Feng Shui Kitchen Layout, Location

Feng Shui Kitchen Layout, Location, placement, ideal. As far as feng shui is concerned, there are some layouts that are better than others. The location of various rooms, such as the kitchen, is also included. Consider the best kitchen placement when buying a new house or remodeling an existing one.

However, because feng shui is frequently used to correct problems, we’ll also go through how to work with what you already have. You might not be able to choose the location of your kitchen because of financial constraints (few people are). This isn’t a cause for concern because there are ways to alter a kitchen that has been placed in an inconvenient location.

Feng Shui Kitchen Layout, Location, placement, ideal
Feng Shui Kitchen Layout, Location, placement, ideal

Kitchen Placement and Location

A house’s kitchen should not be in the center

The kitchen is engulfed in flames. Because of its central placement, the kitchen signifies “fire attacks the heart,” with the middle of the house representing the “heart.” This has the potential to bring all of the house’s occupants’ luck down, bringing instability and health problems.

As well as practical concerns, there are also ethical considerations. As the heart of the home, the kitchen can easily spread cancer-causing grease smoke and cooking gases throughout the house, including into your bedroom. 

Kitchens are not suitable for front of house

The kitchen, like the bedroom, belongs in the back of the house. Using the same logic, the kitchen should be located far away from the front door. Because the front door is on the “front” end of the home, this is the case. But why is this the case?

Because of its job of creating food, the kitchen was once thought to be a source of riches. Furthermore, because a family’s wealth (and/or prosperity) is a private matter, the kitchen should be located towards the back so that your wealth is not shown to the public. As a result, if the kitchen is located in the front of the house, there is a risk of money being lost.

Kitchens are not suitable for outdoor use

According to previous statements, the kitchen’s role is to produce wealth. When your main kitchen is outside the house, the Qi of prosperity will have a difficult time gathering.

There are other factors that will change besides wealth. According to some experts, this arrangement could result in family members living in different parts of the country, making family reunions difficult. This will not be an issue, however, if your outdoor kitchen is rarely used.

Avoid Kitchens in Specific Northwest Sections

The kitchen should not be located between 300- and 330-degrees northwest of the house (according to the compass). Make sure the stove isn’t located in that area if that’s the case.

It is because the Northwest portion is related to the father’s health (or to the head of the household). It is possible to develop headaches, high blood pressure, strokes, and other head-related illnesses as a result of the kitchen at this location. Male inhabitants beyond the age of the male head-of-household may be affected as well.

Do not put a kitchen in the south section of a building

The kitchen should not be situated between 165 and 195 degrees south of the home. If that’s the case, just make sure the stove isn’t in that area.

Residents of the house will be irritable if the kitchen is in this position, and social interactions may suffer as a result.

When your kitchen stove is not between 165 and 195 degrees South, the effects are significantly reduced.

Avoid the kitchen in a specific north section

To be precise, the kitchen should be located between 345 and 15 degrees north of the home. Make sure the stove isn’t located in that area if that’s the case.

The kitchen at this location has an impact on family connections, notably the family’s marriage relationship.

In the same way as the Kitchen in the South, the effects of this kitchen are minimized if the stove isn’t between 345 and 15 degrees north.

You should not face your kitchen toward the front door

The STOVE in the kitchen must face the front door for this to be true. Nevertheless, I’ve included it here because some might argue that the kitchen DOOR should not face the front door, which only applies to specific architectural designs in certain countries. Since there isn’t a kitchen door in the United States, for example, I’d glance at the stove rather than the door.

The entrance to the kitchen (or the stove) should not be in a straight line with the front door. It’s not a problem if you see the stove or the kitchen on the side when entering the front door.

Ideal Kitchen Locations

It is possible to choose where your kitchen is located in a few areas that are very supportive. To start with, having a kitchen in the gua, or fire-related part of the bagua, can be beneficial. In addition to being known as Li, this place is also known as Fame and Reputation. The kitchen possesses a great deal of fire energy from the stove, so it is a good idea to place it in Li position to increase that fire and to be recognized.

The earth guas also support fire in the five-element system, so having the kitchen in either of these guas can be beneficial. A kitchen can be located in both the Knowledge (Gen) and Partnership (Kun) sectors, since the soil element is related to both. (The Tai Qi, or heart of the bagua, is also related to the soil, although this isn’t the best spot for a kitchen—more on that later.)

I think it’s a good idea to have the kitchen at the back of the house. If the kitchen is located further inside the house, its wealth qi will be better protected, and the kitchen has a better chance of controlling the entire house.

Final Words

Additionally, putting the kitchen near the front door is not a good idea. I have already mentioned that the stove and kitchen should be located further into the house. If you can see the kitchen and stove from the front door, hang a feng shui crystal ball halfway between the front door and the stove. It is possible to aggressively move the kitchen into the house by hanging a mirror near the back. 

You can place other walls between the mirror and the kitchen if there are other objects or walls between the mirror and the kitchen. It will break through barriers as a result of this powerful action.

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