How to find the life path number

Introduction: How to find the life path number. Your life path number indicates your fate. It also shows your designated path in life that you need to walk out.

Your life path number shows your habit, qualities, and personality. To evaluate the life path number, you must sum up the date of birth, month, and year in which you were born.

How to find the life path number
How to find the life path number

It would help if you summarised all these numerical values to have a single digit that will be your life path number. Let’s read How to find the life path number.

First example

Suppose you were born on three July 1995. Then to find out your life path number, you will need to reduce the year’s value into a single number by adding all digits together.

1+9+9+5 = 24

And it would help if you reduced this value to a single digit.

2+4 = 6

Now the value of the month and the day are single digits. Hence we can easily add these values.

Life path number = 6 for year + 3 for day + 7 for month = 16

Ultimately, add this value to get a single digit that will be the life path number.

1+ 6 = 7

Consequently, 7 is your life path number.

2nd example 

Suppose you were born on October 25, 1990. You must add the birthday numbers together: 2+ 5 = 7. After this, you need to add the month’s numbers: 1+0 = 1.

Now add the digits of the year to have a single digit: 1+9+9+0 = 19. As the value doubles, reduce it to a single digit, like 1+ 9 = 10. Once Again, reduce this double-digit as 1+0 = 1.

Now add all the central values as seven, the date of birth plus one as a birth month and one as the year of your birth = 9. It means 9 is your life path number.

Few exceptions 

It is simple, but there are few complexes. If, during your summarization process, one of your values totals 11 or 22, then you can not reduce that value to a single digit to get the final value. Because 11 and 22 are prime numbers, also called a master numbers. These have their unique meanings.

For example

If someone was born on November 2, 1950, add their number like 1+9+5 +0 = 15, which reduces to a single number as 1+5 = 6. Now add 11+2+ 6= 19. Finally, add 19 to get s single digit 1+9 = 10, then 1+0 = 1. It means your life path number is one.

Great predictions related to finding every life path number

The life path number is identical to your sun sign. Your life path number covers your personality, imagination, power, efficiency, determination, and wisdom.

It also explains your practical life and the events in your past, present, and future. Hence finding your life path number reveals some pretty predictions, which are given below.

Life path number 1

If you find your life path number one, you are an innate-born leader, determined, striving, and zealous. One is prosperous and champion in the practical and analytical life. You are attractive, alluring, polite, and always like to be charmed.

One is conscious in case of too much protection and is domineering. You are also recumbent to annoying confusions.

Life path number 2 

Finding your life path number 2 means you are highly delicate, humble, conscious, and sympathetic. You are primarily artful, and your characteristics are alluring, which makes you great political leaders.

Extreme sensitivity and clashes can cause two total relays in their relationships. They face problems and a few difficulties while fulfilling their demands.

Life path number 3 

If you find three as your life path number, it means you values diligence and heedfulness. They can quickly get different things and are relatively intelligent as children. They are ever solid and robust.

As threes start big and demanding tasks, they mostly leave them quickly. Threes find it tough to notice or accept and may be too noticed by others’ impressions.

Life path number 4 

When you find four your life path number, you are a disciplined, faithful, and strong person. They could be desirable, lovely, and co-workers. People usually understand what should be demanded from fours.

Fours are strong, unyielding, and firm on rules and regulations. Fours easily get frustrated by people. Fours make their principles and guidelines.

Life path number 5

Finding five as your life path number means five are Peering, inquiring, and intelligent. They often form for best journalists and educators.

Excellent social characteristics with a childlike nature of wonder for happiness. Fives like to be busy with exciting activities or hobbies, like shopping and partying.

Life path number 6

Six is your life path number. This type is a stimulated speaker and activist about someone’s loved ones, whether practically or personally.

Their anxiety and tenderness cause them to be loyal lawyers, leaders, and therapists. Sixes may need help with solidity when being conscious of themselves.

Life path number 7

Life path seven is highly productive, with a compact, glowing vision. Sevens strive in the inward voice. They are capable of appreciating themselves all time and are always energized.

Unsurprisingly, sevens could be a little timid and may find rigid time bonding with other people. They may also find time hard for comfort and rest. They always remain busy with business and virtual activities.

Life path number 8

Finding life path number 8 means they are well with finance and understand their narrowness from the starting age. They are determined and eager to perform diligently to be self-sustaining and strengthened.

Sevens have features with economic aspects; they might be sensible and tender to gifters personally or analytically.

Life path number 9 

Finding life path number nines are intellectual and highly disciplined, hesitating to mean their values regarding luxury. They love to be up-to-date, delightful, and liberal.

Nines have adventures and codependency in relationships. And they may need clarification about appreciating the current situation rather than excessively targeting their future.

Conclusion: How to find the life path number

You can calculate your life path number by adding the numerical values of your date of birth, month, and year. Life path numbers reveals your diligence, determination, and personality.

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