Karmic relationship meaning and signs

Karmic relationship meaning and signs: meaning, signs. Introduction. Did you know that the kind of relationship that you have with a person can be determined by many factors? These factors play a major role in determining whether you will be happy with that person or not.

Karmic relationship meaning and signs: meaning, sign
Karmic relationship meaning and signs: meaning, sign

An example of a relationship governed by various factors is a karmic relationship. As you might already know, a karmic relationship is derived from the word karma. Karma can be defined as the law that constitutes a cause and effect. This law means that everything that you do in life will have an effect that will affect you and the people around you.

The good deeds that you do in life result in positive effects while the bad things you do will cause negative energies. According to some philosophers, the feelings and thoughts of an individual are caused by a ripple effect of the environment they live in. for instance, if you surround yourself with people that like doing bad deeds, your feelings and thoughts will be filled with negative energies. If such people tend to do good deeds, you will be filled with a positive energy. 

Therefore, a karmic relationship is guided by the energy created in your surroundings. Let’s explore a deeper meaning of a karmic relationship and the different signs that can aid you determine whether you are in a karmic relationship or not. 


Karmic relationship meaning and signs
Karmic relationship meaning and signs

A karmic relationship is a strong bond that connects you and your partner. The relationship is often filled with moments of high and moments of low, which can leave both of you extremely happy or sad. It can be defined as a romantic relationship that grows from a deep desire for both of you to be with one another. A karmic relationship occurs between two people who are believed to have soul ties and circles. The two people have a connection made in the spiritual realm that enables them to help one another channel the negative energies from their lives. 

A karmic relationship will not always end badly as many people might think. Whenever such a relationship ends, it leaves both parties having learnt important lessons in life. These lessons could be applied in their future relationships to make them last longer. The two people might feel hurt and might no longer be willing to appreciate one another. 


One of the main signs of a karmic relationship is that it does not last. The relationship is bound to end as soon as the soul’s contract between the two individuals has come to an end. The relationship also comes to an end because the two souls have helped each other get rid of negative energies in their lives. 

A karmic relationship is characterised by an instant connection. In a normal relationship, people take time to learn more about the other party and understand their thinking and how their mind operates.

Such aspects plays an important role in enabling the relationship to last long because the two people can easily understand each other and solve issues. However, this is not the case for karmic relationships because the attraction occurs instantly. These relationships can also be termed as “love at first sight”. Unfortunately, they do not last long because both parties do not spend time knowing more about each other.

In a karmic relationship, the individuals tend to ignore the red flags. When people feel like they have found their soulmate, they tend to ignore the negative things and underlying problems about such a person. In some cases, a person might recognize some of the deal breakers in the relationship. However, they work on convincing themselves that such deal breakers do not matter a lot in the relationship. This explains why the karmic relationships do not last longer. 

A karmic relationship is characterised by a lot of drama that often result in the parties being hurt. The parties fight to win instead of seeking a solution to a problem together. The relationship lacks reliable communication and small arguments are likely to become a major problem for the couple. Past issues are also likely to become a reference point in current issues, thus escalating the argument. The couple is less likely to have an honest conversation and this makes it challenging for them to be together as time elapses. 

Karmic relationships are characterised by a lot of insecurity. The partners find it challenging to trust one another and always want to know what the other person is doing. The intense jealousy of the partners and the fear of being left alone lead into them acting irrationally and causing unnecessary drama. The couple becomes obsessive and possessive of each other and want to spend all their time together. 

A karmic relationship feels like destiny and each of the individuals cannot think of a life without their partner. The relationship feels that the two individuals were meant to be and are afraid of leaving each other. The relationship makes it difficult for an individual to focus on their life and know what they want in life. 

Conclusion: Karmic relationship meaning and signs

Have you ever heard of people that become good friends after ending a good relationship? This happens because such people had learned about each other and did not end the relationship in a dramatic way. Such is rarely the case for karmic relationships because it is full of drama. If you suspect that you are in a karmic relationship, it is advisable that you quit it or look for ways of driving the negative energies that are likely to end the relationship. 

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