Leo decan 3

Introduction: Leo decan 3 is ruled by Mars in both systems (Aries triplicity). The third Decan, Leo, was born between August 13 and 23. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Mars, which makes him emotional, proud, self-confident, bold, and sometimes full of bravado.

This being Leo’s domain, Leo Decon 3 is the most stereotypical Leo. The new generation will lose Regulus to Virgo, so that it might be slightly less bombastic, but not by much. There are still many stars left in the shining lion.

Leo decan 3
Leo decan 3

The sub-effects of this Aries/MARS decan can produce some quite interesting qualities. Leo’s rulership over the Sun gives great strength and warmth. The sub-influence of Mars on this decan increases the ability to concentrate the power given by this Sun so that it can be used more effectively. If you use this tremendously powerful energy wisely, a few things can hinder your progress in life.

As Leo Decan 3 is interested in achieving his multiple goals, they have a genuine and deep interest in other people and their cultures. Leo-Aries can somehow pick up the most intimate details from practical strangers. They are excellent listeners and will only advise if it is requested. Leo-Aries are also good planners, able to plan effectively and foresee an attack.

In this article, I’ll explain Leo decan 3 love, personality, and compatibility. Let’s get started ;

Leo decan 3 love

Leo decan 3 needs to feel famous in love. They want to be the center of their partner’s world—but the focus shouldn’t be that way. The typical Leo will also center their partner; as a result, making everyone feel connected.

Leo decan 3 partners may feel that their every move is being watched and recorded somewhere. It’s a bit annoying. When in the presence of a lion, you shouldn’t leave until the mighty paw decides that your time together is up. Even if they become infuriatingly stale, it’s still very hard to give them up because they’re so sexy. How can anyone resist dignified enthusiasm, passion, flamboyant self-confidence, and a hot-blooded sex drive?

The Leo Decan 3 can also overspend, buying up more things than they usually require. 3rd Decan of Leo is incredibly truthful and sincere, and natives from Leo Decan 3 Compatible signs will display that. Occasionally, that quality leads them to unnecessary arguments, as one may think they are a harsh critic. In Leo’s protection, they are just sincere in making people the better version of themselves. They are gentle and kind most of the time.

This decan requires peace when their mind is working on something to let things go their way. It usually has Leo warmth but only potential, sometimes with an explosive temper. In general, they love and give respect to everyone. However, Leos are quick to forgive and forget and are not known to hold grudges, even though others may not necessarily forgive as much in return.

Leo decan personality

The Leo Decan 3 is ruled by the planet Mars. You are extremely ambitious and determined to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Fortunately, you have the dynamic energy to make your ambitions a reality. You are an unstoppable force when you want something.

You are sometimes stubborn and will not give up if you believe in yourself. And as you believe you can never be wrong, your stubbornness often shows.

The Leo decan 3 is ambition, integrity, and dynamism in Leo‘s personality. They are passionate and driven to achieve goals. They are an unstoppable force when they want something. And as they never believe themselves wrong, their stubbornness often shows.

You are completely honest and straightforward and expect others to be the same. What you see is what you get. You are not afraid to express your thoughts and feelings and can be brutally honest in your criticism of others. Your honesty sometimes reaches the point of being blunt, which hurts others.

Your dynamism and adventure will take you to the top of any profession you choose to put your full enthusiastic and positive energies into. You like to be the leader, the boss, and the main character and find it very difficult to be subordinate to others.

As the Third Decan Leo is interested in achieving his multiple goals, he has a genuine and deep interest in other people and their cultures. Leo-Aries can somehow pick up the most intimate details from practical strangers. They are excellent listeners and will only advise if it is requested. Leo-Aries are also good planners, able to plan effectively and foresee an attack.

Leo decan 3 compatibility

Leo and Aries are fire signs, and their combination of intense passion and high achievement is a recipe for success. These bold individuals make a strong pair, juggling various responsibilities and interests. However, since both signs crave the spotlight, each must avoid competing and celebrating the other’s victories.

The most compatible sign for Leo decan 3 is Cancer. Leo is semi-sextile, or an extra sign, from the intuitive, sensitive water sign Cancer, which can make for a slightly rocky road due to differing views and priorities.

Cancers see and feel happiness, sadness, and all shades in between. The dynamic, spotlight-loving Leo is always optimistic and confident, preferring to see the bright side of any situation. After all, both are loyal, sincere, and loving, which can be long-lasting fuel for their bond. 

When we say Cancer, we mean Leo’s soul mate sign. The success of this couple is conditional. But more often than not, they manage to get through every situation in life. If both partners are willing to share and express their love for each other, their relationship will be smooth. Moreover, no matter what, there is always a sense of respect in a relationship which is fundamental to making any relationship work. Both gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand. 


The planet Mars rules the third decan of Leo. The locals are the most passionate of all the decan. They have a good sense of optimism and are frank. Some natives, though, are found to be very stubborn and difficult to break.

Mars gives them a lot of energy and is loaded with action plans. You are not a lazy goose to lie around idle. You are considered very brave; however, you can make great decisions. Although natives are spendthrifts at the end of the day, their wallets are full. Finances come easily to these people without asking too much.

You are honest and straightforward and can earn the ire of others because of it. But then, if you can control your anger, you are a very kind and gentle person. Another negative quality of yours is that you hold grudges for a long time.

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