Feng Shui Crystals

Feng shui crystals: In windows, for bedrooms, for sale, for bathroom, for living room, placement, for wealth, for health.

Feng shui crystals: In windows, for bedrooms, for sale, for bathroom, for living room, placement, for wealth, for health
Feng shui crystals: In windows, for bedrooms, for sale, for bathroom, for living room, placement, for wealth, for health


A substantial number of people believe that crystals are a good option for treating diseases. Well, the truth is that crystals do not treat disease. They create a particular mindset that facilitates the healing process. According to Feng shui, these crystals play an important role in creating peace in the house. They are known to welcome positive energy in the home and drive away from the negative energy.

However, this will depend on the location where you place the crystal. Before you decide to place crystals in your home, it is important to understand the purpose served by the various crystals and where to place them. this will enable you to benefit most from them. This article will focus on the different areas where you can place your crystals. It will also analyze how to use crystals for health and wealth.

In Windows

The window is an ideal place to hang your faceted crystals. If your house has a huge window, positive energy is likely to leave the house through this window. However, if you had huge crystals on this window, they would prevent such energy from leaving the house. The crystals will extend positive energy inside your home, thus creating a harmonious feel. Crystals are also ideal for hanging on small windows. However, for such windows, you need to hang small crystals with cool colors such as blue and green. 

In some cases, a room might not have a window. This takes away the Feng shui advantages of hanging a crystal on the window. In such a case, you should hand the crystal on a wall or at the center of the room, hanging from the ceiling. Such would extend positive energy to the entire room, thus creating the harmony and peace you need in the room.

For Bedrooms

It is good Feng shui to put crystals in your bedroom. The bedroom is one area of the house where you want to experience peace and harmony. Crystals are the ideal option for creating such peace in the bedroom. They will also facilitate you to have a good night’s sleep. Such sleep is what you need to feel rejuvenated the following day.

The ideal crystal to use in the bedroom are Selenite, amethyst, and rose quartz. These crystals are famous for evoking peace and also have healing properties. Therefore, if you enter the bedroom while feeling anxious or stressed, the calmness evoked by these crystals would help manage these conditions.

There are many areas in the bedroom where you can place your crystals. The bedroom windows are an ideal area to place your crystals because they will extend the positive energy in the rest of the room. You can also place the crystals under the bed, and this will spread the positive energy to the whole room. Placing crystals under the bed will drive away the negative energy and elevate the positivity of this room.

For Sale

Investing in Feng shui can offer you a lot of benefits in the home. Feng shui is all about creating peace and harmony in your home. Such peace evokes happy feelings in the people in the house. Experts say that a happy person is much less likely to suffer from health problems such as anxiety and depression. 

The good news is that there are plenty of crystals for sale that you can buy to place in your home. These crystals come at different prices, designs, and shapes. Therefore, you can easily choose one that suits your budget and other preference. These crystals for sale will fill your home or office with positive chi. The crystals are relatively affordable, and therefore, you can buy several for each room. 

For Bathroom

There are many ways through which you can use crystals in the bathroom. A substantial number of people prefer to use these crystals in their baths, while other people prefer to place them in the bathroom window. These crystals can also be hung on the bathroom wall to create peace. When used in gem baths, crystals have a healing aspect on the body. Rose quartz is ideal for gem baths because it rouses the heart chakra to promote good health. 

Another reason why crystals are ideal for use in the bedroom is that they connect with the water element. In turn, they cleanse the bathroom of all negative energies. The cleansing effect of the crystals also leaves the bathroom smelling fresh. For instance, you can place an Onyx near the ventilation in the bathroom to enhance freshness and bring in positive energy. The ventilation can be compared to a window, and this means the crystals will drive away all the negative energy from the bathroom. 

For Living Room

The living room is one of the areas where people in the house spend most of their time. When you have visitors, you are likely to host them in your living room. This means that the living room is one area that needs to feel peaceful. What other way to enhance peace and positive energy in the living room other than using crystals? The next time you think of creating good Feng shui in your living room, crystals are the ideal option. 

The best part about crystals is that you can place them in different areas of the living room. For instance, you can place them on the windows of the living room to drive away the negative energy from the room to create good Feng shui. If you place the crystals on the windows of the living room, they will extend the positive energy to the entire room, thus creating an ideal environment to spend time with your family. 


Feng shui crystal balls in your home will have different meanings. Therefore, if you plan to buy crystals, it is important to know where to place them to ensure that they offer maximum benefits. For instance, the clear quartz is ideal for placing in any area of the house. If you are unsure of the crystal to use, this is an all-around-use crystal that will benefit you regardless of where you place it. 

The Citrine yellow crystal can also be placed in the living room or the office. This crystal is ideal for attracting wealth and fortune. The tiger eye is also ideal for placing in the office because it protects people against evil, such as the backstabbing that takes place in offices.

The black obsidian is a great crystal for protecting people against calamities because it repels evil spirits and negative energies. This crystal should be placed at the center of the entire house. These are some of the common crystals that you can buy to enhance the positive energy of your home or office. If you intend on buying other crystals apart from these, it is advisable to research where you will place them to fully benefit from the crystal. 

For Wealth

Are you looking for ways to attract wealth? Crystals are the ideal option. All you have to do is identify the right crystals for attracting wealth and knowing where to place them. one of the best crystals to use in your living room and the office is the Citrine Yellow. This crystal will attract good fortune, prosperity, luck, wealth, and business abundance.

The crystal can be placed in any location of your office or living room. If you run a business, you should place this crystal in the cashier area. The Analyst Purple is also an ideal crystal for attracting wealth, luck, and success. This crystal should be placed in the living room, the office, study area, or cashier area of your business. 

For Health

Crystals are widely used in different parts of the world to enhance good health. According to the Feng shui practice, certain crystals play a major role in changing people’s perspectives about their health. The positive mentality created by such crystals is what facilitates the healing process. However, not every crystal can be used for healing. The Green Aventurine is one of the crystals ideals for healing because it prevents an individual from getting stressed, feeling anger, distraction, and anxiety. 


Now that you have known a few things about the placement and the use of crystals, you will not have to buy a crystal whose use you do not know. This information will help you select the best crustal for your preferred purpose. The good news is that such crystals are affordable in the market, and you can choose one that meets your preferences. This is an important factor to note because the crystals come in different colors. Hence, you need to buy a color that evokes your best moods and creates good Feng shui. 

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