Flying Stars 2023 and Cures

Flying Stars 2023 and Cures: tai sui, unfavorable sectors,negative sectors, the 4 afflictions, cures. The annual star is one the most famous and powerful formulas for creating good luck, designing of home and interior designs. These stars are easy to understand and bring fast and accurate results. When you see these results you feel encouraged. You thought you have done the right things and built confidence.

Flying Stars 2023 and Cures: tai sui, unfavorable sectors,negative sectors, the 4 afflictions, cures
Flying Stars 2023 and Cures: tai sui, unfavorable sectors,negative sectors, the 4 afflictions, cures

You need to start practicing flying stars as they will bring improvements in three major aspects of your life that are your relations, health, and prosperity. Success will be standing at your footstep and personality and fate will enhance that you will attract opportunities and happiness.

The principle of flying stars is that it uses the compass to determine the nine unlucky and lucky segments of your home or office. A selective star will remain in a particular sector for the whole year and after the beginning of the second year, the star will be replaced by another. 

Some stars will prove favorable for you while others are unfavorable. If a good star is revolving in one of the segments of your life, then you are going to witness lots of luck coming your way opposite the case with a bad star. If a bad star occupies a certain sector of your life, you should be ready to face misfortunes. 

A great thing about this is that whatever your problems or hurdles there are well-defined cures and antidotes to prevent them from causing chaos in your life. You should have sufficient knowledge about each start to avoid misfortune and keep a balance and harmony among different sectors. 

Keep yourself in sync with the location of stars before the New Year begins and another star occupies the position of the previous star. One of the cures to this problem is that you may have to check out the flying star horoscopes monthly to subdue the bad stars and energize the good stars.

These flying stars can be used as a replacement for astrology. Firstly, there were nine periods of twenty-two years and in 2023 we will have eight periods. For this to work you will need to divide your home into eight parts and then you will begin applying flying stars over there.

Favorable Star:

This star among the flying stars will determine your career and fortune. It will provide you with an idea about your fame, health, and academic activities. It is strong enough to introduce new business to you. New beginnings and happy events are expected. When talking about family, this star focuses mainly on the middle son of the family. It also defines some of your body parts. It is beneficial for your kidney, ears, bladder, and reproductive system.

Quarrelsome Star:

As known by its name, this star from its collection will create hostility, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Try to be at distance with this star as this can bring hurdles in your life. In terms of your family, it is focused on the eldest son of the family and if considering body parts, it will relate to feet, arms and liver.

Illness Star 

Illness star just like a quarrelsome star justifies its name. This star will signify sickness, stress, diseases, and bad health. It can cause continuous health problems for you in the upcoming year. It will be defining its relation with females of your family whether she is a mother or a housewife. If you notice body parts, then your digestive system, pancreas, and stomach will be under its influence.

Misfortune Star

This star is the worst among all the flying stars of 2023. This start will correlate to death. Fortunately, this star is not related to any family members or body parts. It focuses only on the core pillar.

Love and Academic Star

As it is clear from its name, this star will define love, romance, and wisdom in your life. It will cherish your personality; you will tend to love. It will also assist your love with research and studies. The eldest daughter will be under its influence. It is a good year for the liver, chest area, and thighs.

Prosperity Star: 

This star will be the source of prosperity in your life. You will feel relaxed from an economic point of view. This star is considered as the luckiest of all the stars and it will pour its luck on the young male members including your sons, even heirs. Your fingers, toes, back, and nose will feel prosperity.

The most important star you would be intrigued to know is about the Future Star

Future Star

This star among all eight flying stars of 2023, will welcome you with future luck. It is expected that if you become rich, you will get long earnings. New beginnings will be waiting for you. In family members, it will relate to the middle daughter. In terms of body parts, your small intestine, eye, tongue, and heart will be under focus.

Tai Sui

A New Year is believed to come with new opportunities, activities, and happiness. It can turn into misfortune if your star clashes with Tai Sui. It will bring bad luck and misfortune to you. You should be prepared completely to face the challenges and find the cures. To get complete information, firstly you should know about Tai Sui.

Tai Sui is used for the name of God, Tai Sui God. According to Chinese astrology, there are a total of 60 Tai Sui. It is said that Tai Sui took control of human fortunes for 60 years. Lui Nian Tai Sui is the guardian of God for these years. All the important sectors of man’s life such as wealth, marriage, career, and wealth are under their influence. Interestingly, every person believes in his own Tai Sui god.

This can have a deep impact on the whole life of a particular person in different fields. Tigers and rats born in 2023 are expected to have a clash with Tai Sui. They can face bad fortune in the coming year and they must be fully prepared to protect themselves as their lives are in danger.

A tiger has to face different challenges. He will face challenges in his career and they will be too confused to take any action that it is feared that they will act recklessly without thinking about the results and they may fall prey to different controversies. Possibly, they will lose all their business, if they don’t work on the cure.

Among all the Chinese zodiac signs, the Tigers will be affected badly. Thinking continuously about their problems and joblessness, these tigers will cause an impact on their health and wealth. The tigers who will find themselves guilty to Tai Sui will suffer from an inactive career.

Other than Tigers, monkeys will also be under stress. The monkeys clashing with Tai Sui will be easily provoked and they will cause conflicts with their loved ones without any reason or control over them. Couples whose relationship was going well when entering into 2023 may face contradictions. So it is advised to monkeys to develop good communication skills with their partners. It is important to pay attention to this factor to resolve issues.

They may get into fights again and again with their co-workers although they can overcome this with little effort. They may face losses in business.

To avoid all these bad events and introduce positive effects it is directed that you should analyze the type of interaction with flying stars. Apply the different techniques of Feng Shui in your house to avoid these expected bad waves. When you will positively interact with people in these years, the aspiration connected to this sector will be activated and your pressure will release. 

Use things made of metal to activate positive energy in your house. Avoid renovation in your house or office to counter negative energies. It is advised not to keep the sofas house as it will direct towards the poor management of the house. Keep one of the zones of your house empty, don’t fill it with a desk, bed, or any item of furniture. Avoid ceramic and colors like yellow to decorate the northwest area of your room. You should not go back to the north. 

Keeping a vase filled with flowers and water will not only give an elegant look to your house but will reduce negativity in your life. It is favored to keep changing this vase after one month. Engage yourself in positive activities and focus only on good aspects of things. It will help you in spiritual gains and material goods. Spend time with your family and promote family growth. You can activate your prosperity star by placing wood in the south sector of your house.

All these cures and remedies will help to avoid the clash with Tai Sui. Possibly, all the anticipated events end without causing any harm to you. Keep yourself interacting with the Feng Shui stars map and follow it strictly. You will be safe from all the above-mentioned fears.

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There are nine stars in the sky and nine palaces on earth, and the flying stars in the nine houses actually reflect the rotating principle of feng shui, and the nine stars enter different positions of the palace each year, affecting the position of the feng shui.

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