Feng Shui 2023 colors tips

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Feng Shui 2023: colors, tips, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig. We have compiled a bunch of Feng Shui suggestions for 2023 to give you a good idea of what you need to know to apply Feng Shui properly to your home, garden, or office, thanks to its unique illustrated discussion.

Feng Shui 2023: colors, tips, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig
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Feng Shui 2023: colors, tips, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig

A Feng Shui practitioner states that the annual location of the flying stars on the magic square of Lo Shu determines how interior decor will be colored during the year, as well as how furniture and ornamental objects will be arranged. Any object that represents the desired element, regardless of its color, function, or composition, reinforces the energetic activation of a living space. Each house, garden, or workplace has its own energetic determinism as a result of its sectorization, so no single Feng Shui hue is likely to stand out over the course of a year. There are several other factors to consider when determining whether to activate elements in each sector, including the annual flying stars’ location, as well as the building’s Kua number and the master of the houses.

Energy flows in the Chinese year of 2023 are imbalanced due to the relative weakness of the element Metal Yang. Due to this, the balancing colors of each Chinese zodiac sign are different for the Year of the Rabbit 2023; however, the corrective colors white and gold, which are associated with the element Metal, are common to all 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Gold and white should be the energizing and lucky colors of fashion, decoration, and wedding celebrations in 2023, since their balancing qualities will allow everyone to find joy and happiness, despite the difficulties they encounter.


The lucky bolstering colors 2023, as proposed by KarmaWeather each year, are based on Chinese astrology principles. Even though Chinese astrology and Feng Shui both use the five elements of Chinese cosmogony, they are two distinct conceptual systems. It is more important to choose the colors of 2023 for mobile applications (on oneself, in a car, for luggage or a bag) rather than for static applications (at home, at work).

The Water element is represented by black and various shades of blue. Due to Yin being associated with the Wood element, all shades of green are its representative colors.

Water and wood are the major colors for the year of the Tiger 2023. Apart from that, we are still in Feng Shui Period 8, which is associated with the Earth element.

The 5 yellow star is in the center of the Flying Star feng shui chart for the year 2023. This is another Earth-like star. As a result, the earth tones of brown, yellow, and beige will be prominent this year.

In a broader sense, these are the power colors or fortunate colors for 2023. 

There are many methods for determining your lucky colors in Chinese feng shui and fortune telling. In feng shui, you can use the five elements, your birth chart (Ba Zi), your birth season, and the yearly flying star chart.

Each method has its own set of constraints. The color based on the five elements in your birth chart is more persistent, although the dramatic benefits do not appear immediately.

The yearly flying star feng shui chart, on the other hand, only lasts a year, but any color combination can produce faster benefits.

To choose your own fortunate colors, you must first gain a better understanding of yourself. Know your objectives and dreams, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your current life stage, and your current living situation.

These things have the potential to alter your present energy level. You can choose the proper colors to increase that energy by understanding your own position and the energy you want to bring in the future. This can be based on various theories or the five-element theory.

Colors for living room

The living area hosts a variety of family activities. The greatest method to boost this energy with color is according to feng shui. Pay attention to the location of your living room and decorate with colors that complement the room’s compass orientation.

Colors for southeast and east sectors

During the productive cycle, the wood element governs the southeast and east sectors, and the water element nourishes the wood element.

If you desire a balanced chi décor, use blue and/or black (water element colors) along with green and brown (wood element colors).

Choose a medium to dark blue for your room.

Consider an ecru color scheme with blue curtains, a blue rug, and upholstered furniture pieces in blue if you don’t want blue walls.

Another great feng shui decor option for upholstery and drapery is a brown and blue combination.

Several other color combinations should be considered, including green and brown as well as blue and green.

Water scenes such as those of a lake, pond, or meandering stream are a good choice (don’t use pictures of turbulent oceans or rivers).

Living room in south sector

The color red (the color of the fire element) energizes. If your living room features a lot of high-energy activities, a less energetic color like melon or pale tangerine can be a good choice.

To fuel the fire energy in this sector, use a variety of wood element colors, such as brown and green.

Plaids and floral fabric patterns often have a combination of green and red or red and brown.

Add wall art with these colors depicted in a variety of topics.

Earth element colors like tan and ochre can help to expel some of the fire energy, resulting in a more calming atmosphere.

Southwest and northeast living room colors

The earth element is represented by tan and ochre in both sections.

Decorate with ochre or sunflower-colored fabrics, such as drapes and upholstery.

Choose a patterned fabric with these colors for the sofa or a pair of chairs.

Decorate with yellow accent colors in the form of decorative objects, rugs, and pillows.

In Northwest living rooms, black, white, and gray are common colors. Colors with strong metal elements, such as grey, gold, yellow, bronze, and white, work well in west-facing living rooms.

Earth creates metal as part of the productive cycle. Choose grey as the main hue and earth tones like tan and ochre as accents.

For the walls, choose a light grey and an off white for the trim.

Combine a grey couch with grey and yellow patterned throw pillows, as well as deeper grey pillows and gold/yellow accent pillows.

The accent and metal hues are repeated in the drapes, which are ochre and grey plaid.

Continue to use the accent color while incorporating a few white or gold items.

The hues are carried throughout the space using photo and picture frames in gold, ochre, white, and/or silver.

Colors for north sector

It is ruled by the water element in the north sector, symbolized by black and blue. The metal element colors can be added to strengthen the yang energy of the water, or the wood element colors, such as green and brown, can be added to exhaust some of the yang energy of the water.

The same color choices as in the east and southeast sections can be used. If needed, black accent colors might help to enhance the yang spirit.

Throws and cushion selections for solid blue or black couches and/or chairs can accentuate black and blue fabric patterns, such as plaids and stripes.

You may go with a more subdued color scheme of light blues and greys.

Feng Shui Tips

Traditionally, good fengshui brings good fortune, while bad fengshui brings bad luck. You may be interested in learning how to use your Chinese zodiac animal sign to create good fengshui for yourself. We provide a general introduction to the fengshui setups for the 12 zodiac signs.

The element Water is weak or lacking in the birth energy chart of men and women born in 2023. These people should wear white and gold in small doses or in combination with other colours, including jewellery (bracelet, necklace, ring, or brooch in white gold, yellow gold, or a talisman is a bracelet containing white quartz, selenite, pearls, amber, or citrine, as well as metal, jewellery (belts, handbags, scarves, hats, and masks).

In 2023, the Rabbit, Goat, Snake, Horse, Rooster, and Dog are the animals most influenced by this suggestion. As much as possible, they should avoid any activity connected with the element Water, such as taking vacations in the mountains rather than by the sea.


Water is a favorable element for those born in the year of the Rat. Their workplace should be equipped with a water tank filled with goldfish, and fortune will follow them.


The Five Element Theory suggests that people born in the year of the Ox will only achieve great success if their Fire element is strong. Due to the fact that ceramic items are heated by fire, they should keep some in their office or bed to bring them good fortune.


People born in the year of the Tiger benefit greatly from the Earth element. To achieve great prosperity, they must include something prominent reflecting the Earth element in their lives, such as a potted plant.

It’s preferable if the potted plant produces a lot of fruit, since this will enable persons born in the Tiger year to profit from all angles.


Rabbit-born people need an invisible element of the Earth in their lives to be successful; they should hide a jade object in the northeast corner of their bedrooms for good luck.

In the Rabbit year, those born with jade, which has been buried for thousands of years, are said to have good fortune thanks to its essence of heaven and earth.


A person born in the Dragon year has the best chance of making money in the northwest. To bring them good fortune, they should set a basin of clean water, along with a handful of soil, and several lotus flowers in the northwest corner of their rooms.


The direction west is great for persons born in the year of the Snake when it comes to making money. Metal decorations, especially gold or silver ones, can bring you good fortune.

Wearing gold and silver jewellery (Metal element influence) is thought to ensure that persons born in the Snake year will not have to worry about food and clothing, even if they do not achieve a large fortune.


Northwest is a great direction for people born in the Year of the Horse to make a large fortune. In order to gain prosperity and good fortune in their careers, they should keep a brass toad (a symbol of the Metal element) in the northwest corner of their rooms.


The north is the best direction for persons born in the year of the Goat to make a lot of money.

A mahogany box (an item connected to the Wood element) should be placed north of their workplaces and filled with an item related to their professions. As an example, a cook could put a ladle in the box.


The direction west is good for generating money for people born in the year of the monkey. In the west of their homes, they should plant a tall plant (preferably one that is taller than them).


If you are born in the year of the Rooster, you should plant grass seeds in a non-metal container, preferably one that is dark-red-enameled, to make a fortune (you should use the Earth element here and not the Metal element). A container of grass seeds holds endless possibilities that will bring great prosperity to those born in the Year of the Rooster.


When it comes to making money, people born in the year of the Dog should avoid the Water and Earth elements. Keeping branches of peach trees (an item derived from the Wood element) in their office is fine, but not in water or soil


In order to achieve good results in the Pig year, people must have fire as their element. They should have a set of ceramic items (including a tray) in their living room because ceramics are cooked in kilns heated by fire.

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