Feng Shui Purple

Feng shui purple: Front door, color, wallet, crystal, bracelet, door, flowers, bathroom, kitchen.The color purple is said to be associated with royalty and spirituality in Feng Shui. Purple is a good color for feng shui décor. The color purple represents the spiritual realm as well as the seventh chakra, personal spirituality, and the spiritual dimension. You have taken a spiritual path that leads to enlightenment if you have a purple glow emanating from your seventh chakra.

Feng shui purple: Front door, color, wallet, crystal, bracelet, door, flowers, bathroom, kitchen
Feng shui purple: Front door, color, wallet, crystal, bracelet, door, flowers, bathroom, kitchen

As far as Feng Shui is concerned, purple is a hue associated with the development of paranormal and extrasensory abilities. The colors that contain purple are also distinct in their characteristics, and each shade and color combination have its own unique characteristics:

  • A person’s negative personality characteristics might be evoked as a result of the energy of the cardinal color, for instance.
  • Similarly, Violet finds that she has acquired extrasensory powers, talents, and expanded her knowledge of the world around her.

People who wear purple are often mystics, idealists, and clergy in many civilizations. A spiritual connection is inextricably related to the human spirit, elicits imagination, transmits energy and peace in the same moment, and creates an incredible feeling of being in the presence of something else worldly and extraordinary.

Purple color inspires every person in different ways: some are inspired to think about eternity, others to create and do good deeds, with the third to get lost in dreams or make good decisions.

Here are some tips to guide your use of purple color:

Front Door

It is a symbol of open-mindedness and inventiveness to have a purple front door. You may also achieve success in your career when you have a purple front door. According to many cultures, purple is a color associated with royalty, wealth, and prestige. Priests and pastors wear purple as a symbol of spirituality. The feng shui philosophy states that a purple door can invite opportunities into your home. A purple door can also indicate that the house belongs to a witch or magician that knows how to live a wealthy life without depending on money.

Purple is also represented in the following little-known ways:

There is a royal aura associated with purple front doors

A purple front entrance gives others the impression that you’re wealthy. The term indicates that you are wealthy in terms of both your quality of life and psychological well-being, not that you are affluent. You are also deserving of respect.

A purple front door can be a sign of open-mindedness

Depending on where you live, purple is also not a common front door color. Painting your entrance door purple communicates to others that you are open-minded and adaptable to the possibilities of life. This shows you are a creative thinker.

Calm can be evoked by a purple front door

Your front door might feel more tranquil and peaceful if the purple tint you choose has some blue undertones. Purple is generally associated with positivity. When you return home, imagine the way you’ll feel if your front door is painted purple.


In case you are remodeling a room in your house, purple may be an excellent color choice. There are multiple shades in the color, each one representing a unique feature of the personality. Purple is an important color in Feng Shui because it represents religion and spirituality. It is said that lilac and lighter purple shades are better suited for relaxation and tranquilization.

In Feng Shui, colors correspond to certain characteristics. Symbolized by purple, nobility, regality, power, and prosperity, it can also represent nobility, regality, power, and prosperity.

As well as riches and prosperity, it can also symbolize peace and mystery. If used excessively, dark purple is often associated with strictness, loneliness, melancholia, and even arrogance.

When deciding which shade of paint to buy or what items to buy to accentuate or complement chi in a room, especially when you are buying items for a meditation room, you should understand what each shade symbolizes.

Purple is a good color to use for strengthening the south sector in your house or office. Using a color value that isn’t too overpowering or overbearing when dealing with purple is crucial because purple is a charged energy hue.

  • Workspaces, offices, and living areas work well with purple because of its yang-attracting qualities.
  • Since purple can disrupt a restful night’s sleep, you should avoid using it in the bedroom.
  • It is not desirable to enhance the fire element in the kitchen as it is generated and used there.
  • The color purple might not be the best choice for a dining area, but you can add a hint of pale violet if you feel the room needs a boost in yang energy.


In the Bagua, purple corresponds to the area of money, which symbolizes abundance. The color purple also traditionally denotes nobility and opulence! 

There is a lot of energy in purple. Although allowing a bit of purple to enter your wealth space at home is a good idea, enclosing all of your money inside a purple wallet is not.


It is best to use purple sparingly when designing with feng shui, as it is a highly charged color. You can use purple as an accent color for a room. A vase of silk lavender flowers, a few art artifacts, and a pair of throw pillows can all be used to add a splash of violet or mild lavender to your room.


Among the most popular gems is amethyst, which occurs naturally in quartz. Symbolizing richness, prosperity, and elegance, purple is a color associated with royalty.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that is often used to help people connect with their spiritual side. This stone comes in a variety of colors from pale lavender to deep purple. It’s used both for jewelry and for healing. The birthstone for February is garnet, which is also a popular anniversary gift for couples celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary.

The relaxing and soothing properties of amethyst are widely known. Many people recommend using it for stress relief, meditation, and concentration. The gemstone amethyst can also aid in developing intuition and spiritual insight. This combination of properties makes amethyst a powerful stone for making decisions because it allows you to listen to your intuition while also quieting your mind at the same time.

Historically, amethyst has been associated with Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, due to its purple color. Similarly, the word “amethyst” originates from a Greek phrase meaning “not drunk.”

Activate Xun the Wealth Area

A wealth section in the feng shui Bagua, known as Xun in Chinese, pertains to abundance in many forms. There is also a connection to self-worth in this section. Besides being one of Bagua’s most popular regions, it is also associated with the color purple. When you’re hoping to attract greater abundance into your life, whether it’s monetarily or otherwise, place an amethyst crystal in the Xun region of your home or bedroom. You can find Xun, or the area of your wealth, by looking inside the front door of your home or bedroom.

Activate Qian the Helpful People Area

It’s no surprise that the amethyst is found in the Helpful People section of the Bagua, known as Qian, because of its connection to earth and heaven. There is an association with this zone with benefactors, travel, and the concept of heaven. A piece of amethyst can be placed here with the intention of strengthening your connection to the sky or of receiving more support from otherworldly sources. You need to find the Qian position by standing in the doorway of your home and facing inward. There will be a sign that says “QIAN in the corner nearest you.”

Create a Calming Bedroom

The amethyst gem is an excellent gemstone for alleviating restlessness since it is an excellent tranquilizer and promoter of emotions of tranquillity. Amethyst can be placed on a nightstand or under your bed to induce deeper, more restorative sleep. In addition to helping you remember your dreams, amethyst can also help you strengthen your relationship with your dream world.

Activate your Meditation Area

The amethyst stone is a good stone to meditate with since it is capable of calming the mind, increasing spiritual understanding, and increasing intuition. Amethyst has contemplative properties, so place one on your altar or meditation area to benefit from it.


When you wear a purple feng shui bracelet, you activate good energy in your body. During feng shui, it is believed that the universe is comprised of energies (chi) that have an effect on our lives. There are different types of energy that influence different aspects of human life, such as wealth, health, and relationships.

You must attract the right energy for a particular area of your life if you wish to improve it. Your energy will be aligned with your goals when you are wearing a feng shui bracelet.

A feng shui charm bracelet will help you manifest your intentions. This is why they have trusted companions.


You are supposed to bring purple flowers into your home to attract prosperity, wealth, and abundance. Place purple flowers in the far-left corner of your room, or within your home, to improve the flow of wealth according to the bagua map.

Historically, purple has been associated with royalty and luxury since it is a rare color in nature. Many years ago, purple dyes were nearly impossible to find; the first violet dye was made by extracting many snails from the sea. The purple color of objects was more valuable than their weight in gold because it was so hard to find. For an elegant combination of this royal shade, order the Thalia Vase with Mixed EternityTM Flowers in lavender. The opulent floral arrangement featured here, which is a stunning combination of garden roses, hydrangeas, and gardenias, is designed to bring you wealth and prosperity.

Xun is one of the sections of the Feng Shui bagua that is associated with riches and abundance. It has to do with the sense of prosperity you have in other aspects of your life, besides material prosperity. The color purple is associated with it, as well.

If you wish to attract wealth and abundance, decorate your home with purple flowers. Additionally, if you wish, they can be placed in the Xun position of your home or bedroom. A vase of purple flowers or a houseplant decorated with purple blooms, such as an African violet, are two options.

I have an African violet that only had two leaves a few months ago, but has since grown into such a gorgeous, lush plant! When you experience nature and the world through the eyes of a plant, you learn that the world is generous and abundant. As well as teaching you to cultivate everything you require, it teaches you that all the knowledge you need lies right within your reach.

In order to welcome more abundance into your life, you should bring purple flowers into your house.


A bathroom with purple lights would be able to extinguish fire due to the water in all of the fixtures. In addition, any money or productive pursuits would also be flushed/drained away, along with the energy associated with the color purple.

Violet would be too vibrant, which would detract from the tranquility of the bathtub/shower and sink, which are thought to be more restoring.

Especially suitable for a feng shui bathroom, these colours are always soft. Red and blue blended to create these colors, which have a perfect balance of warm and cool tones and look amazing when paired with green accents- like plants.


Kitchens with purples can cause similar problems, but it all depends on the location of the kitchen. Kitchens in the south, southeast, or southwest look good in purple.

When adding purple to a kitchen in the northern or western hemisphere, use it with caution, as the color is more closely linked to the metal, earth, and water elements. You should use purple sparingly in a “fire” kitchen. You could make it more purple and redder than blue if you wanted to emphasize the fire aspect.

In the world of interior design, purple kitchens are making a comeback following their popularity in the 90s. Purple color has been associated with monarchy, grandeur, wealth, and luxury, as well as wisdom and spirituality in color psychology. Therefore, choosing this color as the kitchen’s wall color is a wise choice. The color is a good all-arounder because it comes in a variety of tints to match any style you are looking for. The colors are diverse as well, including lilac, heather, plum, amethyst, iris, periwinkle, plum, mulberry, eggplant, and more.

It is possible to implement purple kitchen ideas in a wide range of ways, from adding it in accents like a mixer, toaster, or tea towels, to decorating your kitchen with a large swath of lavender backsplash. You may also decide to paint the cabinetry the same color and the walls a different hue if you enjoy the hue. All things considered, we enjoy bright kitchen layouts, and purple fits in surprisingly well with many different colors.

While the blue kitchen fad of recent years continues to be popular, more people are moving away from it. The color purple is increasingly popular in kitchens because, like blue, it’s rich, bold, and distinctive, and it lends warmth to the space. Colors in this family are incredibly versatile with a wide range of tones and many of them can be combined together.

Positive Vibes

Purple emits positive energy, which makes it the most favorable hue in Feng Shui. Therefore, this would make a good color to use in every room, except the kitchen and bathroom.

Putting a purple door on your front will bring positive energy into your house and through all the rooms. In addition to being a color associated with power and wealth, purple can also increase your prestige if you paint it on your south wall.

You will also attract money and good fortune by wearing purple. For those in marketing and finance, however, wearing purple is supposed to boost your luck and lead you down the path to money.

Conclusion: Feng Shui Purple

Having a comprehensive understanding of the color purple and its meaning in Feng Shui art may be extremely helpful when you are redesigning your home, your cottage, or personal space. Moderating is accomplished through color, as evidenced by the many shades necessary. Color is an important tool to use, but you should use it carefully.

By showing the distinct locations of each room, Bagua is able to assist with other Feng Shui tasks. Purple is a unique color that is used in accents to balance out another color.It’s always a good idea to keep purple in mind when seeking fortune, happiness, and prosperity. You can add it to your wardrobe and feel the uplifting energy that it emits and bring good luck to those who wear it. It’s also possible to create intimacy when wearing lavender or lilac as the soothing colors can create intimacy.

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