Feng Shui Earth Element

Feng shui earth element: Crystals, Colors, Direction, Personality, Business, jobs. Introduction. The earth is one of the five elements of feng shui. Feng shui uses the earth element appropriately in its design to optimize how chi, or energy, flows in the places where people work, play, and live. You can activate the earth element by using specific materials or using the earth element to balance or strengthen other features.

Feng shui earth element: Crystals, Colors, Direction, Personality, Business, jobs
Feng shui earth element

Let’s go over each of the five feng shui elements, what colors and directions they’re associated with, and where you can use them in your home!

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Metal


Be sure to balance the powerful energy of water when you’re doing feng shui! Fluidity is all about water, and it has a relationship with your career. If you need more success and motivation at work, the water element will do the trick.

The best way to use the water element in your home is with actual water features. It can be anything-a fountain, pond, swimming pool, aquarium, etc. You can fill a feng shui bowl with water and petals, or a fish tank can work if you’re not ready for a prominent water feature.


Earth represents health, knowledge, and stability in feng shui. It’s also most closely associated with family and romantic relationships. Using earthy materials, colors, and images in your home, you can channel positive energy around those values.

For rooms in which the earth element is desired, for example, a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, choose softer, earthier colors, such as warm yellows, pale pinks, and grayish blues. Colors like these can boost health, relaxation, and stable relationships.

The earth element can be incorporated into your home with furnishings and decor made from natural materials. To evoke the earth element in more centrally located rooms of your home, use clay figurines and terracotta pots in your living room, earthenware vases in your kitchen, or granite countertops in your bathroom.


Do you want to boost confidence or to reignite your passion? Your space probably needs a few feng shui fire elements. You can bring energy and happiness into your home by representing this dynamic element in many ways. You can add warmth to your home with Fire.

You can get in touch with the fire element and harness its energy by setting up a fireplace or fire pit, particularly in social areas like living rooms and outdoor spaces. If you can’t add a fireplace to your home or have a fire pit outside, you can always include candles in these areas.


The wood feng shui element brings growth to your home, as well as nurturing your relationships and wealth, just as plants grow and bring life to the world. You can add Wood to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, and you can do so both figuratively and symbolically.

If you wish to incorporate Wood into your home in a literal sense, opt for wooden furniture and decor. You can choose chairs and tables for decorative bowls, photo frames, and more. If you’re doing a more significant project, wood paneling along walls is a fantastic way to use the element.


Metal is a structured and important feng shui element that can add a sense of wanderlust and creativity to your home. This is the perfect feature for a home office to boost efficiency and stay well-organized. In addition, it can be used in entryways and mudrooms to support your travels.

Circles are associated with metal elements, so opt for round pieces when choosing home decor. Use round coffee tables, round end tables, or fabrics with curving patterns. In addition, if you’re upgrading furniture, select pieces that have rounded edges.

Metallic accents and mirrors are another way to harness the energy of metal. Add a large statement mirror, golden picture frames, silver drawer handles, or bronze vases. Putting a mirror above a fireplace or in your office is great because they reflect energy. Just don’t put them in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Earth Element Crystals

Crystals are beautiful and unique gifts from the earth that come in many varieties, and there are many innovative ways to work with them to boost your feng shui. The best way to bring crystals into your home depends on your intention. Whether you want to expand your energy, invite more passion into your life, or cultivate self-love, here are our favorite ways to use crystals in your home.

The general functions of crystals

Feng Shui crystals can generally raise the energy of a space. In cases if your room rack space or the Feng shui configuration is not ideal, the most straightforward remedy is to place a large crystal. A natural crystal holds more energy than an artificial one. An enormous crystal is generally more powerful as well.

Performing a ceremony before placing the crystal is even better. The stone is usually physically cleaned by wiping or washing with water first. Then, purify or recharge them using one of the four methods outlined below (sun/moon, incense, ceremony in a temple, or a giant crystal geode). To enhance the function of the crystal, you can pray and state your intention before putting it in place.

Feng Shui Earth Element Color

Reds and oranges are the feng shui best colors associated with the fire element, so try to use these colors for decorating your rooms or in a place where you want dynamic energy. If you’re going to paint a whole room red, it will overpower, so try to choose red accent walls, pillows color should be orange, and other fiery pops of color.

In feng shui, Reds and oranges are associated with the fire element, so use these colors when decorating rooms that require more dynamic energy. You can always go with red accent walls, orange throw pillows, and other fiery pops of color instead of painting the entire room red.

Another way to incorporate the fire element into your home is to add warm lighting. The proper lighting in a Feng shui room can make all the difference, whether pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, or wall sconces. You should make sure that the light faces upward, just as flames reach for the sky.

White, gray, and black are neutral colors associated with this feng shui element, so use a neutral color scheme when decorating your home. In family areas, use light, airy colors like white and cream to strengthen positive bonds with kids. You can also use darker hues of black and charcoal in your home office or dining room to attract creativity.

  1. Water is the primary element
  2. Black is the best color
  3. Free-flowing or without shape is the best shapes
  4. White, metal, rounded are complimentary items
  5. Yellow, Earth, Square, or Flat: Destructive Items

Feng Shui Earth Element Direction

Feng shui also relies on the compass in addition to the five elements.In general, feng shui schools manage and use the classic directions of the compass, such as: north, south, east and west. A house’s focus on the compass determines which parts correspond to which elements.

A Black Hat school takes a different approach to home security that novices can apply.

A compass still provides directions. Instead of identifying the north as the true north, this method determines the north as the entrance to the home. Everything else aligns accordingly.

Feng shui directions or home areas correspond to different elements and results. There are nine areas altogether. The nine regions are arranged in a grid of 3 by 3, the feng shui energy map. Its proper name is Bagua, and it is sometimes referred to as a compass. The feng shui compass usually is displayed upside-down from what we are accustomed to: the north is at the bottom.

Feng Shui Earth Element Personality

 The five elements are often discussed in how they are represented in a room or environment, but did you know they can also describe a person’s personality and behavior? Personal chi refers to how energy flows through an individual. 

It manifests as both a physical quality and a mental state, such as thoughts and feelings. The way you walk, talk, and express yourself in the big, wide world is influenced by your life force. Environments, experiences, and events can alter an individual’s elemental chi.

Feng shui earth element business

Metal industry feng shui is the most important business. Still, Manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, pawnshops, engineering, molding, hardware stores, machining, mining, car manufacturers, key makers, and critical makers are also the best businesses in feng shui.

Some more good businesses of Feng shui are hardware stores, security firms, mining, debt collectors, hardware stalls, metal, military, army personnel, gold, silver machining, work involving metal, money, mechanical engineering, physical labor, etc.

Feng shui earth element jobs

Using the principles of Feng Shui, when enhancements for the Career side of your surroundings to improvements of complimenting areas, your life path can be improved and manipulated to the way you most desire.

It comes down to what you do. For most people, that’s their job. Some people choose to spend their time volunteering for a non-profit organization. This area will be crucial for business owners who have their personal and work lives intertwined.

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