Feng shui Kua number

Feng shui Kua number: Meaning, How to Calculate; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Introduction. The system of numerology based on sex and birthday of anyone used in Feng shui is called Feng shui Kua number. Kua number is also known as Eight Houses of Feng Shui or Eight Mansions.

Feng shui Kua number: Meaning, How to Calculate; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Feng shui Kua number: Meaning, How to Calculate; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Your Kua number determines the favorable locations and important areas in your home that are lucky for you. Such as, it determines which place of your house is best, bedroom or front door of your home. The Kua numbers also determine your energetic compatibility with your family and other people.

After knowing the feng shui Kua number, you can know the lucky number and your directions in life. It will be so much pleasure to live your future life according to specific guidelines and directions. Our lives change rapidly, and at different tasks such as acting differently at work, meeting, sitting and sleeping and proper guidelines at every work Makemake our lives much easier.

The feng shui Kua number not only gives you an advantage in your life but also makes your life easy. So, it is very important to know your feng shui Kua number. After knowing the Feng shui Kua number, spend your time with a feng shui compass with your best directions. You will feel that your life has become more effective, and you will enjoy your work to achieve phenomenal success. 

You will become socialist and have a harmonious relationship. If you feel that romantic passion is missing from your life and you want to revive it or people who want to find their soulmates, the Feng shui Kua number helps them do everything.

Feng shui Kua number Meaning

It is a subset of Bagua. The “ba” means eight, while gua is another name for Kua. The 8 Kua  1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are common. Every person belongs to any Kua number in these 8 Kua numbers In Eight Mansions. 

Your Kua number will guide you about auspicious and inauspicious directions and different life aspects that affect and influence you. There are four inauspicious and four auspicious directions to keep balance in life. The major people are in the East or the auspicious west directions depending on your Kua number. These directions represent the best aspects of life.

How to Calculate Feng shui Kua number

The Chinese calendar

Kua numbers are based on the Chinese calendar. The first year day of the Chinese calendar is different from the Western calendars. On February 4, their first day starts at the first spring day on the Chinese calendar. If you are born before February 3, consider yourself old one year more; for example, people born on January 17, 1980, their age will be calculated as 1979 in Chinese dates. So, if you are Westran, calculate your age according to the Chinese calendar.

Identifying Gender

This system calculates the Kua number based on the gender of the individual. Most people use gender identity in the calculation, while many use their original gender.

Calculate Kua number 

  • Now, calculate the Kua number according to your Feng shui date of birth and use a calculator if needed.
  • First of all, add four digits of birth year.
  • If you find two digits, add them to find one digit
  • Take special care between January 1 and February 5
  • For females, add 4 in that one digit, divide them if you find 2 numbers; the final number will be your Kua number. If you find 5 Feng shui numbers, it is considered according to 8 Kua numbers.
  • For males, add 11 to that number and the results to get one digit. The final single digit is the male Kua number. For males, Kua number 5 is equal to Kua number 2.

Feng shui Kua number 1

If you have Kua number 1, you are a personality with an extraordinarily developed intuition. Your ambitious and determined nature will help you achieve all your goals in life. People with Kua number 1 are born for victory and success. They are born leaders and compete with others. Such people focus on goals and try hard to achieve those goals. But, they forget to relax and work on mental balance.

  • North. North is a growth and success direction for people with Kua number 1. Here you can place office desks, flowers, books, and everything related to your career and growth. People with online work can place their laptops in the North area.
  • South. South is the direction for love and relationships for people having Kua number 1. You can place a love image in this area, two hearts: candles and anything related to love. Red and pink colors symbolize love to decorate this area with these colors. If your door is present in the south area, hang your picture and other things related to love. It will bring Feng shui energy about love to your home.
  • Southeast.This area is specific for success, wealth, and abundance. You can keep a money box or a fountain. The wood and water are both signs of money, so keep in this area. If you keep the bed in this area, remove it and place the money box.
  • East. It is the lucky direction for people with Kua number 1, showing well-being and health. The people with Kua number one need proper attention for career and success.

Feng shui Kua Number 2

The people with Kua number 2 are very professional and organized. They don’t want the best because they are not rival types; instead, they prefer quality over quantity. After starting, they finish everything perfectly.

Number 2 shows balance and hormones in life, and the main goal of people with Kua number 2 is keeping balance in work and personal life. The Kua number 2 people pay more attention to others because they are very generous.

  • South West. Southwest is specific for personal growth and success, With Kua number 2. You should keep a crystal globe in the Southwest ad then move it daily to activate your growth area. The elephant shows strength, wisdom, and steadiness, so keep its picture in that area for your personal development. You can hang a fish or 9 carp fishes that boost your wealth.
  • Northwest. These are specific For Better Love and Romance Life. Hang a duck in this area to attract love and romance. You can also place a pair of Rose quartz in this area as this area shows semi-precious stones of romance and is an excellent place for romantic life. Placing a tortoise in this area shows long and healthy life.
  • West. The west area improves your health so keep your head in this direction while sleeping. Besides this, keep your bed to the west of your home. You can hang Gourds, Wuloo for better health and longevity in this area. This area provides protection against illness, so place Qi Lin in this area.
  • Northeast . This direction shows all important activities for all important activities. The people with Kua number 2 keep the door in the Northeast to attract wealth and abundance and keep the Northeast clear of all clutter. You can keep carp fishes in this area for wealth and prosperity.

Feng shui Kua number 3

Kua number 3 is the positive and lucky number associated with expansion and eternity. The people with Kua number three should place three coins under a plant to attract wealth. The number there also shows mystical powers.

  • South. Your main door and workplace should be in this direction as it attracts wealth and abundance. Keep your head on this site to enhance your money luck during work and sleeping. You can keep images of horses surrounded by golden ingots.
  • North. During sleep, point your head to this site to promote health. If you want to promote the circulation of Chi’, place an aquarium in the North area. You can place a metal tortoise for a long and healthy life.
  • Southeast. This area is specific for wooden mandarin ducks, a pair of Rose Quartz to enhance your love luck. You can keep here a green jade money plant and a green plant in the Southeast
  • East. If you want a career and personal growth, keep your head at this position and keep an image of the green dragon, place any water feature and  place green plants to promote more energy.

Feng shui Kua number 4

  • North. This direction is specific for wealth and career prospects. Suppose you want to enhance success, place water-related things in the North area. You can hand a 6-rod metal wind chime to stimulate the positive chi in the north area. Besides this, place an Arowana fish in the North to bring happiness to your home.
  • South. If the people with Kua number 4 want to increase healthy life, sleep in the south area of the home. If you want to promote good health, keep doors in the south. for longevity to good health, Display Quan Yin and Sau in the south. if you place Evergreen plants in the south, it will promote wealth.
  • East. In the feng shui Kua number 4, East is used the enhance positive energy. If you put a dragon statue there, it would increase the energy level in the east direction. If you are in that direction, it will help improve your relationship with co-workers and other people. If you put the water feature in that direction, it would be useful.
  • Southeast. Southeast direction is good for personal growth in the Kua number 4. If you want relaxation, then your face should be in that direction. Placing a green dragon in that direction would increase wealth and luck. You should put Arowana fish in that direction for good luck.

Feng shui Kua number 5

Kua Number Five represents males and females as feng shui Kua number 5 combines yin and yang chi energies. So, males should use the number two as Kua number, and number 8 will be best for females, so each gender should use its number.

Kua number 6

The people related to Kua 6 are reserved, self-sufficient, but caring. They don’t accept criticism in life, but they are too hardworking.

  • West. Your front door of the house should face the west direction as this is the best direction for the front door as it will bring good fortune and prosperity to the house. If anyone wants to enhance their wealth and prosperity, you should place your office work desk in that direction. It will help to attract more money. If you put a three-legged frog in the area facing west, it will attract more money and abundance in the house.
  • It is the best area for the front door of your home. The front door must face this direction. Don’t be fooled by putting a frog in front of the door.
  • Northeast. The Northeast area is well known for good health. If you want to be healthy or improve your health, make sure that you sleep there. If you want positive energy to come continuously in your house, place the crystal ball in this direction. It will attract positive energy toward your house. Putting a crystal lotus in the northeast reaction signifies that good health and purity will come into your house.
  • Southwest. Southwest corner is famous for love and romantic life. If you want to enhance the energy of this area, then you should put on a pair of Mandarin. You should put a crystal globe in that area and must spin it daily, and this will prove good and lucky for you. If you want to enhance love between your partner, then hang a pair of rose quartz in that area.
  • Northwest. Northwest corner is best for personal growth and education. This area is best for good luck. If you want more energy from this area, then hang a happy man picture or dragon turtle in that direction. If you hang a 6-rod wind chime in that area, it will prove best for education and good luck.

Feng shui Kua number 7

  • Northwest. This Kua number is best for success and good luck. If you want to attract more money, the front door and your workplace should be in that direction. If you put your desk in the office in that area, it will help attract more wealth and success. If you want to enhance wealth, you should place Qi Lins in the Northwest direction.
  • Southwest. In the Kua number, 7 southwest is best for good health. When you are used to sleeping in that direction, it will help you improve your health. If you want to enhance the energy in your house, then use that door that faces the Southwest direction.
  • Northeast. In the feng shui Kua, number 7 northeast direction is good for love and romantic life. You should clean this area and clear out all the clutters. If you want to enjoy a satisfying life full of love, then place a pair of Mandarin ducks in that direction. If you place the double happiness symbol in that direction it will help to increase love with your partner.
  • West. West area is well known for growth and education. If you want to increase your personal growth, put a crystal globe in the west direction and spin it daily. If you want to display your pictures or anything, then the west area is best for that.

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