Feng Shui Bracelet

Feng shui bracelet: rules, meaning, real gold, how to wear, For health and wealth. The wearing of a feng shui bracelet is believed to bestow upon the wearer the energies that the bracelet represents or generates, such as wealth, good fortune, and health. These ornaments may contain semi-precious stones, Chinese characters, or symbolic charms.

Feng shui bracelet: rules, meaning, real gold, how to wear, For health and wealth
Feng shui bracelet: rules, meaning, real gold, how to wear, For health and wealth

There are many sorts of feng shui bracelets, but the most common is made with special crystals and feng shui objects that help bring luck, good fortune, and serendipity into one’s life. A man’s dreams and goals are supported by the environment he creates with Feng shui. A feng shui bracelet is a form of this.

As you reinforce your dreams and align your particular aura’s energy, it can assist you in achieving your goals. If you’re having trouble holding onto the vibration of your dreams, Feng shui bracelets might help.


Feng shui bracelet meanings range depending on the type of charm and crystal that are included in the bracelet.

Wealth and prosperity are said to be attracted by Feng Shui bracelets. Chi is also referred to as positive energy in the human body, and is activated by self-hypnosis. Apart from that, it also helps strengthen the bonds between individuals, enhancing their positivity throughout their lives.

Feng Shui claims that the universe is filled with various energies. Each type of energy in the world is different, from healthy relationships to prosperity and wealth.

Our success depends on attracting the right energy. A bracelet like this helps you align yourself with the right energy. This gives you a greater chance of achieving your goal and of surrounding yourself with positive energy.

The Chinese community regards this bracelet as a lucky charm. As time has gone on, however, more and more people around the world choose to wear such bracelets.

The bracelet is not just a lucky charm; its appearance is also gorgeous and classy. A t-shirt could be a playful way of expressing your hopes and intentions in a positive direction.

Some of the common meanings are:

  • Wealth: Black obsidian crystals are commonly used in feng shui wealth bracelets, and a pixiu charm is generally attached.  
  • Love: Rose quartz beads are commonly used in feng shui bracelets for love.
  • Peace and prosperity: The charm combines amethyst beads and pixiu beads.
  • Good luck: Jade beads or green aventurine beads.
  • Business prosperity: The citrine or the tiger’s eye bead.

Real gold 

You can attract prosperity, wealth, and abundance into your life by wearing the real gold Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet. People in Asia who are involved in business, investments, and gambling especially enjoy Pi Xiu. It is often described as an attractor of wealth. Riches and fortune are associated with it.

This bracelet is made of real obsidian crystal, which is 10 mm in diameter, and 18K gold plated Pixiu. This crystal is incredibly powerful and provides protection. Combining this crystal with gold helps you stay protected against financial hardships and attract wealth to your life.

How to wear a feng shui bracelet and what are the rules?

You’ve heard that you can align your frequency with a Feng Shui bracelet and achieve your goals by simply wearing it? This is not the case; in which case you are mistaken.

You must follow certain rules when wearing these bracelets. By following these instructions, it will become activated, which will lead to it working. We are sure you’ve wondered what the rules were by this point. Therefore, let’s take a look at them:

As a general rule, you should wear your feng shui bracelet on your left hand. Feng shui teaches that your left hand is the hand that receives, and your right hand is the hand that gives.

You use your right hand to give gifts to other people, and your left hand to accept them. The feng shui bracelet should therefore be worn on the left hand.

Western feng shui schools of thought, however, recommend wearing it on the left or right hand. So, if you are left-handed and you feel more comfortable wearing your bracelet on your right arm, you can do so.

It will interrupt the energy behind wearing your bracelet if you wear it on an arm that makes you feel uncomfortable. This will defeat the purpose for wearing it to make you feel good.

How to activate

The best approach to activating the feng shui bracelet is to use your intentions.

Your intention is already set when you purchase a feng shui bracelet!

The purpose of setting an intention is to choose a feng shui bracelet for a specific purpose, for example, to attract riches and wealth.

By setting an extremely precise purpose before putting the bracelet on for the first time, a feng shui bracelet can also be activated. Do the following before wearing it for the first time:

  • Feng shui bracelets can be cleaned by passing them through the smoke of sage or palo santo. While you’re doing this, visualize the bracelet getting cleansed of all energy. You can program your bracelet this way with your personal intentions.
  • You can then write down a specific manifestation you would like for the bracelet to assist you with after it has been cleansed. If you want to manifest money, what amount would you like? Is there anyone you wish to meet? How about a new job? It is important to write down your goal in a single statement that is as precise as possible.
  • When you have written down your intentions, place the bracelet on the piece of paper. Write your thoughts down so you can see what it’s like to see them on paper. As an example, imagine someone approaching you and giving you that amount of money if you wrote that amount on the paper. What are your thoughts? Take a moment to feel those emotions. 
  • Imagine what it would be like to have your significant other stands in front of you if you asked them to meet you. Think about how you would feel if you had applied for a new job and were notified that you were hired. Let yourself experience the feeling of securing the position.
  • Don’t forget to wear your bracelet once you’ve finished this. By doing this, you’ve ignited its energy and configured it to work towards your intentions.
  • With every bracelet you put on, you’ll feel the comfort of having what you want. It strengthens your energy and aligns it with the frequency that helps you achieve your dreams!
  • So, if you want what you want, or even more, be open to receiving it! Allow the world to grant you your most fantastical desires!

For health and wealth

The pixiu is regarded as a feng shui lucky charm since it represents good luck and fortune in Chinese culture. Although most western feng shui bracelets do not need charms, this is not the case in eastern feng shui.

If you want a charm on your crystal bracelet, you can wear a bracelet with a charm or add a charm of your choosing.
You will be reminded of your goals every time you see them if you choose one that means something to you.

A crystal bracelet and charm can function as a feng shui lucky bracelet if you don’t want a “traditional” bracelet.  Ensure that you program the bracelet so that it will enable you to manifest your dreams!

Wear black obsidian bracelet if you want to improve health and wealth:

Protects from negative energies

Volcanic stone is used to make the black obsidian bracelet. A fiery form of energy is said to be trapped within it when it is formed. You can protect yourself from any negative energies by using this vital energy.

These bracelets are made of beads, in case you didn’t know. Each of these beads emits powerful vibrations that keep any negative energies at bay. Negative energies can cause problems in a person’s life because they bring bad luck. A bracelet like this can protect you from that.

Helps to improve health

There are many reasons why you should wear a black obsidian bracelet, including the fact that it can improve your health. You will notice a spiritual, physical, and mental improvement as soon as you have one of these.

There are many disorders that can be treated with this bracelet. These include stomach issues, gallbladder issues, stress, and heart problems, as well as blood pressure and sugar levels.

Aside from that, if you know someone who is or has been addicted to something, a bracelet such as this could save their life.

Boost happiness

Good fortune and happiness can be brought into one’s life by wearing a black obsidian Feng Shui bracelet. Each of the bracelet’s beads is engraved with a Tibetan mantra.

The mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum. In the Buddhist tradition, you may already be aware of the power of this mantra. As a result, you will immediately notice the difference when you receive one of these wristbands.

Wrapping Up

There is truth to the fact that feng shui bracelets work!

You can get the best results from Chinese good luck bracelets by aligning your intentions with them. These bracelets are an excellent companion if you are seeking something big!

Similarly, if you suffer from imbalances in your elements, these bracelets may also be able to help!

Make sure you follow the rules when wearing a feng shui bracelet to reap the benefits!

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