I cheated on my husband and loved it

I cheated on my husband and loved it: and he liked it, and I liked it. Why did I cheat on my husband, is my husband still cheating? What to do after you’ve cheated on your spouse.

I cheated on my husband and loved it: and he liked it, and I liked it. Why did I cheat on my husband, is my husband still cheating? What to do after you've cheated on your spouse
I cheated on my husband and loved it: and he liked it, and I liked it. Why did I cheat on my husband, is my husband still cheating? What to do after you’ve cheated on your spouse


It is the story of every typical girl that says I cheated on my husband and loved it even after decades of marriage. Here, we will guide you with an example of the story.

One lady says that she has a beautiful married life, and her husband is a loving and gentle person that always respects her and cares for her. They both had struggled for years with their love marriage, and they had a successful, satisfied and happy marriage life, although their families object to it. 

She thought that she would never love anyone else how she loved her husband. A few months ago, she cheated on him. She was not built an affair with anyone; it was a sexual relationship with her one colleague who is already married. The connection is 100% sexual for both, and they don’t want more than sex because they are happy.

She said that sex with her spouse was great, coming, feeling the soul kind sex and reassuring, and she was delighted with her husband. But the affair with a colleague is so hot because he has an illicit nature and gives an adrenaline rush. Now, she wants to end the experience without hurting her husband, and she doesn’t know how and when she should end this relationship because she thought she would finish it in 5-6 months.

And it is said that she remained in fear that she would lose her husband because her father died very early. But, after a sexual relationship, she is confident and remains satisfied if he goes to work or office. She constantly asks him about his health, diet, exercise, and more and wants to end that affair. So often wonders how she can get into such a fake relationship when she is madly in love with her husband.

There are many such situations when you cheat your husband, and he feels grief, or he likes it, or he will leave you and much more. This guide will teach you everything about such relationships and situations.

And he liked it.

If you are caught getting cheated in marriage life, it is the most damaging and devastating situation in a person’s life. If one spouse cheats the other, the next piece goes into depression, anxiety, distress, gives himself physical pain, and emotional behaviors become very dangerous. It is 100% true that partners can change our brain chemistry.

But, in many situations, your husband loves you a lot, and he never wants to leave you. It does not mean he is not under emotional stress; his steadfast love still wants to keep you in life. Most men still love their spouse after she cheated on him. 

Love has hardly fallen out from relationships. But your husband feels dissatisfied in this situation. In this situation, a woman can feel the lack of romance and attention in the connection from the husband, but men think it, and they still love you because they are living with you, and it is proof of their love. Sometimes, your husband still loves you because of your children, and he never wants to break his family’s bond.

I cheated on my husband, and I like it.

It is the situation of most ladies nowadays: they cheat their husbands and love it. It is not a strange thing because science proves that if you are in deep love with your husband with a long-term partner, there are great chances to feel intense romantic love toward any stranger. You can feel much sexual attraction for another person.

Cheating does not mean you don’t love your spouse, and your love is fake. We cannot perceive people as cheating with one, so they are not in love with others. You are human, and cheating your husband does not mean you are not in love with others.

First, you should know that love and sex are different things. Many people want to have sex with others having in love with a specific one, or having sex with anyone who does not love a partner, so stop judging yourself because you are a human being.

Now, stop that affair; it may not be easy for you, so try to go to your loving husband and break that emotional contact. As a human, you can slip but control yourself after that. Most people accept non-monogamous marriages, but it is not good to cheat an honest person continuously, so try to improve yourself because love is everything.

Why did I cheat on my husband?

There are the following reasons that a married girl cheats her husband


The personalities and shared interests are two types of incompatibility. At the start of a marriage, couples have many common interests such as Comic books, video games, and cooking. Besides this, people visit new places and enjoy themselves with family friends. But after some time, the relationship goes into a creak, and they throw immature comments at each other and rarely laugh together.

They changed with age, and many incompatibilities come in life. Many times, they feel bored with the same routine as their partner. The first attraction toward the other guy is not necessary for sexual attraction, and they attract others due to personalities clicked. They attract each other due to debating stupidly dumb topics and discussing funny issues that make them laugh.

Dead bedroom

The dead bedroom is another story of the cheating of the husband. Most of the time, it is an alone room without any friendly talk. Most people experience marital sex in the bedroom. If you have an affair with another person, it means a dead bedroom is not standard. So, stop feeling normal for wanting sex with a happy person.


Nowadays, every lady likes to hear attractive, sexy and pretty. After marriage, you want to listen to only your spouse, and you don’t need someone else for your praise. When your spouse becomes used to you, he will not tell you daily how pretty you are; instead, when an outer guy says this, it feels like a lot of attraction, and your shitty self-esteem draws you toward that man.

Absent Partner

When your spouse goes to the office or work days or on an extended business trip, business ladies feel them alone. If your husband remains away for hours and feels alone on romantic nights, it attracts you to another guy or your friend. Many girls have a strong ego, and they think that their husband might be with other women or feels like a loser who cannot enjoy her life without space. The feeling of independence also leads to an extra sexual attraction toward any guy.

Scratch an itch

Suppose we left all the solid reasons and came to physical changes that caused attraction toward another guy. Most people feel the sex like cravings and don’t feel satisfied until they do it. Some people use sex toys and invest in them a lot. These toys work as a 5-course meal in starving, but they are temporary and stop satisfying you after a while. Most time, you have an itch for sex that another guy can complete.

Living in a fantasy life

We are human, and we want to feel it. The affair with the other guy started from fantasy, and fantasy life makes us alive. If you are a working lady with a bland and busy husband, many children, a dead bedroom and most of the time in the home, you feel much alone, and it creates risk factors that lead to husband cheating. Having relations with an outer guy is a breath of air you desperately need. When you want to escape and get rid of the busy and strict routine, it takes you to cheat on your husband.

Is husband still cheating

If you want to know whether your husband is still cheating on you or not, you can check that he will bring his mobile phone everywhere with him. He will frequently talk about other ladies and also accuse you of cheating; besides this, he will shower precious gifts on you, spend a lot and also take care of him suddenly. If you ask him any question, you will get an answer in one word.

Without specifying the name of anyone, your cheater husband will text someone all day. His daily routine changes, and he picks fights. Sometimes, he suddenly shows interest in new things and acts insecure. Besides this, his friends will show friendship for you even if you are not more frank with them in the past. Many times, your husband will disgust others for superficial reasons. But being unreliable, he will sometimes like posts of a specific person on social media.

What to do after you’ve cheated on your spouse

After cheating on your husband, most ladies feel guilty, so they should take responsibility first, give themselves a sincere apology, and forgive themselves. Next, you should listen to your husband. After that, figure out your cheating and assess Your Relationship. You should cut down all contacts on social media with the person you were involved with. Try to bring track changes in life and regularly check in with your life.

Update 09/2022

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