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Gemini sign meaning, traits, characteristics, in love, woman, man, and scorpio, bipolar, compatibilty, qualities, in bed: It is the third sign of the horoscope and one of the 3 air signs, characterized by its versatility, dual mind and the ability to see both sides of the coin, it lives under the domination of the planet Mercury.

It is a sign that is usually very sociable, but at the same time unattainable, since it never wishes to be linked to another person, its symbol of representation is that of twins, which means that its character is double, contradictory and complex.

Characteristics of the Gemini sign

With a very active mind that is never at rest, those born under this sign are always seeking to know and understand all aspects of life, because they are such curious people, they become interesting beings who tend to stand out, since they acquire multiple knowledge.

With an egocentric character, but at the same time restless where they tend to fall into childhood mistakes, they start doing something with enthusiasm, but they do not finish due to their inconstancy. Additionally, this sign is very kind, affectionate, generous, they have a lot of intelligence, they are analytical and very capable, although they get discouraged very quickly when they fail to fulfill their objective.

Since Geminis are passionate about everything, sometimes they may lack concentration, which results in the flight of great opportunities, whether professional or personal, at the moment they will feel guilty, but immediately they will move on to another matter.

Gemini is also considered the sign of communication par excellence; they have good public speaking skills and can cope with tricks to get to their goals faster. Thanks to his skillful personality, he is very often disconcerting, both in his family and professional environment, and for this reason he is taken by a deceitful and deceitful sign that can be very versatile.

This sign does not like commitments very much, they tend to value their freedom a lot and really only require an open space to overcome obstacles. A Gemini appreciates everything that is related to new technologies and games, but in the same way, what has to do with writing and dialectics.

Gemini is a sign that they do excellent in the world of commercial activities, they are good salesmen, they also do very well in professions that have to do with diplomacy, politics and journalism. As for art, they are also a source of inspiration in painting, sculpture and music. In short, everything you can direct motivates this zodiac sign and makes him excited.

Gemini sign characteristics
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Gemini sign, characteristics

Gemini starting date

The Gemini sign begins after the sign of Taurus and runs from May 21 to June 20.

Gemini in love

In the world of love, Geminis are very dual, on the one hand, they refuse romanticism and on the other they give their love in an excessive way. Their relationships are generally short, since they tend to get bored easily.

Geminis adapt very quickly to different situations, they are vital, energetic, but on the other hand they are fickle and superficial; they also tend to be nervous, tense, demanding, and calculating. Those born under the Gemini sign walk through life with a changing attitude, but at the same time demonstrating communication.

They love talking on the phone and having erotic conversations. Thanks to their intellectuality, they like to test the intelligence of their partners, due to their great communication, with them you can get into interesting conversations, since they always have an answer for everything.

Gemini woman

The women of this sign are idealistic, welcoming and jovial. They are in search of their spiritual fulfillment, they love to seduce and they offer themselves fully to their partner. Geminis are governed more by logic than by emotions, with them you never know what to expect.

As long as they feel pure love, sex will go to another plane, they love to play, laugh and do mischief. The ideal partner of Gemini women must have mental agility, be witty and masterfully handle the irony and double meaning of these girls.

How to win a Gemini woman?

It is necessary to be a good conversationalist to be able to seduce a Gemini woman, the ideal is to master the art of words and communication. They prefer to be aware of their partner’s thoughts, ideas, and moods. Likewise, it is good to ask her questions that have to do with her person and try to discover various aspects of her personality and above all talk a lot with her, since that will be the key to winning her over.

As with Gemini men, seducing a Gemini woman also involves seducing her mind, attracting her curiosity and letting her handle the situation herself. Mixing tension with curiosity usually works well in attracting her attention.

She is achieved by showing intelligence by having deep conversations with a woman of this sign. Geminis also tend to get bored easily and that is why they need variety, what you should try is to try different things and show them daily any novelties that may arise, it will not be necessary to seem out of fashion or outdated.

Her character also makes her tireless, it is best to take her out to combat routine and boredom. They are not usually conformists, if they feel closed, they will escape as soon as they can from the relationship. For this reason, the best thing is to go out with them to the gym, to run, to take advantage of their versatility of tastes and interests and to practice any activity that makes them feel satisfied and in contact with the outside world.

Gemini man

The man of this sign is almost always concerned with perfection, that is why they are very selective men and will be in charge of looking for the woman who has these characteristics. This is a partner who wants to give the best impression of himself and who will not make a compromise lightly.

They tend to live their life in a very intense way, they are hyperactive going from one place to another, with different projects in mind and they are always doing several things at the same time. With a Gemini man you never know what will happen, they like funny women, who have a good sense of humor and without prejudice.

How to conquer a Gemini man?

The ability to change personality is the key point for men of this sign, and it is for this reason that women who deal with Geminis should prepare for it. However, men born under this sign are charming, interesting and very seductive in their conversations, which encompass different interests.

To start a good relationship with a Gemini, the ideal is to ask a lot of things related to him, which will help to get to know him better and will make him feel very good with the partner. Mental stimulation is the weapon that a woman needs to seduce a Gemini man, they need a lot of variety and if you want to conquer you must have versatile ideas and a wide freedom of spirit and intellectuality.

Men of this sign tend to get bored easily, and possessive and jealous attitudes should be avoided at all costs. Some things like dancing, learning languages, and going on a trip are activities that can work to make them fall in love. They are also passionate about the latest technologies, research, spirituality, and talking about books, as they are very intellectual.

It is necessary to pay close attention to everything that is innovative and to involve this sign in it.

Gemini and Scorpio

Between these two signs there is a very low compatibility, it is a love relationship, both will have to work hard to make it work. If it is about two determined people, the two can be involved in a scene where it will even be difficult for them to speak.

These two signs are totally opposite in almost most aspects of their personalities, so making a relationship with these combined signs work will be quite a challenge. Geminis are hardly attached to another person and many of their relationships are superficial, until they manage to find their true soul mate, while Scorpios are very emotional individuals, who forge their meaningful and deep relationships.

Gemini in a cheerful and informal way is intellectual, while Scorpio is in constant and deep transformation. Also, the Scorpio does not like silly discussions that are left on the surface of some topics, something that Geminis really like.

Geminis are flirters, it is by that nature and that attitude that the jealousy of the Scorpio is triggered, even the stability of the Scorpio collides with the inconsistency of the Geminis. In the same way, you can feel in some way imprisoned by the Scorpio’s desire for possession and you will also feel drowned with its high level of demand, where most are contrary to the nature of a Gemini.

Couples can sometimes be found who manage to complement each other with their opposite qualities in a mutual way. As long as a good dose of commitment and compatibility is given to this love relationship, which will depend on whether they manage to do it or not.

Gemini can avoid feeling insecure when Scorpios are profound, they may even discover things about themselves that they do not know. And on the other hand, his carefree and clear attitude in certain situations can help the Scorpio to abandon his rigid approach and teach him to see life in a lighter way.

In the sexual part, the scorpion will surprise the Geminis and the two will have the opportunity to enjoy an interesting, happy and passionate union in intimacy. However, Geminis will find it difficult to respond to the deep sexual relationship that Scorpios demand and for this, patience, trust and love must be worked, so that in this relationship the sexual chemistry is optimal.

What are Geminis like?

Those of the Gemini sign have a great personality, very versatile and that adapts very quickly to any situation. They are intellectual, affectionate, eloquent, intelligent and communicative, they also have a lot of vitality and energy. They are very talkative and are one of those who do several things at the same time. They also really enjoy novelty, innovative and unusual, the more variety they have in their life, the better.

Because they are represented by twins, they have a very contradictory and complex double character; on the one hand, they tend to be versatile, but on the other they are withdrawn. This sign is very elegant, but they tend to fall into young mistakes, they also have the egocentricity, happiness, restlessness and imagination of children.

People of this zodiac sign begin new activities with great enthusiasm and challenges, but sometimes the perseverance to do them may be lacking, it may be because they consider life as a game and are always looking for fun and new situations.

Geminis are kind, affectionate, generous and many times use their attributes to achieve their own goals, they are even capable of resorting to lies without losing their charm, all in order to obtain what they want. They are like children who are easily discouraged when they cannot get what they want and like to be the center of attention, receive compliments, gifts and a lot of attention.

When the going gets tough, this sign should make an effort not to get discouraged by these situations. Thanks to the mental and analytical capacity, as well as the intelligence of Geminis, they manage to acquire new knowledge and solve some brain challenges, although it tends to bore them the learning process.

Bipolar gemini

The attitude of a Gemini is very changeable, suddenly he can be laughing out loud and suddenly be crying. This sign is considered the most bipolar in the zodiac. Almost all people are bipolar to some extent and have a lot or little of Gemini due to some planetary influence, but if they have the sun as an ascendant or the moon in Gemini, they will feel more identified with bipolarity.

Sometimes Geminis feel misunderstood in this hostile world, when they have a bad day they will not want to talk and this attitude will be noticed for leagues, because it is a sign that talks a lot. When this sign discharges, an explosive reaction is surely expected where possibly many things accumulated in his mind come to light, even words that he never dared to say.

All that character will be fleeting, because in a matter of minutes a flash of inspiration will make you overflow with joy or it will simply be enough for another person to understand or share your quirks, your emotions and your mind. Gemini is good or bad Certainly, all zodiac signs have positive and negative traits and Gemini is no exception, below, we will provide some bad and good aspects of this air sign.

Positive traits

  • Adjustable: Thanks to its wide mind and easy to carry, this sign can be adjustable, as they want to enjoy every deep moment of their life.
  • Versatile: they like to stick their noses in any matter, due to the wide variety of topics that attract their attention.
  • Enthusiastic: so full of life and great enthusiasm, also they always yearn to achieve interesting and new things and they manage to spread that enthusiasm to other people. Soft-spoken and convincing: One of his greatest blessings is his communication skills which are exceptional. They can sell anything to the person they want, thanks to their verbal skills and power of persuasion.
  • Witty and humorous: With his wit and humor a Gemini can impress without much effort, and other people will never get bored of his company. In addition, they have a lot of spontaneity, another aspect that adds to their natural charm.
  • Intellectual: because they are very intelligent and sharp people, they will always be interested in learning any type of subject.

Negative traits

  • Lack of consistency: due to their speed and sharpness, it will be difficult for them to focus and become interested in a project they start. That inconsistency will be your main drawback.
  • Superficial: Geminis are generally classified as superficial people and this is because they are not able to explore in depth and pay greater attention to detail.
  • Decision making: Geminis are constantly divided into two minds whenever they have to make a decision. Sometimes they often lose very lucrative opportunities in their life, motivated that they are not able to decide.
  • Lack of direction: This sign often lacks a fixed focus or direction in its life, so it easily gets bored with the things it is doing. Anxious: Geminis are full of energy, but their tendency is more to bite than to chew, which leads to them making mistakes and being very anxious.

Gemini compatibility with other signs

The zodiac signs that are most compatible with Gemini and are most attracted to are: Libra, Aries, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. On the other hand, the signs with which it is usually less compatible are: Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn; although sometimes they can get to establish a good friendship.

The relationship of these signs will depend on the position within the zodiacal wheel and the combination of the elements. It should be noted that each sign tends to get along well with those of the same element and with other signs that complement it, resulting in: air, fire, water and earth.

In the same way, the neighboring signs of the zodiac wheel will also be compatible, such as, for example: Gemini is compatible with Cancer and Leo. Likewise, the signs that are located on the wheel on the opposite side will also be compatible, for example: Gemini and Sagittarius.

In all these cases, these signs complement and evolve, with some friction and even if they are opposite, they will obtain good results by mixing, attracting and rejecting each other alternately, increasing their personal growth. On the other hand, when the signs are the same they tend to make the same mistakes and successes, which results in not letting see beyond their thought.

Gemini qualities

With a sociable, skillful, insightful, adaptable and intelligent personality, Gemini is a flexible sign that retains its youthful appearance over time, they are calculating, but with humor, they love to play with words and ideas more than with a board game .

They are people who like to talk too much, they are very eloquent, capable of perfectly interpreting the role of the devil’s advocate. Geminis are loved for their finesse, vitality, humor, and flexibility.

Gemini in bed

Those born under the sign of Gemini are dominated by mental excitement and like it, all because they get bored easily. Seducing a lover of this sign is having to enter new ways of being and thinking.

A Gemini lover must be flexible, have a dual personality and have a lot of passion for innovative things, that have tendencies to change, in this way the Gemini lover will fall in love with his partner’s ability to go with the flow.

Lovers of this sign usually invent new things, stay up to date and find new ways of doing the usual things, to get out of the routine. They like to experiment with oral and manual things, they are open to new positions and to vary the classic ones.

Geminis also put all their senses into practice. That your partner looks good and smells great is essential for a Gemini to enjoy a full sensory experience. Likewise, the most advisable thing to be with this sign is to touch every part of your body and use soft touch, new tissues on your skin.

Nor should you limit yourself to trying Gemini flavors, lotions, foods, and even edible underwear, which will excite your taste buds.

Another aspect that causes a lot of excitement to Geminis is the sexual attractiveness of the sounds, it is good to take advantage of and tell a Gemini lover everything they can try and above all avoid making him feel uncomfortable. The variety is eye drops for a Gemini, and the important key to pleasing him is to avoid routine, as it is the sure way to quench his sex drive.

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