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Feng Shui Kua Number 4

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Feng shui kua number 4: For couples, element, directions, is 4 a lucky number in feng shui. What we are as people and how we live our lives are deeply influenced by the day of our birth. Chinese sages were well aware of this, and as a result, they devised the Kua system, which aids humans to achieve happiness, success, and peace in life.

Feng shui kua number 4: For couples, element, directions, is 4 a lucky number in feng shui
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Feng shui kua number 4: For couples, element, directions, is 4 a lucky number in feng shui

The Kua number will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and your life path. Additionally, it will assist you with determining which directions are lucky or unlucky for you, so knowing your Kua number is vital if you wish to work with feng-shui and apply it to your daily life.

In Feng Shui, it is also known as the Eight Houses or Houses of Eight Mansions. By determining what direction to face your home and where your front door and bedroom should be, your Kua number determines where you should put critical elements of your home. The number also indicates whether you and others are energetically compatible.

A person with the Kua number 4 is upbeat and strives to make the most of every day they have. They adapt to the situation if it is necessary, without making superfluous lamentations or complaints. Whenever I’m around them, I’m always glad to be there. Their primary focus is on relationships and friendship, and they place more value on harmonious relationships than monetary gains.

For couples

When it comes to assessing the degree of compatibility between two people, the Feng Shui Kua Number Compatibility Calculator is absolutely incredible. A couple will have a happy, healthy relationship if they are compatible, as that will result in a strong, supportive, and encouraging relationship. They will be more capable of managing their lives more effectively if they are compatible. One of the most important factors in achieving incredible success is keeping your family happy.

While Feng Shui is most commonly applied to home design or Vaastu Shastra, it can also be used to determine if two people are compatible romantically. It is considered extremely important according to Feng Shui concepts to determine the Kua number.

According to the astrological link, numbers play an important role with regard to bringing prosperity, happiness, and success into one’s life. This can be determined by the degree of compatibility between the numbers.

Individual characteristics, mental processes, and inborn characteristics all play a part in determining whether two people are compatible. When two people have a nearly perfect combination of personality characteristics, their compatibility must be excellent. While they may share similar appeals, the inherent features of each individual might disrupt this equilibrium, making it difficult to achieve a long-term partnership.

The likelihood of a relationship staying consistent and lasting is lower if there is a low level of love compatibility. When one realizes this, one can feel more confident in the validity of their connection and that it will be worthwhile. You would feel more secure and tranquil at home in this context. We are experiencing a steadily decreasing level of consistency in both our work lives and personal lives.


While performing a Feng Shui Kua number compatibility test, many elements are taken into accounts, such as trigrams and hexagrams. Water, soil, and metal are the elements that are most compatible with metal, whereas wood, fire, and air are incompatible with metal.

A person’s Kua number is determined by the birth date and gender-based on feng shui. Using this number, you can determine which positive and negative energy pathways are most auspicious and unfavorable. One of the five aspects of Feng Shui involves Kua numbers, which represent specific aspects of personality:

Earth: Your home or office will be governed by your earth element whether it is in the northeast or southwest sectors.

Fire: The south sector is ruled by the fire element.

Metal: West and northwest sectors are governed by the metal element.

Wood: The east and southeast sectors are ruled by the wood element.

Water: The north sector is governed by the water element.



KUA Number 4 indicates a direction of success and growth in the east. You should place anything that promotes a sense of well-being in this section of your room, such as flowers, books, a vision board, inspirational quotes, and an office desk.

If you’re working from home and using a laptop, this is where your office desk and laptop go. However, “dead energy” doesn’t belong here, such as outdated invoices, unpaid bills, and so on.


According to Kua numbers, your love and relationship direction is east. This part of the room should be decorated with two candles, two hearts, a picture of lovers, or anything else symbolic of love. As red and pink are so frequently associated with love, it is best to pay special attention to these colors.

A picture of hearts or something related to love can be placed on a door or window in this area. Feng-shui makes windows and doors less of an impediment since they can be energized to enhance the flow of energy.


Success, money, wealth, and abundance are all located north of you. If you put something in this spot (it’s usually in the corner of your room), you might consider a money box, a wooden Buddha statue, or a fountain.


South is the last lucky direction for you. This is the path to happiness and good health. When it comes to Kua number 4, you should make other people happy, have fun, and don’t forget to take care of your health.

This region is appropriate for products related to health, such as green candles, herbs in a container, or plants with a solid strain. Keeping this area of your room clean is also crucial, along with taking good care of your plants and ensuring they’re watered regularly. Having dirty, withered flowers can make your health worse.

Is 4 a lucky number in feng shui?

According to Feng Shui, the number 4 is unlucky. The Chinese character for death sounds a lot like how the number 4 is pronounced.. Apartments and condominiums in China and some other Asian countries do not have the fourth floor.

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