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Islamic New Year, traditions, foods, wishes

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Islamic New Year, traditions, foods, wishes. Islamic New Year is also called the Hijri year. It is the first day that decides the beginning of the new moonly year. And from that day, we start counting on the new year. Islamic Year starts or is noticed by the first day of the month of Muharram. The Islamic new year is known as the Arabic Year. Basically, Islamic news starts from the Islamic era of 622. when our great prophet Muhammad [P’eace be upon him] migrates from the holy city of Mecca to Madina, all the religious duties are set according to the Islamic new year.

These religious duties are prayer, fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, the Hajj, and significant events dates, celebrating holy festivals such as Eid are set according to this Islamic Year. On the other hand, some Islamic groups prefer a new Islamic month or year because of the sighting of the moon. And many countries set the dates of the new Islamic Year by following the celestial calculations. Saudi Arabia also uses this way to calculate the new or future dates of the new Islamic Year.

The Umm Al Qura calendar is used in Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Year has fewer days than the English calendar or year. According to the Islamic calendar, sunset is the beginning of the day. For example, the start of 1st muharram1432 is the date of 7 or 8 December 2010 according to the local calendars. Sunset was different from 7 and 8 December.

According to the Gregorian calendar, the Islamic Year is often shorter than the solar year. The Islamic Year is a bit long, approximately 354 days long as compared to the solar year. The Islamic New Year never starts on the same day every year of the Gregorian calendar. Every country has different customs on 1st Muharram.

All Muslims are involved in different spiritual and religious activities such as religious meetings and noha. These customs are also different between two famous sects of Muslims, Shia and Sunni. The first ten-day of the Islamic New Year is very important for the Muslim community, especially Shia.

Because on the 10 Muharram, the death of the Hussain ibn Ali occurred at the battle of Karbala in sham on 680 AD, who was the grandson of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The sect of Shia, particularly in Pakistan, Iran, India, and Bahrain, takes part in the remembrance of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad Hussain AS. In Matam, people gather in the streets and beat their chests. On this day of the Islamic New Year, Moses crosses the red sea. Ten days of asura also take place in the Islamic New Year.        

Islamic New Year, traditions, foods, wishes
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Islamic New Year, traditions, foods, wishes

Traditions of Islamic new Year                          

The Islamic New Year has some traditions to celebrate it. On the day of the Islamic New Year, people welcome each other and do special prayers. In Jeddah, on the morning of the Islamic New Year drinking a pure fresh glass of milk is considered that the whole year remains pure and white like that glass of milk. In molokhia, having green color in lunch is considered as the whole year will remain green. Taking of almond tea and honey considered that the whole year remains fresh and sweet.

We will add that some other old traditions related to the Islamic New Year are never harmful enough not to repeat the whole year. On the first day, cleaning and lighting the house is still common in some countries. Another non-suitable tradition is not to lie to rest on the first day. Eating 7 types of fruits to sweeten the whole year is also a tradition. In short, these traditions are the best way to celebrate the New Year.

Foods which served on Islamic New Year

In every religion and celebration, food is a major part. On the day of the new Islamic Year, people make a variety of dishes and serve them with their family and guests. the best food ideas for the Islamic New Year is given below

  • Zarda Rice: is made from rice and sugar by adding some colors and flavors.
  • Chicken Haleem: made from deals and chicken.
  • White rice kheer: a sweet dish made from rice, milk, and sugar.
  • Kebab: you can make it at home or can order from a bakery. It is made from meat.
  • Lassi: a sweet dish made from milk and sugar.
  • Rasmalai: a sweet dish made from the upper layer of milk after boiling milk.
  • Chicken: chicken has become a part of our food. You can also cook biryani.   
  • Halwa: a sweet dish often made at home.  

These are those varieties which anyone can make at home easily. If you find making these atoms at home, you can order from any bakery or superstore. We offer you the best food-related ideas so that you can easily enjoy yourself with your family, guests, and loved ones.

Wishes for the Islamic New Year

Happy new Hijri year tells us to pray for you and your family. People often prayed for the peace of the coming year and future. Muslims often prayed for the dead one, attended religious meetings, and gave good wishes for the welfare of Muslim Ummah and Muslim countries.


A new Islamic year teaches us to not lose hope; we are the best .Try to start this year with new passion and courage. Always support your family; Muslims hope so. A new Islamic year will bring joy, happiness, faith, love, hard work, and success for you.

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