Feng shui clock

Feng shui clock: Placement, Placement in office, Not working, in kitchen, above door, over fireplace, in bathroom, facing mirror

Feng shui clock: Placement, Placement in office, Not working, in kitchen, above door, over fireplace, in bathroom, facing mirror
Feng shui clock: Placement, Placement in office, Not working, in kitchen, above door, over fireplace, in bathroom, facing mirror


A clock plays an important role in your home. Some people use clocks to know the time. However, due to the error of smartphones, a substantial number of people no longer use clocks in their homes to know the time. The other good news about clocks is that they can be used for decorative purposes. 

The decorative aspect of a clock depends on the location you place it in your house. This position will also determine the energy that the clock evokes on you. This aspect is known as Feng shui. It is an ancient Chinese practice that harmonizes people with their surroundings. This article will focus on how different placements of the clock can harmonize you with your surroundings. 


According to the Feng Shui perspective, the placement of the clock plays an important role because the rotation hand can highly affect the qi energy. If the clock is placed in the correct position, it will bring positive energy to the surroundings. If the clock is placed in the wrong direction, it is likely to bring negative energy to the home or office. 

This can highly affect your functioning. For instance, negative energy will make you feel lazy and unwilling to carry out your daily activities. The following are some of the Feng shui tips of where and how you can place your clock. These tips will help you place your clock in the right position to avoid inviting negative energy into your home.

Placement in office

An office is a place where a lot of people work to make a living. Therefore, the energy levels you create in the office can highly determine your productivity. If you intend to place a clock in your office, it is advisable to place it on the north side of the room. Placing a clock on this side of the room is known to bring wealth. Well, wealth is all you are attempting to make while in the office. 

When the clock is placed on the North East side of the room, it will bring you good health. Having good health plays an important role in determining how productive you would be while in the office. You do not want to spend most of your days in and out of the office due to sickness. 

Feng shui can guide you into placing the clock in the right position in your office to enhance productivity. You should also not hang your clock above your desk because it will distract you, thus making you less productive.

Not working

According to the Feng Shui practice, you should never hand a clock that is not working in your home or in your office. Such a clock is considered a form of clutter. Such clutter will therefore disrupt the energy levels in your home and is likely to cause you troubles. 

Therefore, it is advisable that you replace the clock or have it repaired to ensure it is in good working condition before you place it in your home or office. 

A substantial number of people tend to leave clocks on the walls even when they are not working. These people think that the clock will play a decorative role in the house. This might be true, but according to Feng shui, it is not a good practice. 

If you have a clock in the house and believe in Feng shui, it is best to ensure that the clock is always in good working condition. This will prevent you from having trouble in your house or office. A clock that is not working can result in your employees having conflicts, thus affecting your productivity.

In kitchen 

A substantial number of people do not know how to decorate their kitchen because they consider them too small spaces to decorate. The good news is that you can practice Feng Shui by decorating your kitchen using a clock. The clock will also help you keep time and keep all the scheduled activities in check. A clock hanging tight on the wall is better for the kitchen to avoid causing accidents. You need to ensure that it faces a window and does not hang above the kitchen door.

Above door

Above the door might not be an ideal place to hand your clock, but it will ensure that the clock is not facing the door. According to Feng shui, clocks should never be hung facing the door because they can welcome evil spirits. The practice also believes that evil spirits would leave the house using the windows. 

Therefore, you should hang your clock facing the windows and not facing the door. This will facilitate the removal of evil spirits from your home, which might cause you a bad omen. 

Other Feng shui practices will point out that you should not hand the clock above the door leading to the hallways or bedroom. The rationale for this belief is that clock might fall and injure someone as they enter the hallways or other rooms. This is a common cause for large clocks, which might not be easy to secure on the walls. Such huge clocks can cause severe injuries, especially to crawling kids. 

Over fireplace

According to the Feng shui practice, mirrors placed above the fireplace are known to calm the fire, thus causing peace in the home. Such a placement is more important when placed in the Feng shui Bagua area, which hates the fire Feng shui. A substantial number of clocks do not have a huge difference with mirrors.

These clocks are made with a design that makes them appear like mirrors. Therefore, when these clocks are placed above the fireplace, they can bring peace to the home by calming the fire. 

When choosing a clock for your fireplace, you need to ensure that it is of a modern design that closely resembles a mirror. For instance, the clock might have a highly polished glass covering its hands. This glass will reflect light, in the same manner a mirror would do. In turn, such a clock will play the same role played by a mirror above the fireplace. You should also avoid hanging a wooden clock above the fireplace because wood and fire do not go hand in hand. The common rationale behind this reason is that wooden clocks might catch fire, thus causing accidents. 

In bathroom

In most cases, bathrooms are small spaces in the home that can play an important role in accumulating good energy. For instance, Feng shui requires people to keep their bathroom doors closed to attract positive energy. It also requires people to keep the toilet seat down to prevent qi, which is the god energy, from escaping. According to the Feng shui practices, a clock plays an important role in keeping the good energy in the house. However, the clock has to be placed in the right place to avoid clutter which can drive away from the qi energy, thus causing you troubles.

In the bathroom, you should hang a clock to ensure that it keeps the positive energy in this small space. However, the clock should not be hung above the bathroom door because this can cause injuries to people, especially when the clock is not well secured. The clock should also be hung facing the window because it will drive away from the evil spirits in the home. 

The clock should also be made from rust-free metals because the bathroom is likely to have high levels of humidity. A wooden clock in this area would be easily damaged by moisture. The idea is to have a long-lasting décor that will keep on balancing the positive energy in your home. 

Facing mirror

Many people believe that mirrors enhance the beauty in the home, especially when they reflect on specific objects. This might be true, but the last thing you should think of is having your clock being reflected by a mirror. According to Feng shui, your clock should never reflect your mirror because this will drive away the positive energy from your home. If the clock is placed in the correct locations in your home, it will help you achieve positive energy. However, if it faces the mirror, this positive energy in your home will diminish, and in turn, it will cause you problems. 

Some clocks are made with designs that include highly polished glass. Such kind of glass will create the illusion of a mirror. In Feng shui, such a practice is compared to handing two mirrors facing each other. Such a practice would welcome evil spirits in your home. Therefore, regardless of the design and material used in making your clock, it should never face a mirror.


Now that you have known the importance of a clock in your home, it is up to you to decide how you will place it to create harmony with your surroundings. Clocks come in different designs and colors, and therefore, you need to buy one that matches your style.

This will enhance the level of harmony that it creates in your home.

Update 10/2022

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