Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui Living Room: Colors, plants, layout, mirror, office, fireplace, tv, center table, direction, door, Entrance, Ideas, lighting-lamps. Humans are considered highly visual individuals that are deeply affected by colors. These colors awaken their mind and impact their well-being. Colors inspire us to bring some transformation in lives and support new energy.

Feng Shui is an old Chinese belief according to which homes are the reflection of people. To practice Feng Shui you need to align your environments like the office and home. In Feng Shui, it is believed that even non living and inanimate things possess energy.

Feng Shui Living Room: Colors, plants, layout, mirror, office, fireplace, tv, center table, direction, door, Entrance, Ideas, lighting-lamps
Feng Shui Living Room: Colors, plants, layout, mirror, office, fireplace, tv, center table, direction, door, Entrance, Ideas, lighting-lamps


We are talking about colors to be chosen for the Feng Shui Living Room. Colors are an effective tool in Feng Shui to create simple and beautiful rooms. Any color could work in any room but it’s about your perspective and intention and how you see it and connect with it.

Some of the colors that are liked while decorating the Feng Shui Living room are Blue, Green, white and earthy browns.

The living room is a place where everyone gathers with one’s friends and family. It is a public activity as you invite people to come. While sitting in the Living room you can entertain, connect and interact with whomever you want. Sometimes they are maintained as private as family rooms and den areas where you love to sit only with your loved ones.

Using blue and green colors while painting the living room will define growth and new beginnings. White color will bring clarity, precision, and brightness. Making use of earthy browns is also a good choice. This neutral color supports self-care.


Living rooms can be decorated in many different ways. How about placing plants in living rooms to enhance their charm. Keeping plants in Feng Shui Living Rooms is considered as a positive attitude and it is believed that these plants make wonders.

Citrus Fruit

According to Chinese belief, if you grow citrus fruits on your house balcony, it brings abundance to your home. Citrus plants are considered very lucky. They bring wealth and health to your house. When citrus fruits grow in abundance you can distribute these grapes into your neighborhood reflecting the true meaning of abundance.

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant is considered as a part of Feng Shui. The round leaves of the money plant resemble coins. It is a symbol of wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. Along with all these qualities, this plant is easy to care for and is not too expensive to keep. These money plants grow into new plants and they can be gifted to friends and family members. This Chinese plant is also known by its nickname “The Friendship Plant”.


For Feng Shui living rooms, Orchards are a symbol of creativity and fertility and they are specially placed in the rooms of children. Orchids bloom in different colors. If the orchid turns yellow, you can place them in the center. If you choose pink orchids they become a symbol of love and if purple is chosen, they will display wealth.

People are huge fans of Feng Shui Living Room. They are prepared after quite a selection of things. Whether selecting house plants or colors, those in love with these houses are inspired by them and constantly look at them. Let’s know about some layouts that can improve the quality of sleep.

Whether your living room is spacious or not, a Feng Shui Living Room is not complete without a sofa. The sofas should be placed so that every sitting on them has a clear standpoint of everyone entering the room. For this style, you need to arrange your sofa across the main doors so that you can look clearly while moving in and out of the room.


When choosing accessories to decorate your living room, you should look for things that assign meaning to you. The selected things should convey positive energy. When you sit in your living room the presence of these things should make you happy. These accessories make a part of your living room’s environment that will highly influence you so always look for the right one. Mirrors should be included while decorating the living room. Just care what the mirror is reflecting. Mirrors make any room look larger and feel bigger. Mirrors can be hanged but make sure to place them in the right position.


Feng Shui can represent your house as an office too. Your house represents different areas of your life. In all these things placement of a desk in the home is connected to your career. For showing your home as a home office keep a desk in your home that will symbolize a stable career. It will be ideal if you keep the desk in a separate room but if you have to put it in a multifunctional room keep it anywhere except for the bedroom.

But if you don’t have space to keep the desk except for the bedroom, then try to separate your room and desk with a bookcase, curtain, or a room divider. Be sure to keep your working appliance separate at the end of the day.

It’s better to place your desk in a commanding position. This means that you can see the room of your door, this arrangement will make you feel in control of life and career. If there is any problem while keeping the desk in this position, it is better to place a mirror in the living room so you can have a look at the reflection of the door while working. If you feel that a physical block or obstacle is preventing you from the workplace, then rearrange or remove them. With this act, you will be able to approach your career with ease.

Every person is creative however some of us know a very beautiful way to express our inner artist. Your sense of feeling art can be examined if you have embellished a Feng Shui Living Room.

Having a balanced space and balanced energy is very important for your well-being. Where you live and how you feel while living at that place determine your quality of living. Your bedroom and bathroom should come to your mind at the first position and the living room should not be forgotten.

Spacious living rooms are liked by most people. Space clearing is one of the most important factors when creating a Feng Shui Living Room. The living room should be constructed wide as it represents the public area of your home. Some of the space clearing techniques are smudging, ringing bells, and diffusing oils. In modern times it is appreciated to manage your stuff and furniture so the house looks big and doesn’t accumulate much space.

Only a couple of things are required when managing the living room. It should be remembered not to fill each corner. The five major elements that should be balanced are metal, earth, wood, fire, and fire. Earth is flat square shapes of orange, yellow, and earthy brown color. Metals are represented by white, gray, and other metallic shapes. Wood is green, blue columnar, and rectangular shapes. Water is black, and dark blue curved in shape. The fire just like its name represents red and fiery rectangular shapes.


In Feng Shui Living Rooms fireplaces are built in the northeast corner of the living room. These fireplaces promote health education and calm thinking. If the fireplace is constructed in the south, it symbolizes romance and love.

If you can’t build a fireplace, then a fireplace, then a good alternative is to add an electric fireplace or something else of a similar effect. You can invoke the fire element in the living room with a collection of candles.


The living room is the important space of any house whether the house is a studio, a duplex, or a mansion. The living room is famous as the primary social space where all the residents and guests gather. In Feng Shui, the Living room should be covered when it is of no use as it will show mirror-like reflective properties. The television should be placed on the south or north side of the room.

Safety is considered an important element of Feng Shui Living rooms. While placing furniture, the sofa should be placed with a stable wall so it evokes the feeling of safety. Never place a sofa in front of windows and avoid floating in the center of the room too This will avoid anyone sitting inside the room to enjoy the view outside.

Center table

The Center table plays an important role in a Feng Shui living room. However, some practitioners recommended using oval or round tables and square and rectangle shapes are the best choices. The table is the centerpiece of the living room just like the dining room. Some people are habitual of enjoying meals and coffee at their center table. The center table will help to radiate energy throughout the sitting. With chairs and a coffee or center table, your living room will show a noticeable center.


If you are trying to arrange your Feng Shui Living Room and not finding a good way, then an appropriate approach is to consult the energy map. The map details the layout and connection to be developed between different rooms. This map shows nine areas of life: wealth, creativity, reputation, love, health, community, purpose, guidance, and wisdom. Arranging the layout of each room with this map will spread positive energy in the corners of the house.

Door, entrance

While constructing the Feng Shui Living Room, the position of the door and location of the entrance should be considered seriously. The living room should be close to the front door facilitating the guest to see outside easily. The entrance should be well managed. Imagine how it would feel if your guest enters the master bedroom with the entrance rather than the living room.

The suitable location for the bedroom is at the back of the house. It is only suitable at the door if you are welcoming only you. The designs of the living room should be simple Nowadays living rooms are designed round, or triangular. These complex-shaped rooms attract people and can mix up your relations.


There are several ways to adorn your living room to bring good vibes to your home. The living room should be bright. It should be illuminated either with natural light or layered lighting. If you want long-lasting energy then prefer efficient light bulbs as in night and darkness they keep glowing, brightening the living room and home.

Light is associated with one of the five major elements; fire. Using candles will fill the room with harmony and balance. To improve the attractiveness of the Feng Shui Living Room, never forget to illuminate the dark corners and shadows.

Different lighting lamps can be used to generate a warmer environment in the house. Incandescent bulbs are well-created for inviting living spaces. Halogen lights are also a very good idea. The bright light that came out of them can be consumed for reading or directing one particular corner of the overall room. For different moods, you can keep color bulbs. The color bulbs create an atmosphere of calmness and pleasure.

Purple and yellow are highly recommended. Yellow represents a relaxed and settled nature while purple is related to passionate nature. Different combinations of lightning lamps will assign significant meaning to your room. When you want to feel light, use direct and indirect lighting frequently. Lampshades that are made of fabric or paper soften the mood and create a quiet atmosphere.

In terms of Feng Shui, the main goal of decorating the living room is to gather the loved ones and enjoy socializing with friends. But a poorly arranged room can cause stress and mental pressure. The Feng Shui Living Room should be brightening with light to make it feel good. The entrance should be wide and the living room should be near to the entrance. For your relaxation, pamper yourself with a master sofa. Large potted plants will bring wealth to your house. Colors should be selected with the help of energy maps.

All these things should be taken into consideration while constructing the Feng Shui Living Room.

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