidence, he will make his partner enjoy to the fullest with his creative mind.

With Leo men a woman may end up knowing all the positions of the kamasutra. Thanks to her wild temperament and her excessive appetite, she makes him one of the most faithful signs, but as in everything, she only depends on the person.

How are the leo?

With great generosity and kindness, those born under the Leo sign are considered, they are also very affectionate, faithful, enthusiastic, creative and understanding with other people.

They are people who like adventure, luxury, comfort, parties and children; they are also very motivated by risk.

En comparación con otros signos del zodiaco, es uno de los más dominantes. También es extrovertido, creativo y así como en el reino animal son los reyes de la selva, ellos se consideran reyes entre los humanos.

Leos have great courage, strength, ambition, independence, and total security in their abilities. They do not hesitate in what they have to do.

Without complications they become leaders, they know very well where they want to go and they put a lot of effort, creativity and energy on their part to achieve their goal. They grow up in the face of obstacles, they are not afraid of them at all.

In general, those of the sign of Leo are intelligent, good idealists; Regarding their beliefs, they can become stubborn, but always from an absolute sincerity and faith.

Both their defects and their virtues are very broad, I read them can also become proud, arrogant and very bad-tempered people. They have the ability to use tricks and lies to discredit an enemy. They can also adopt airs of arrogance and superiority.

Leo’s lucky number

1, 9 and 10 are Leo’s lucky numbers.

Tarot for Leo

HOUSE I: Personality

Arcane: 5 of Pentacles (Gold)

Advice: aspects such as disappointment and pessimism are seen, accompanied by feelings of helplessness. It will be best to redefine the scale of values and create a new structure for optimal financial management, in order to reflect on the use of talents and skills.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: 6 of Swords

Tip: changes are expected; so that income is diversified and investment options that provide profitability are explored.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: 10 of Pentacles (Gold)

Advice: abundance and renewal. Interaction with friends and family will be a channel of inspiration for new projects and ideas.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: 4 of Cups

Advice: dedication to domestic activities and family. It will be necessary to take time to reflect on events of the past and the future will take care of identifying the limits of the comfort zone.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: 5 of Cups

Advice: sadness and disappointment are coming, in this case the support of friends and loved ones will be essential for them to help overcome setbacks in order to find internal balance.


Arcane: 3 of Swords

Tip: Some tension, stress, and frustration can develop due to circumstances associated with work. For this, it will be necessary to change the approach strategy, in order to obtain a renewed perspective on life and the solution.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 7 of Cups

Advice: contact with reality and idealization can destroy illusions. It will be necessary to avoid exaggerated expectations, within the relationship and open the doors to really know the couple.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: 3 of Pentacles (Gold)

Tip: Through the exchange of experiences and shared goals, in addition to trust and maturity, you will reach a higher level in the intimate aspect of the relationship.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcane: Temperance

Advice: tolerance, honesty, prudence, friendship with people of other nationalities. You also need to be discreet and patient with your plans.

HOUSE X: Vocation and aspirations

Arcane: The Hierophant or High Priest

Arcane: The Hierophant or High Priest

HOUSE XI: Friends and groups

Arcane: The Wheel of Fortune

Tip: You see progress on highly successful projects and businesses with colleagues and friends. They are opportunities that arise unexpectedly, which point to dreams.

HOUSE XII: Mysticism and Karma

Arcane: 3 of Cups

Tip: gratitude and happiness are deep ties to the emotional world. Share joy, knowledge and love with people who are willing to receive.

Leo compatibility with other signs

Leo and Aries

Between these two signs, love at first sight does exist and is based on mutual admiration. Quickly this fusion begins, with the same intensity and energy. There can be too much passion between these two zodiac signs.

Leo and Taurus

A very powerful attraction can exist between Leo and Taurus, but the confrontation is about who will be in command. Without a doubt, in this case he will be a Taurus, because he has clarity and self-confidence, and in the long term he manages to win this battle due to his tenacity.

Leo and Gemini

Between the two signs they form a very bright couple. Love is assured, when humor and intelligence are complemented by the charisma of both signs. Leo tends almost to perfection and the biggest drawback is Leo’s jealousy that puts Gemini’s escapades to the test.

Leo and Cancer

Without protesting, Cancer usually accepts Leo’s individualism and manages to reassure him in his crisis of confidence; but this situation also tends to happen to cancer; in this case both need to be reassured and that is why they understand each other perfectly.

Leo and Leo

It is a meeting of two people with a lot of ego, but, although it seems difficult, the result is almost magical. Both of you will lie to each other in order to avoid problems so that in the end it turns into admiration. The relationship will be highly successful as long as it remains on a level playing field.

Leo and Virgo

Virgo will initially lack arguments to seduce Leo, since he is a very discreet being. However, Leo manages to captivate Virgo and will even end up convincing him to relax a little, for the well-being of all.

Leo and Libra

Libra’s refinement and elegance can leave a Leo speechless. On the other hand, Libras end up falling in love with Leo’s aesthetic perfection. Finally, both signs will complement each other perfectly.

Leo and Scorpio

These two signs will be very attracted to each other and will experience love with the same intensity. In the intimacy the union of both is very ardent, but really when they meet in public, the ego of Leo and Scorpio tend to collide.

Leo and Sagittarius

They can be considered the perfect couple, the two signs have the same desire, they go through life with great dynamism. They are very close and this helps them cope with the problems of everyday life. On the other hand, Sagittarius’ needs for freedom can make Leo hesitate at times.

Leo and Capricorn

Leos are more intuitive, while Capricorns are down to earth. However, once they are united, they form an indestructible team. Especially when I read he manages to control his eccentricities and Capricorn manages to be less cold.

Leo and Aquarius

Although Aquarius secretly admires Leo, the individualism of this sign bothers him a lot. Leo likes to give orders a lot, while Aquarius is bothered by this attitude. But both will be able to respect the independence of the other and this will make a solid union forever.

Leo and Pisces

They are a difficult couple to describe, due to their great differences. Leo is a bit rough sign, while Pisces is very sensitive. Something that unites them is creativity, which will take them to a more colorful world full of surprises. Both can find their balance when Pisces support the Leo urge to dominate.

Leo qualities

Those of the Leo sign honor the animal that represents them (the lion), they are really brave and noble people who face difficulties with optimism and energy and even have great tolerance for adversity.

These people are truly charismatic and possess qualities that make them natural leaders. In addition, they have a great capacity to transmit that optimism and good vibes, to push others to extract the best of themselves.

Behind the powerful and energetic aspect of the Leos, hides a very astute and analytical brilliant mind that has the ability to make sound decisions very quickly, even allowing them to reason fluently.

Leo in bed

Those of the leo sign in bed are very easy to provoke. Anyone is an easy prey in front of a leo, they are very passionate and ardent and they make their partner feel as if it were the best thing that has happened to them in life.

The superiority of this sign is shown in the sexual part, likewise, they expect to receive the same as they give, to be told that they are the best and that they do it extraordinarily well.

At the moment of their first sexual encounter, they try to do the best they can, they like to surprise and leave their lovers hallucinating. They love to dominate the situation, in terms of postures they love to be up, controlling movements, time and pauses.

If you tell those of the Leo sign how wonderful it is in bed, they will feel much more comfortable and they will give themselves twice as much, but if they notice that their partner is not enjoying themselves they will give themselves triple.

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