Feng Shui restaurants

Introduction: Yes, Feng Shui restaurants bring more health, wealth, and customers. Feng Shui, factually interpreted, means wind and water. Feng Shui is the Chinese artwork of creating harmonious surroundings through the project and arrangement of a room or whole building.

The trust is that the maximum flow of Chi can be obtained by creating a balance between the yin and yang of an atmosphere. Feng Shui in restaurant blueprints, as well as in other small trades, can have a robust effect on achievement.

Feng Shui restaurants
Feng Shui restaurants

Feng Shui business tips

Below Feng Shui business tips will help your restaurant to grow more

Office Door

When watching for space in a workplace building, select one anywhere the main door of the building faces open space. It permits light to enter and generates cheerful Chi. the door size should also be in appropriate proportion to the size of the building. Place a bell on the arrival door of your business to bring good luck. 


Fill your workstation with plenty of green plants to bring you in quicker touch with nature; nonetheless, avoid sharp or touchy types of foliage. Fresh, clear water attracts cheerful Chi, so a fish tank or aquarium works well. Images or drawings that show water acts, such as waterfalls, lakes, or streams, are good alternatives for live water sources.


Full-size mirrors are used in Feng Shui to appeal to wealth. If you stock cash, place a mirror over the cash container to double your prosperity, and put a mirror on a side wall to dual the value of your stock. Avoid having the mirrors reflect bathrooms or stairways or placing one on the back wall of your establishment.

The essential element in Feng Shui restaurants

Below are some essential Feng Shui restaurants elements

Introduce the Water Element

The water element has long been recognized as a good inclusion for most trades, and restaurants are no exclusion. You can place a water fountain or aquarium inside the entry of your business to attract yang energy. The yang vigor, in turn, will attract clients.

Water Element Colors

Conventionally, the water element color blue wasn’t recommended for Feng Shui restaurants. Water is counterproductive in Feng Shui requests since water abolishes fire in the destruction cycle. But, that idea has altered.

Feng Shui tips and remedies for restaurant owners

Restaurant owners should follow the below tips

Keep a Well-Stock Kitchen

A well-stocked kitchen is suitable. Meanwhile, it validates abundance. You want to have more than plenty of fresh food, spices, flour, and other cooking-connected ingredients.

Equipment in Good Condition

You need all of your equipment to be in a good functioning situation. If it somewhat doesn’t function correctly, get it repaired or replace it.

Move Your Cash Register from time to time.

You can move your cash register to your restaurant’s southeast or north sector. If your cash register is alongside or near the restrooms, move it. You don’t need your cash going down the drain!

The list of essential points for a successful restaurant

If restaurant owners want quick success, they should follow these points

Feng Shui in a restaurant?

Restaurants and food establishments are one of the calmest businesses to start. Nearly every street has a couple of restaurants and food stalls. One of the causes for this is that it is cost-effective to start a restaurant compared to businesses such as shoe stores.

A large number of restaurants and food stalls mean the market is competitive. So if you are thinking of starting a restaurant, you will need tactics that will assist you in getting and maintaining clients.

The place

The site is the first thing to select. A promising position is the portion of the four significant features of Feng Shui: 

An enjoyable place

 The funding behind the building, stability between the two buildings on both sides, and open space in front. Of these four features, the available space in front is the most vital. 

A pleasant form

The shape of the hotel and its decor should be pleasing. Rectangular forms of modest length, square shapes, and circles are measured as lovely shapes. Avoid sharp and triangular shapes and too numerous spaces. 

 The positive energy flow 

A good restaurant should have a stream of Chi energy that runs efficiently. Outside it establishes itself with a good traffic flow; the restaurant must be effortlessly accessible. Inside there should be a pure and clean link between the space and the rooms.

The flow of vigor will be motionless when the restaurant space is closed with too many partitions breaking the area. If the restaurant space is too open, particularly straightly in front of the entrance, or if there are openings on the back with an expansive view, it does not have energy and consequently does not retain business.

The pleasant feeling

A positive atmosphere is definite by a lovely interior design, excellent coordination of shades, decoration, furniture, and the pleasant use of the space. If these four standards are fulfilled, a good Chi and a good flow of Chi are guaranteed, the basis for a fruitful restaurant.

Lay out the interior in primary forms

The suggested shapes are squares, circles, or rectangles. Each profile delivers its Feng Shui properties, so do a little research before deciding which ones to use. Avoid irregular or triangular forms, as they can create psychological stress.

Location & Form

The most vital Feng Shui factor of a fruitful restaurant is an abundance of ch’i. The first thing to reflect on is the site of the restaurant. A good location comprises four primary features: reasonable ground to build on or ground on which the building is previously located; a helpful feature behind the building, with no steep drop-offs; equilibrium of structures on both sides and open space in front of the building.

The forms of the building and its inner areas should be healthy, such as squares, circles, and squares with reasonable length-to-width relations. Avoid uneven or three-sided shapes.

Energy Flow

An influential restaurant will have a profusion of smooth-flowing chi energy. On the exterior, the restaurant should be effortlessly accessible with a free stream of traffic.

According to Feng Shui design, the inside must not have too many partitions breaking up the space, or the energy flow can become stagnant. But, if the area is too open, chiefly the space straightly across from the restaurant entrance, or if there are large windows at the back, you cannot hold positive energy.

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