Gold Color Feng Shui

Gold color feng shui:meaning, element, wallet, is gold a lucky color. Regardless of whether it’s gold as a metal or a color, gold is an essential element of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, since it radiates bright, vibrant energy and attracts good luck.

Gold color feng shui:meaning, element, wallet, is gold a lucky color
Gold color feng shui:meaning, element, wallet, is gold a lucky color

Wealth, prosperity, and money are all represented by gold. According to Feng Shui, placing gold in the southeast corner of your home will bring prosperity to your home.

There are many gold things popular in Chinese culture, including gold ingots (gold blocks). Gold ingots are thought to promote harmony, peace, and wealth, as well as attract happiness and prosperity in Feng Shui. Alternatively, you can place them near your front door or in your living room.


The feng shui theory considers that each colour has a different energy (Qi / Chi) vibration. You can use color in any setting to restore and harmonise the energy of your surroundings to make it work for you and support your lifestyle.

Gold is a sign of prosperity and vigour. It’s filled with the sun’s radiant vitality and is a warm and inviting hue to utilize in your house.

It is regarded as a very auspicious colour, along with red, in Chinese culture. Gold is strongly linked to money and wealth. Gold accents or accessories should be placed in your home’s prosperity area or any room in your home where you want to draw prosperity and abundance into your life. When viewed from the doorway of a room, this area is found on the far-left side of your home when viewed in relation to the main entrance, as well as the far-left side of your home when viewed from your front door.

According to traditional feng shui practice, you can attract good fortune through a golden laughing Buddha, a gold cat waving toward the sky, or a collection of gold Chinese coins. A simple piece of gold jewelry or a simple interior design element will have the same effect in the modern world of feng shui design. You can thus use gold jewellery, gold lamp bases, and gold-edging on portraits and mirrors, as well as printed or woven gold designs on fabrics and furnishings.

If you are a crystal or gemstone lover, I recommend placing an impressive piece of iron pyrite (Fool’s Gold) in spaces where you focus on money matters and in the ‘prosperity zones’. Depending on how you usually work, you might choose to do this in your home office, at a desk, or at your kitchen table.


Metal and Earth are two of the elements associated with gold in Feng Shui. Bagua Energy Map’s Travel & Helpful People and Children sectors are strongly interconnected.

Use gold objects, golden colors in paintings and art, including goldfish, to energise the creative and productive energies in these two sectors.

The color gold indicates that you are looking for assistance on a vital project or are working to accomplish an important goal.

As gold is considered to be equivalent to yellow in Feng Shui, it can also be used effectively in the Earth (Center) Sector of the Bagua.

Gold has the Metal element associated with it, so it is important to use it sparingly (if at all) in the Wealth sector, because it would clash with the Wood element.

In the New Beginning sector, which is also associated with Wood, you should avoid using Gold.


In Feng Shui there are a few recommended colours. They are “gold,” “yellow,” “pink,” “white,” “black,” and “beige.” Particularly gold has a strong power of attraction, making it very useful for the colour of wallet, but it takes a little skill to effectively use it. Gold is not recommended for people who like gambling or want to make a lot of money quickly, as it has the strong energy of the colour. A gold wallet need not be entirely gold, but it should at least have some gold decorations or a gold charm.

Due to gold’s strong energy, it is not recommended for people who enjoy gambling or are seeking quick wealth. Not all-gold wallets will be useful, but a wallet that is partially decorated with gold or one with a gold charm will be.

The wallet serves as a kind of “house” for money. Money usually accumulates and makes luck in money improve only in a wallet that is comfortable. In our day-to-day lives and in the world of feng shui, color plays a very important role.

One of the ways to increase your luck in money is also to change the color of your wallet. It is important to understand the meaning of color and to choose a wallet that will increase the fortune and luck in money.

Is gold a lucky color

A bedroom infused with gold can have a warm and gentle energy as it is associated with the Feng Shui element of fire. A gold frame would look great with your photos, or you could get a quirky decal or wall hanging to complete your décor. Even a mirror framed in gold could give your private quarters an air of regal elegance.

You can harness good luck and fortune for your entire family by placing a laughing Buddha in your living room. Or you can get gold decorative items for your coffee table, such as gold wallpaper with gold embroidery.

The Wealth Ship is an item popular in Feng Shui, filled with gold coins or gold bars that attracts wealth and protects it

It is said that a gold toad can accumulate wealth when it is placed near the door.

In addition to being known as the Golden Dragon in Chinese culture, an arowana fish also brings good fortune. This fish is also recognized for bringing wealth into your home.

Gold coins are usually kept by the Chinese in sets of three or nine with a red string, as they are traditionally believed to welcome prosperity and wealth into a home.

You can use it around your home because it is warm and inviting, infused with the luminous energy of the sun. Chinese culture regard gold, along with red, as an auspicious colour and strongly associate it with wealth and money.

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