Feng Shui for the Closet

Feng Shui for the Closet: Placement, Doors, Organization, In Front of Bed, Mirror Doors, Behind Bed, Rules.

Although Feng Shui has been existing for thousands of years, it has managed to remain as one of the most popular designs in philosophy. Primarily this ancient Chinese art was used to layout the congruent cities but now it is more utilized in the principles of “qi” which can be translated as Perfect Spot.

Feng Shui for the Closet: Placement, Doors, Organization, In Front of Bed, Mirror Doors, Behind Bed, Rules.
Feng Shui for the Closet: Placement, Doors, Organization, In Front of Bed, Mirror Doors, Behind Bed, Rules.

If you think that your life is getting unbalanced or chaotic, you may blame your closet for it. For the optimum flow of Feng Shui take a look at your doors and closet that can awake you from causing unnecessary grief. Depending on Feng Shui you can explore simple ways to set your closet and get you back on track.

The closet is one of the most essential parts of everyone’s life, especially related to any professional field. People interpret you from your closet and now it’s up to you what type of message you are conveying to the public. If you’re thinking of a closet you must consider good qi. Implementation of some classic Feng Shui strategies can seek your problems. And as a result of it every time you open your closet you will experience calm and serenity rather than getting worried because of chaos.

If you have started talking about Feng Shui for the Closet let’s have a look at all the possible placement and orders.


We all are aware of the fact that closets are an indispensable part of our bedrooms but are worried about placement. Don’t worry as I have a solution to your problem.

If talking about the placement of the wardrobe it should be of the size so that it can be fitted into the bedroom. As Feng Shui defines the balance of Yin and Yang. The bedroom size is the most important thing that should be taken into account while looking for a wardrobe. If your bedroom size is medium, choose a closet according to the size.

The next important thing is that your wardrobe shall not be cluttered full of sundries or mess. If the space in your closet is poorly ventilated it is believed to create dank Qi and air will be flowing inside the bedroom. Your clutter wardrobe can disrupt the positive energy as well welcoming unnecessary bad moods and stress.

In Feng Shui, the left is considered higher than the right position so a closet shall be placed on the left side of the bed. 

In this way, sufficient space will be created in your bedroom making your family wealthy and thriving. Along with placing it in the left position, it should be placed with the corner by the wall as this arrangement is believed to minimize the impact on normal life. If it is placed in front of a door or window the natural light coming from outside will be blocked and the bedroom will get dark. Neither should it be placed in the corridor as it will make it difficult to pass causing disorder.


Now the next question arises whether the doors of your closet should be opened or closed according to Feng Shui.

It is dependent on several reasons but common practice is to leave the doors of the closet open. The reason for the doors to be closed is that if you feel afraid while sleeping at night that something scary can pop out and grab you you should close them for your mental peace.

Moreover, it is a common Feng Shui practice to close the doors of the bedroom and closet as it will be welcoming positive chi energy to stay in the house. The opening of doors allows negative energy to enter the room and flow throughout it. So keep the doors of your closet close for a more productive life.

Opening the closet doors will make it difficult to pass through the rooms. If you leave them open and wake up in an emergency or without realizing that the doors are open, you might hurt yourself sustaining injuries. Keeping the doors will give a clean look to your bedroom while keeping it open will feel like a mess all around and you will always be in a rush to clean it.


If you are among the people who keep their closets clean, they might have excellently organized the closet. After placing your clothes in the right categories you can arrange them according to color from left to right: black, brown, blue, yellow, white, metallic, gray, and many other colors.

Another option is to organize the closet by the type of clothes you like to wear. The way to organize the clothes from left to right is to keep the long sleeves items first followed by the short sleeve, similarly long dresses, and then short dresses. It doesn’t matter much in which order you are keeping the clothes, just maintain consistency in each section.

In Front of Bed

As is mentioned earlier, the closet according to Feng Shui should be placed in a specific position without causing difficulties for the owner of the room. The right placement of the closet in the bedroom will make your normal life run smoothly. 

In a bed, the wardrobe should not be placed in front of the door as it will affect the passage and it will look like a separation from the room. If your bedroom is compactly laid out, you may feel stressed. As for common things, the wardrobe is usually big and tall so don’t try to close your bed through it. Keep a specific distance between bed and closet to facilitate the activities of daily life and avoid bumping. It can enlarge your space, reducing the sense of depression.

Another rule is not to place a closet at the head or end of your bed. Take care of it especially when you are living in a small room.

Mirror Doors

If talking about mirrored door wardrobe, take more care not to place the closet at the head of the bed as your sleep and health will be affected seriously.

Commonly, when you are looking for a wardrobe to buy simply avoid the mirrored one. But if you bought it without knowing about it then be sure that the mirror of your dressing room should not face the bedroom window or door. As if the mirror will face the window the light coming from outside the room will be disturbed and generated Qi energy will be bad for your family and you find it difficult to control your mood swings. And if the mirrored closet is placed in such a way that it is facing the door of your room your privacy will be revealed to the outsiders.

Some bedrooms are built with bathrooms inside them. The bathrooms are always high in humidity which can harm your health. To avoid this situation one solution that is suggested is to use the wardrobe as a separation between the bathroom and bedroom which will be helping to keep the Qi in harmony and will control the humidity from overflowing into the bedroom.

If you are a nature lover and like to introduce nature in your bedroom you can cover your mirrored doors closet with a grasscloth. To prevent the closet from disturbing you at night select a fabric according to your choice enhancing your bedroom and covering the mirrors when it is your time to relax.

One of the positive outlooks of mirrored closet doors is that it gives a larger look to your bedroom. For those living in a small room, their room will appear big and less Claus trophic. The sliding doors of your closet will save the space of your room as they will not open into the room.

Behind Bed Rules

The bedroom is the place of romance, rest, and relaxation. We tend to spend about eight hours in the bedroom. These eight hours in a day should be spent comfortably to maximize the benefits received after getting out for work, the same is the sense in Feng Shui. 

To promote maximum sensuality according to Feng Shui, follow the rules of skin tones or shades relating to nature. The colors must be brown, cream, off-white, creams, and many more.

If the door of the wardrobe is placing your bed it is not the ideal placement of the closet in terms of Feng Shui.


Let’s have a look at the rules regarding Feng Shui closet to get the maximum benefits. Mirrored closet doors are not appreciated in Feng Shui as they are assumed to affect sleep, intimacy, and relationships. Rather than placing your closet at different positions that are a time-consuming process just put a curtain in front of it. 

Clutter in a wardrobe can destroy bad energy so it is better to remove everything and start from a new beginning. Try to match the hangers with the clothes. Keep your wardrobe accessible and for improving energy in-house use color-coordinated closets.

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