Feng shui amulets

Introduction: Feng shui amulets. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to interact with individuals with their environment. It’s believed that by arranging objects in a certain way, the energy flow had directed to promote good fortune and happiness.

One famous way to get this energy is using Feng Shui amulets. One of the tools used in Feng Shui is an amulet, which has said to bring good luck and protection to the wearer.

Feng shui amulets
Feng shui amulets

Feng Shui amulets carry positive energy or protect against negative forces. They’re made from natural materials and come in various shapes and sizes.

In this article, You will explore some of the most popular Feng Shui amulets and how they had used to improve your life.

Amulets in Feng Shui

Amulets are small objects believed to carry good luck and protection to the wearer. They can make different materials such as metal, stone, or crystals and wear them as necklaces and bracelets.

Amulets have placed in specific areas of a home or office to bring positive energy.

The Significance of Amulets in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, amulets can pass away negative energy and bring positive energy to the wearer. They also protect against bad luck, promote good health, and enhance prosperity.

Amulets are also believed to provide spiritual and emotional support and help decrease stress and anxiety.

The Power of Feng Shui Amulets

It’s vital to understand why they’re believed to be powerful. Everything has made up of energy in Feng shui, and this energy can be positive or negative. The goal of the Feng Shui amulet is to create balance and harmony between these energies.

Amulets also help direct and enhance the positive energy while securing against the negative. They can also remind you of your goals, which can help you stay motivated.

Some of the most popular Feng Shui amulets and how they can benefit you as discussed below.

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular Feng Shui amulets and is often represented as a smiling, bald man wearing a robe.

The Laughing Buddha brings good luck, happiness, and wealth. He’s also thought to be a sign of generosity and kindness.

To use the Laughing Buddha as a Feng Shui amulet, place him at the front door of your home. It will allow him to meet any visitors with his positive energy.

You can also place a Laughing Buddha in your workplace to promote success and prosperity.

The Dragon

The Dragon is another famous Feng Shui amulet. It’s believed to represent power and good luck. Having a Dragon in your home or office can assist in warding off negative energy.

To use the Dragon as a Feng Shui amulet, place it in the east corner of your home or office. It will increase the positive energy in these areas related to wealth and plenty.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythical bird believed to show rebirth and renewal. It’s often used as a Feng Shui amulet to bring new things and success into your life. The Phoenix has related to the element of fire, which has believed to enhance passion and creativity.

Place the Phoenix as a Feng Shui amulet in the southwest corner of your home or office. These areas have associated with love and strong relationships. Phoenix can help increase the positive energy in these areas.

The Pi Xiu

The Pi Xiu is a mythical creature that can attract wealth and good fortune. It’s often illustrated as a lion with wings and a dragon’s head. Having a Pi Xiu in your home or office is believed to ward off negative energy.

Put the Pi Xiu as a Feng Shui amulet in the southeast corner of your home or office.

Bagua Mirror

This amulet is a round mirror with an eight-sided in the center. It reflects negative energy away from a home or office.

Wu Lou

This amulet is a gourd-shaped object believed to enhance good health and longevity. It is often used in Feng Shui to escape illness and negative energy.

Money Frog

This amulet is frog-shaped that has believed to attract wealth and prosperity. It is often put near a cash register or in a wealth corner of a home.


The elephant is a symbol of strength and good fortune. It is often used to increase business success and protect a home.

How to Use Amulets in Feng Shui

Amulets can be used in different ways in Feng Shui. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  • Wear an amulet

You can wear an amulet as a necklace or bracelet to bring good luck. Select an amulet that resonates with you and wear it daily.

  • Place amulets in specific areas

You can place amulets in specific areas of your home or office to increase positive energy. For example, you can place a money frog in your wealth corner.

  • Carry an amulet

You can carry an amulet in your purse or pocket for protection. Choose an amulet that is small to carry around with you.

  • Use amulets in combination

You can use different amulets in combination to enhance their power. For example, you can wear a dragon necklace and carry a money frog in your pocket.

Conclusion: Feng Shui amulets

In conclusion, amulets are a crucial tool in Feng Shui used to enhance positive energy, promote good health, and attract wealth and prosperity.

By understanding the importance of different types of amulets and how to use them, you can make a harmonious environment and bring good luck and protection to your life.

Amulets have Dused in various ways, such as wearing them as jewellery, placed in specific areas of a home or office, or using many amulets in combination. It is important to select an amulet that resonates with you and to understand its purpose and placement in Feng Shui.

The use of amulets in Feng Shui creates a harmonious environment. It is a strong tool that can help individuals bring positive energy, protection, and good luck into their lives. With proper understanding, amulets can increase the well-being of individuals and create a harmonious environment.

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