Feng Shui Color for Bedroom

Feng Shui Color for Bedroom: importance of the bedroom, for sleep, for singles, for married couples, love, earth element, metal element, wood element, fire, fertility,wealth, Ways to Bring Colors to your Bedroom. In case you haven’t yet adopted feng shui into your home or life, the bedroom is an ideal place to begin. This is an area where a few small changes can have a significant impact. When you’re new to (or not so new to) feng shui, try to make a few modifications in your bedroom and then pay attention to how you feel and whether anything has changed.

The power of color is one of the best ways to activate feng shui in your bedroom. The visual cues in our environment are very influential on humans because we are visual creatures. Light is the source of color, and different wavelengths of light produce the different colours we see. Decorating such an important area of your home as your bedroom means paying attention to the colours you choose and how they impact your qi (life force energy).

Feng Shui Color for Bedroom: importance of the bedroom, for sleep, for singles, for married couples, love, earth element, metal element, wood element, fire, fertility,wealth, Ways to Bring Colors to your Bedroom
Feng Shui Color for Bedroom: importance of the bedroom, for sleep, for singles, for married couples, love, earth element, metal element, wood element, fire, fertility,wealth, Ways to Bring Colors to your Bedroom

Importance of the bedroom

In terms of feng shui, your bedroom is one of the most significant rooms in your house. It’s the room with the most privacy and the closest proximity to you. We don’t simply consider the function of each room in feng shui; we also consider what each part of the house signifies symbolically. Your bedroom, for instance, is a reflection of who you are. It is the most private and energetically connected area of your home. As a result, feng shui changes in the bedroom can have a significant impact on your personal energy.

On a more practical level, this is the room in your house where you relax and rejuvenate. You want your bedroom to be a place where you can relax and unwind. Having proper feng shui in your bedroom will help you feel energised and lively so you can show up in the world. In a receptive and passive “yin” state, you spend plenty of time in your bedroom. This indicates that you are more receptive to absorbing the energy around you while sleeping or resting. As a result, it’s important to spend some time in the bedroom ensuring that the vibe is helpful and loving.

For Sleep

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep is something we should all consider. Besides that, it’s all about sleeping well, deeply, and for the shortest amount of time possible.

The benefits are diverse, both from a health perspective and from a mental perspective, and even how we approach each day.

Even though it may not appear so, the choice of colors for the walls, as well as the decorations and furnishings, is crucial.

The light and gentle hues are the most calming for the moment of rest in order for the dream to be truly excellent. Brown, teal, and deep blue are among the recommended Feng Shui Bedroom colors 2022 for influencing a good night’s sleep.

For Singles

Colors of the bed, other furnishings, and the walls must be lively (pink, orange) or soft for singles who have not yet married (light blue, pastel).

Combine them in a way that is both harmonic and peaceful, but does not make your area look like something out of a decorating magazine (too perfect!).

Make sure your closet isn’t too stuffed; allow place for someone else’s clothes. We sometimes surround ourselves with items that serve no purpose but drain our energy.

We have garments we haven’t worn in a long time and have begun to amass items.

Believe it or not, not cleaning the spaces has an effect on the mind and truncates the goals. You must get rid of old items, tidy the night tables, and discard the items that we dislike.

Maintain a cheerful hue on your wall; for females, pink and orange are appropriate, while for guys, light blue or pastel is appropriate. The greatest Feng Shui Bedroom Colors for Singles are listed below.

For Married Couples

Married couples should choose a bedroom color that is soft and romantic to enhance the harmony component of their relationship.

It is suggested to use colors such as pink or red. You should also stay away from dark colors like black, brown, and green when decorating your room.

For Love

We might employ feng shui bedroom paint colors with soft and lovely patterns to boost romance and love. Burgundy and purple, grey, and dark brown are just a few examples. The most important thing is to keep the place clutter-free and clean.

For Earth Element

If you want the earth component to stand out, choose earthy colors such as yellow, orange, or brown. Depending on your preferences and design, there are many ways to accomplish this. It can be as modest as a brown rug in your bedroom to ground your home or as striking as a striking couch in your living room in an earthy yellow hue.

For Metal Element

Because of the dominant Metal element in these zones, the bedroom Feng Shui colors are white, gold, and silver. To add imagination into your life, choose the colors of your bedroom walls and the substances of your furniture. The Metal element is also in charge of all matters concerning kids and childbirth.

For Wood Element

Bedrooms should be decorated with blue, green, or teal colors. They have a feng shui connection with the wood element, which denotes growth, vigor, and fresh possibilities. Colors like these occur in nature quite often, such as in plants, oceans, and the sky, and they are thought to be very peaceful.

For Fire Element

Reds and oranges are the feng shui colors connected with the fire element, so use them to decorate rooms that require more dynamic energy. If painting the entire room red seems too bold, use red accent walls, orange throw cushions, and other hot splashes of color instead.

For Fertility

Use strong hues like yellow and oranges to embrace fertility and get pregnant quickly. These hues can be incorporated into the bedroom through paintings or another artwork. Their hues are associated with fertility and quickly attract the energy of children according to Feng Shui.

For Wealth

In feng shui, wealth is represented by the fire element. As a result, paintings depicting FIRE, such as a flaming candle, and lights, are a good suggestion.

In the bedroom, a wealth vase or a money bowl might also be useful.

In order to determine your Feng shui wealth corner. The simplest technique to identify your wealth corner is to stand near your bedroom door (or the front door) and look in that direction.

Many things can be used to trigger the riches corner, including.

Purple color can be used, as well as purple objects and lucky symbols.

Feng Shui plants can be used to promote riches.

Ways to Bring Colors to your Bedroom

There is a plethora of inventive and interesting ways to incorporate color into your bedroom. Of course, painting your walls is a terrific method to introduce a new hue. If you don’t want to or can’t paint your walls because you’re renting, you may always add color with accessories and decor. You may, for example, invest in some new bed linens in a color that speaks to you. Because you spend so many hours of your day in bed, the color of your bedding has a significant impact on you.

For a splash of color, add throw pillows or a vase of fresh flowers. This is a particularly good method to switch things up seasonally, depending on what colors you’re drawn to at the time. Another fantastic method to add different colors into your decor is through artwork. You can even select your jammies according to the color you want to bring into your life.

Bedroom Colors

While there is no such thing as the perfect color for a bedroom (or any room for that matter), here are some tips on how to choose the greatest feng shui colors for your bedroom.

Pay attention to what hue you are drawn to first. What are your favorite colors? Because we all have various connections with different colors based on our culture and past experiences, it’s crucial to trust your instincts. In many cases, we are attracted to colors that we will best support.

Make a connection to the energy you desire to manifest in your life. Take note of what kind of qi you could benefit from or want to nurture as you browse through our color chart below.


Navy and dark blue represent the Gen region, which is also known as the Knowledge area of the bagua. Think of a deep pool of water or the night sky when you think of deep blue. You may want to consider using dark blue in your bedroom, especially if you want to relieve stress or practice self-cultivation.


Purple is composed of two colors: a calm, cool blue and an intense, fiery red. Thus, it’s a very calming color, perfect for a bedroom. Feng shui links the color purple with the wealth, prosperity, and self-worth area of the bagua map called Xun (Riches). For more balance or to increase thoughts of worthiness, try bringing lavender into your bedroom in relaxing colours.


Green and teal are excellent bedroom colors. They have a feng shui connection with the wood element, which denotes growth, vigour, and fresh beginnings. There are a number of colors that are frequently found in nature, including plants, the sky, and the ocean. It is extremely peaceful and relaxing to look at pastel colors in green and blue.


In feng shui, orange is related with the earth element, which is associated with grounding, stability, and nutrition. This makes them excellent bedroom colours, especially if you’re feeling disoriented. To create a solid, loving environment, use a pale yellow for a grounding, pleasant touch or a warm terra cotta.


Pink is a soothing, feminine color. It’s linked to the Kun section of the feng shui bagua map, which represents relationships. Kun is about receptivity as well as partnerships and romance. Pink is a terrific color to work with if you want to become more comfortable receiving, generate gentleness in an existing relationship, or attract a new partner into your life.

The hue peach, in particular, is said to be beneficial for attracting a spouse. The colors in your bedroom may need to be altered once you’ve attracted your partner, or at least you might want to change your intention for those colors (unless you want to attract other partners).


Black is the most yin and associated to the water element, and it has a lot of depth. Because your bedroom is also a yin space, it’s only natural that you’d want to add some black into it. Too much black, on the other hand, isn’t always the best choice for house decor. Rather than coloring your bedroom walls black, add a pop of color with a picture frame or throw pillow. Alternatively, you can place a piece of black amethyst under each corner of your bed to help build a protective grid and remove negative vibes.


White is a popular choice for house interiors, particularly for walls. While we don’t recommend using colours simply because they are the default option, white may be a gorgeous hue when used thoughtfully. White symbolises purity, simplicity, and new beginnings.

White, on the other hand, can be harsh when used in excessive amounts, so it’s preferable to pair it with softer colours. If you like the colour white, off-whites and ivories can be a more soft and relaxing approach to include it. If you prefer white bed sheets, you might want to consider ivory for a more subtle look.


According to the feng shui bagua, gray corresponds to the Qian area, which signifies travel, helpful people and wealth. Its composition is composed mainly of black (yin) and white (yang), making it calming and balanced. Colors of this spectrum complement it well, making it an excellent neutral. Adding grey to the bedroom can also assist the purpose of the other colour.

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