Feng shui Chinese New Year

Feng shui chinese new year: food, fruits, eve, good luck, rituals, Chinese new year colors, tips. Introduction. The lunar calendar generally begins at the end of January-beginning of February; this is a special day for everyone, so on this day, everyone tries to do the most amazing and different things to greet the New Year with great devotion.

Feng shui chinese new year: food, fruits, eve, good luck, rituals, Chinese new year colors, tips
Feng shui chinese new year: food, fruits, eve, good luck, rituals, Chinese new year colors, tips

In the new year, Feng shui gives some tips by which we can make our year valuable and beneficial. Before the New Year, the Chinese do many things to make their God. In their kitchen, they hang the picture or idol of God and then put honey into Gods’ mouth; this is their belief that by doing this, their God will forget their bad deeds in the past. 

Kitchen God is also known as the God of the stove, and they have names such as Zao jun Zao Shen. Before one week of the New Year, the Chinese do a great ceremony and take their God to the backyard and bury him there. Then at the start of the New Year, they took a new God for the kitchen so that this new God would take care of their family over the whole year.

Before the New Year, all Chinese people make sure that they clean their houses. They clean their house to put all bad luck out of the house. On New Year’s day, they don’t clean their house. They think that they may put good luck out of the house in this way. 

In the New Year, the Chinese pray to bring positive energy to the house. It is a good habit to invite friends and have dinner with them. They put a bowl full of coins next to the door on the day. The belief is that good luck will come in their house with a lot of wealth and abundance in this way. Put many boxes full of sugar in your kitchen. It is a sign that good luck will continue to enter their house every year.

The cookies in tiger shapes are best for the kitchen; it is also a sign of bringing good luck, wealth, happiness, and charm to the house. On that memorable day, a tray filled with 8 different food items signifies abundance and wealth. The more you arrange the dinner, the more wealth and abundance in your house. Sometimes this tray is given to guests as a gift as a sign of happiness. 

These are lucky fruits: pineapple, orange, grapes, and other fruits. These are a sign of happiness and abundance. These fruits, especially lemon, put all negative energy out of the house. It is common to put Buddha on this special day to attract wealth and prosperity. It is a common belief that one person must not lend money because it is thought that you will lose money all year.

Chinese New Year food

There are seven most famous dishes made on the New Year, which symbolizes bringing good luck in the house. Fish, dumplings, spring rolls, sweet rice balls, good fortune fruits, NianGao, and longevity food are the luckiest and most famous foods. In Chinese, fish is known as surplus. Fish is a traditional and tasty dish on the New Year’s dinner menu. 

Chinese people like to have fish at the end of the year because fish is known as surplus, so they think that if they save money in the previous year, they can earn more money and live happily in the next year. Dumplings are considered lucky food in Chinese dishes. It has a great connection with good fortune. Chinese believe that the more you eat dumplings in the New Year, the more you earn food next year.

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Chinese New Year fruits

In the Chinese New Year, everyone wants to do some good and lucky things to attract good fortune in their houses throughout the year. In this way, putting fruits in your house is an easy way to bring good luck to the house. Sharing these fruits with family and friends as a gift is a good thing. 

7 luckiest fruits are considered a sign of good luck. Orange, apple, sugarcane, pineapple, pomegranates, grapes, and pomelos are the lucky fruits in china. Orange is always first on the Chinese shopping list. Chinese love the golden color as they think this will bring happiness and prosperity to the house. The round shape of orange is a symbol of harmony.

These fruits will show that there will be harmony in that house in the upcoming year.

Pomelo is the symbol of protection. The Chinese think that everything will go perfectly around the year by keeping this fruit. Apples are the symbol of safety and happiness. They believe that peace will remain in the house by keeping this fruit. They buy a box of apples to give their relatives and friends as a gift. 

Grapes are the symbol of abundance. It is a sign that there will be wealth in your house during the whole year. If these are green, then it is a symbol of prosperity. Pineapples are considered a sign of good luck and abundance. Putting these in the house on the day of a new year means that good fortune will come in your house soon. 

Pomegranates are symbols of fertility and good luck. This fruit symbolizes that you will have many more sons and grandsons. Sugarcane is a symbol of development and success in one’s career.

Chinese New Year eve

Chinese New Year’s Eve is the start of New Year celebrations and joys. This day in developed areas is the only one holiday for workers. On the Eve of the Chinese New year, the Chinese manage a family dinner; every friend and family member is invited to this dinner. 

Chinese New Year’s Eve is on January 31st. This date may vary because the Chinese New Year goes on according to the moon calendar. 

On New Year’s Eve, different families decorate their houses to welcome the New Year. Chinese decorate their houses as they think to put out the evil eye from their house. Chinese spend their night giving red envelopes filled with money to friends and relatives to wish the New Year. On Chinese Eve, all family members sit together and pray for each other.

Chinese New Year, good luck

Chinese people do many things to bring good luck to the house. They hang couplets on the doors and windows in red with written Chinese poetry. They thought that prosperity, wealth, and good luck would come into the house in this way. 

If you want to bring success and development to the house, then put coal and red garlic in the place of business. If you turn on all the lights and open your windows, it is a sign to attract good luck in the house. 

Food of 7 dishes is a sign of good luck. Make sure to clean your house before the New Year. It will be a good fortune for you. Wearing a dress in red color is a sign of good luck as red is a color of health and abundance. It is a symbol of happiness and long life to wear red. In the New Year, make sure to light a firecracker; by doing this, you will drive away all negative energies from your house.

Chinese New Year rituals

There are a few rituals that the Chinese do in the New Year. Cleaning out the house before the start of the New Year is their ritual. Enjoy a great dinner with family and friends. Bring lucky foods and fruits to the house. Giving red envelopes to friends and relatives is also a great ritual. Wearing a red dress is also a good ritual as it brings happiness and success. 

They were setting off firecrackers on the eve of the New Year. Because of this, the Chinese don’t clean their house. They arrange functions and celebrate the New Year. They offer a big sacrifice to their ancestors. They used to bury their Kitchen God in the backyards. Bringing a new God of the kitchen is also their great ritual.

Chinese New Year colors

Red, green, and red is the auspicious color in Chinese traditions. These three colors are derived from five elements of Chinese. Red represents fire, yellow represents earth, and the green represents wood. Red color has significant importance in Chinese. 

In the New Year, the Chinese wear red dresses, and even they decorate their houses with red combinations to put out all bad luck and turn off all evil eyes. Chinese have a tradition of presenting red envelopes to friends and relatives. Red is a sign of bringing good luck and happiness to the house.

Chinese new-year tips

Spend time with family and friends. Hang the picture of God on walls and in the kitchen. Decorate your house with red and many other colors. On this day, share wealth and happiness with your friends and relatives. Clean your house before the start of the New Year.