Horse dream meaning, interpretations

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Horse dream meaning, Interpretations. According to the Horse dream interpretation, if you dreamed of a Horse in your dream, it symbolizes strength, power, endurance, strength and sexual prowess. The dream of a horse also represents the number 1 and strong physical energy.

A horse dream indicates that you need to tame the natural resources within you. Also, if you see a horse in your dream, it shows that you must be less arrogant and humble. In our Chinese Zodiac section you can read everything about the horse as a sign of this astrology.


Dreaming about horses generally brings good things into your life!

  • If you dreamed of a horse with two heads (one on each), this dream implies that you are being pulled in two different directions. Perhaps some of its strength or power has been taken away from it. Or you are confused by some sexual subject, for example.
  • Alternatively, if you see a black or dark horse in your dream, this means mystery, madness, and the unknown in you. You are risking or risking in some situation in your life. It also implies that there is some mysterious force in or around you.
  • If you dream that the horse is white, this means purity, prosperity and good luck. Also, if in a dream you are chased by a white horse, this can be a benign metaphor. You may be having a hard time dealing with issues of intimacy and sexuality.
  • To see a dead horse in your dream, this dream suggests something in your life that was favorable at first but then difficult. This dream could also refer to a relationship or situation that is not good in your real life.
  • If you see or dream of a herd of wild horses in your dream, this means that a feeling of freedom and lack of responsibility and obligation is in the third person. Perhaps it could be targeting your uncontrollable emotions.
  • If you dream that you are riding a wild horse, this represents unbridled sexual desire. Wild horses are stubborn animals, difficult to tame. So this dream speaks of your hidden personality. You are quite stubborn, but you should not apply it in all cases.
  • To dream that you are riding a horse suggests that you are in a high or power position. Alternatively, this dream indicates that you will achieve success through various forms of deception. You lack integrity.
  • If you are riding a horse but cannot control it, it means that you are being driven by your passions.
  • If you see an armored or medieval horse in your dream, it is referring to fierce fighting, aggression, showing your strength or stubbornness. You can face something. Alternatively, you can try to protect yourself from emerging unconscious material or sexual desires.
  • To dream that you are bathing a horse represents renewal, strength and vitality. You are overflowing with energy inside of you! In a dream where you see a talking horse, consider the importance of what the horse is saying. If the horse is black, it is possible that he will receive offensive messages.
  • To dream that a horse is talking blue indicates sadness that will come to you. You or someone is looking for help, but you don’t know how to do it.
  • If you dreamed of a mare in your dream, this represents your intuition. In addition, it means the performance of sexual acts. To dream of a white mare, then this symbolizes spirit and creativity.
  • If you dreamed of a pony in your dream, it represents your joyful life. The dream also speaks of your unexplored, underdeveloped or undisciplined strength.
  • To see a stallion or a racehorse in your dream symbolizes power, strength, masculinity, courage and independence. If you dream that you are riding a racehorse or a stallion, it means that you have achieved these wonderful qualities!
horse dream meanings, interpretations and more
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horse dream meanings, interpretations and more

Different horse dreams

We’ll take a look at all of those ideas, but we’ll also cover typical dream nag actions, like what it means to dream:

  • Talking horses
  • Falling off a horse
  • Betting on a horse
  • Taming a horse
  • Riding a horse
  • But wait, there’s even more!

We will also cover an aspect of pencos in dreams that you may find surprising: horses as symbols of death.

Finally, we will take a brief look at the most famous of all horses, the legendary unicorn who, as a result, is not as fantastic as we once thought.

Horses as symbols of power

In dreams, bays can symbolize how we feel about power: how we connect with it, how we harness it. The stronger and healthier the horses are in our dreams, the stronger and healthier our connection to our own power will be.

When we dream of sick horses, horses unable to support their burdens, or collapsing horses, we can take the dream as a sign that we are also feeling bad or unable to cope with the demands of our lives.

Never dismiss a sick horse in a dream as such a symbol can signal health issues that need to be addressed. The problem need not be physical. A sick horse can symbolize depression or even psychosomatic illness.

Psychosomatic illnesses are often mistaken for illnesses that are “in our heads.” Nothing could be more wrong. A psychosomatic illness means that the stress and tension we experience is so severe that it expresses itself physically.

Sick horse dreams mean that our power is running out. Finding the location of the drain helps us regain our power and health.

Horses in dreams as symbols of freedom and independence

Dreaming of wild horses running across the plains or on a beach is quite positive. Wild horse dreams can symbolize our own desire for independence or they can be confirmation that we have reached a level that we did not think possible.

Sometimes when we feel trapped in our life circumstances, wild horse dreams can be dreams known as “wish fulfillment.” Wish-fulfillment dreams occur when we desperately want something, but feel like we can’t get it in our waking life.

Sometimes the conviction that we cannot achieve our goals is objective, but other times, the only thing that stands between us and our desires is ourselves. Honesty is imperative. We have to ask ourselves if what we want is really unattainable or if we are simply limiting ourselves out of fear or lack of commitment.

Percherons in dreams as symbols of hard work

In dreams, horses can represent our own hard work, whether they work the energy and efforts that we are putting into our careers, our relationships, or creative endeavors.

It helps to make sure our dream horses are working diligently, but we also want to make sure they aren’t overworked. Why? The meaning of the phrase “he rode hard and endured” might give us some clues.

Rolling hard and getting wet refers to the fact that horses, like humans, need to cool down after participating in long races. Overworking a horse, meaning riding it hard, making it sweat and not giving it time to get out of the race, drinking some water and then scrubbing it before putting it back is a recipe for disaster.

Improper care can turn good horses bad, just like their humans. It is important to balance hard work with rest and play.

Which brings us to our next interpretation of the horse dream: horses as symbols of fun.

Foals as symbols of fun and play

The origin of the phrase “horsemanship” is obscure at best. The phrase is believed to come to us as an extension of “horse game”, which itself comes from the use of the word “horse” as a verb meaning “to make jokes.”

Whatever it is, its origin, horse game and riding couldn’t be more suitable for horses. Do a quick search on the internet and you will find all kinds of videos of horses playing, participating in activities guaranteed to make us laugh like the one under the horse playing with a rubber chicken.

Not all dreams have heavy and serious symbolism. Horses in dreams can simply symbolize that we need to take time off from hard work and participate in a simple and fun horse game. We may have to laugh out loud, take off harnesses and saddles, kick our heels, and let ourselves run!

A steed of a different color

Equine color


White horses combine the strength of the horse with the purity of white, symbolizing both power and integrity in wearing it. White horses also symbolize overcoming obstacles and defeating darkness and negativity.


In dreams, black mares can symbolize the mysterious contents of the unconscious and appear as symbols of the archetypal shadow.


Brown is the color of stability, comfort, and home. Brown trotters in dreams can symbolize a time of feeling safe in our relationships at home and even indicate comfort with ourselves.


Gray horses in dreams have much of the same symbolism as a white horse and the two colors are often used interchangeably. However, a gray horse can lend a bit more wisdom to the use of the white horse’s power.

In black and white

A black and white bay may indicate a “black and white” or “all or nothing” mentality. While looking at things in black and white terms is not necessarily a bad thing, we might consider whether that thought is always helpful and try to be a little more flexible from time to time.

Dapple or multicolor

While the black and white paffle indicates an all or nothing mentality, the spotted horse in a dream indicates powerful creativity, a great mind at work. However, we do well to remember that sometimes simplifying our minds and tempering our talents with discipline produces better results than a scattered point of view.

Horses in dreams as symbols of death

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of modern analytical psychology, believed that steeds in dreams symbolize our own life energy, therefore dreams about horses that are not well in some way symbolize a similar illness in our own lives.

Foals in dreams that languish in some way, such as falling, seem to be barely able to put one foot in front of the other, or looking exhausted in some way can symbolize the impending death of some aspect of ourselves.

As a symbol, death is not always negative. Sometimes we need to allow aspects of ourselves that we identify with to die. Why? Because at some point the aspects with which we identify are not really ours.

Unfortunately, when it comes to horses, this is rarely the case. In general, horses are symbols of health, vitality and energy. When horses die in dreams, it usually means that something that gives us life is leaving us.

What about talking equines?

An animal that speaks in a dream is of special interest because it is actually giving voice to our unconscious. When talking about animal dreams, the unconscious is only represented in images, but also in words.

A horse speaking in a dream could also symbolize our own voices. The talking horse could mean that we have regained our voices and accept our knowledge as valid, useful and worthy of respect.

Alternatively, a talking horse in a dream could be using puns to convey the exact opposite: that we feel “hoarse,” meaning that we feel unable to express ourselves or our emotions.

What does it mean to fall off a steed in a dream?

There are dream guides that interpret dreams of falling from horses as bad omens indicating that a similar fall will occur shortly in the waking world.

This is not one of them.

Falling off a horse in a dream symbolizes nothing more than getting used to something that is unfamiliar to us. No one learned to ride a horse without falling. I know. I have ridden horses and I have fallen off horses. And every time, I went back up and kept going!

In dreams, falling off a horse could, ironically, indicate a persevering nature or an adventurous spirit. The dream implies having the courage to take on something new, something unknown, and having the tenacity to continue tackling that new adventure until it becomes second nature to us and we can ride it like the wind. Great job!

What does it mean to bet on horses in dreams?

Horses are incredibly intuitive animals and as such can reflect our own intuitive nature.

Dreams of betting on horses can symbolize not only our intuitive selves, but the fact that we are finally getting to a place where we trust our intuition, relying so much on it, in fact, that we are willing to bet on it!

Betting on horses in dreams also indicates that we are on the right track with our waking life decisions. Think about it. We do not bet on losers; We bet on the winners or at least what we think will win. Dreaming of betting on horses can mean that we finally see ourselves as winners and are willing to bet on ourselves.

What does it mean to saddle a horse in a dream?

In waking life, saddling a horse means that we are preparing to go for a ride, and in dreams the symbolism is quite similar.

Saddling a horse in a dream means that we are prepared for life. We have done our work with diligence and consideration, we have learned to discipline our minds and emotions, and now, at last, we are ready to take charge and put all that we have learned into practice.

What does it mean to tame a horse in a dream

Taming an animal in a dream means that we are taking those aspects of ourselves that might otherwise be out of control and giving them discipline and focus or conquering their negative aspect. Taming an animal means that we keep all the best traits of that animal without losing its valuable instinctual side.

Horses, as intuitive animals, are symbols of the unconscious, so taming a horse in a dream may mean that we are befriending the unconscious, confronting its contents and integrating them into ourselves instead of trying to distance ourselves from them.

Taming horses in dreams means that we are holding the reins of our lives instead of being driven by an invisible force.

What does it mean to ride a horse in a dream?

Riding a horse in dreams can have different meanings depending on how the trip is going.

When we dream of a wonderful ride where we and the horse move together, almost as a unit, this is a wonderfully positive symbol. Riding in this way means that we have control over impulses, our instincts, our intuition and we are friends with our unconscious.

However, if the horse we are riding is difficult: to resist, to try to mislead us, to lose control and to take us for a ride instead of vice versa, then this is symbolic of a similar relationship to our own psyche.

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