Karmic relationship astrology

Karmic relationship astrology: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.Introduction. A karmic relationship is a type of union that will be characterised by a lot of drama, the need to get recognized by your partner, obsession, and extreme feelings of love or hatred and does not last long.

Karmic relationship astrology: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
Karmic relationship astrology: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Such a relationship can be draining to an individual, thus making it challenging for them to focus on other things in life. Given the above signs, it is easy to determine whether you are in a karmic relationship or not. You might feel like all your relationships are always filled with red flags that you need to sort. Such occurs because there is a lesson that you should learn from these relationships. The western zodiac signs can be used to explain karmic relationships. The following analysis will help you create healthy relationships.


A karmic relationship for a person belonging to Aries zodiac tends to be characterised by a lot of jealousy. The person will work very hard to make the relationship work. They are likely to work hard to an extent that they lose their focus on working on their life goals such as career. Given that a karmic relationship is filled with red flags, the person will convince themselves that the red flag does not mean much. This will make them jealous and they will be forced to work hard to become the ideal companion for their partner. 


A karmic relationship for a Gemini would be toxic and irrational. A Gemini in a karmic relationship will go to extreme lengths to do things that pleases their partners. These are things that the individual would not do under a normal circumstance. Such irrationality makes them ignore all the red flags that could get them out of a toxic relationship. The main lesson learned from this kind of relationship is that a person should not go to the extremes to please their partner. What is made to be will be and if a person loves you, you will not have to sacrifice your sanity to please them. 


Karmic relationship taurus
Karmic relationship taurus

A karmic relation for a person belonging to the Taurus zodiac is dependent and all-consuming. Such individuals are worried about making a mistake that would cost them the relationship. Hence, they tend to have commitment issues because they always think of how they will ruin the relationship. These individuals are not the kind of people that like to take things slow. Therefore, when they get into a relationship, they will be all dependent on their partners and this will consume them. They rarely focus on their own happiness because all their energy is diverted towards the happiness of their partner. 


A karmic relationship for a person belonging to this zodiac is one that will reveal their dark side. Individuals belonging to the Cancer zodiac tend to be overly sensitive about what is going on around them. Therefore, whenever they feel attacked in any way, they tend to act in a manner they would not normally do to protect themselves. In this case, the person would feel attacked emotionally. Such a person will reveal their dark side in an attempt to escape the emotional attack or abuse. A karmic relationship for these individuals is characterised by drama and extreme feelings of hatred. 


A karmic relationship for Virgos tends to be obsessive and controlling.  You may have a lot of confidence in your ability to choose the right partners. However, this is not always the case until you fall in a karmic relationship. When you get in such a relationship, you are likely to become hyper-critical towards your partners. In such a case, you will turn out to be obsessive and controlling in the relationship. You might do this out of love but it is bound to hurt you. The lesson you should learn from such a relationship is that you cannot always control what happen around you.         


A karmic relationship for Leos tends to be addictive and superficial. No one wishes to be in a relationship with someone who abuses them mentally, physical, and emotionally. This is the kind of aspects you get in a karmic relationship. The main factor about such a relationship is that a person will love it and bear all the abuse they get from their partner. A person who loves a karmic relationship is likely to get attracted to the wrong person because they help them make a statement in public. For instance, the person might be famous, dress well or is loved by others. 


A karmic relationship for Libras will feel like a destiny. These individuals become too much focused on the relationship to an extent that they cannot pay attention to any red flags of the other partner. All they think about is that their world revolves around their partners and they would never fall in love with another person. These individuals find it challenging to focus on other goals in life because all of their energy is directed to the karmic relationship and making their partner happy. The person thinks that they are made to be with their partners forever and this makes it challenging for them to look for true love. 


A karmic relationship for a Scorpio is bound to bring out their worst fears. One of the major characteristics of these individuals is that they will lie to their partners when in the real sense; they feel insecure and emotionally heartbroken. They will pretend to be okay just to please their partners in fear of breaking the relationship. A Scorpio is one person that will be afraid of leaving a karmic relationship because they do not want to be alone. A karmic relationship is capable of making a person not feel worthy to be loved. Hence, they will get attached to one relationship out of the fear that they will not find another person to love them. 


A karmic relationship for a Sagittarius tends to be volatile and unpredictable. These individuals have a tendency to not compromise on important issues regarding the relations. The lack of such compromise can be a huge problem to their partner and this will disrupt the peace of the relationship. You will never know when the Sagittarius will fail to compromise and this makes the relationship unpredictable. The lesson learnt from such a relationship is that a person should put a lot of effort in all the things that they are passionate about.  When the fear of commitment becomes the main aspect of your relationship, you will find it challenging to make an effort in sustaining the relationship.


A karmic relationship for a Capricorn will be born of conflict. One thing you have to remember about karmic relationships is that they do not last long. Therefore, regardless of the effort you put in making the relationship work, it will be a waste of time. Capricorns tend to be unrealistic about the decisions that they make while in a relationship. Such plays a major role in causing conflicts in the relations because the other partner has realistic thoughts and feelings. They will fail to understand your reason for being unrealistic and this will eventually run your relationship. 


A karmic relationship for Aquarius is one that will push their buttons. Some people tend to ghost the people that they love because they consider love to be scary. When you are in a karmic relationship, it means you are in a relationship with a person you cannot disappear from. Therefore, you will be pushed to face your fears about the relationship. 


A karmic relationship for these individuals is characterised by repeat patterns and red flags. The repeat patterns are caused by the fact that the individual is ignorant about the problematic issues about their partners. These people keep convincing themselves that the red flags do not matter until they find themselves deep in a toxic relationship. 

Conclusion: Karmic relationship astrology

Now that you have known what a karmic relationship looks like for every zodiac sign, it is time to break yourself free from such relationships. All you have to do is check your zodiac sign and determine whether your current relationship is bound by the characteristics described about people belonging to such a zodiac. If they sound familiar, you already know that you are in a toxic relationship and need to find true love. Breaking from a karmic relationship might be a challenge and it will take you a lot of effort and determination to leave such a relationship. 

update 09/2022

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