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Esoteric Meaning of 6 and 9

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Esoteric Meaning of 6 and 9: number 6, number 9. Each number or symbol has its origin and meaning. The efforts done to know about them are quite enjoyable. Among a series of numbers let’s talk about numbers 6 and 9.

The esoteric meaning of the six shows ​​that it is considered the “number of Creation.” It symbolizes that God created the world in six days. In divine exposure six stands, a symbol of the law of analogies demonstrated in geometric terms. In the East, the six is a universal symbol of space.

Esoteric Meaning of 6 and 9: number 6, number 9
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Esoteric Meaning of 6 and 9: number 6, number 9

The esoteric meaning of the number nine deals with the idea of perfection and completeness. It is related to the synthesis of three worlds. It is a triple trinity, The God, the universe, and the man. In Chinese traditions, it symbolizes the concept of everything. In divine aspects, it means the power of creation or divine power.

To get the meaning of a number first should look at each number as a single number then at the whole sequence. The presence of Angels around us when checking the sequence of numbers can guide us about the career opportunities we have been looking for.

 The repeating sequence of 6s and 9s means that it is the time to free yourself from worldly material and become balanced spiritually. The energy of repeating numbers of six likes freedom and doesn’t like to be caged. The people who are the representatives of number six have special psychic powers. The repeating number 9 symbolizes great strength. You have an impressive character and your home is a reflection of your character and values. Your residence is embellished with positive energy and affection.  Being a human you are non judgemental, passionate, generous, and compassionate. 

Number 6 Meaning:

In numerology, the people who show features of six specify a balanced personality.  These people are caring, responsible, idealists, teachers, unselfish, protectors, charitable and are very emotional. People of number six have too much energy and are distracted by other persons because they continually surrender what they should be doing or wish to do.

In esoteric teachings, a hexagon (formed by overlapping two triangles), often represents the symbolic meaning of six. The hexagon is also a symbol of marriage, as it shows the union of two triangles. The two triangles are embedded into each other to highlight cosmic unity. Among the keywords that define hexagon “time” is one of them. It shows the measurement of duration. A sixth number is an equilibrium number because the world is like the shape of a hexagon often representing harmonized contrariety. It is all enough because it consists of elements of immortality.

 The number six symbolizes the principles of spiritual harmony, recognition of good and bad, and free will. Soul harmony and track are considered similar because harmony develops in all soul mates. Another interesting interpretation of the meaning of six is that it symbolizes the evolutionary process of redemption.

 The six aspects of the natural environment detail the evolutionary flow of energy, connected or disconnected. It also reveals the attitude of people towards weight and virginity. It is a clear reflection of the similarity of lower high and vice versa. In the sixth, there are sacred names and unity of divine forces acting together.

The number six symbolizes the intervening and transitional condition of the human being, whether as a community or individual, and it can bear negative, positive, or neutral overtones.

Sometimes the sixes indicate the allowing contents of the subconscious mind into conscious efforts. Have a look at yourself and observe your inner feelings and ask if any emotion wants a break.

If you don’t have time to care for your own needs, try to improve your ethics, trait characteristics and hold out against temptation. You can move in a state of self–concept for your analysis to move on a path of the higher self.

Number 9 Meaning:

The number nine corresponds to the planet Mars. The positive aspect of Mars is its capacity for organization and resolute resourcefulness. It, therefore, challenges you to recognize your abilities and attributes and teach them to others. One of the goals in their life is to share and offer their influence and knowledge with others.

 In astrology, the number nine shows the danger of acting instinctively and acting foolhardy. The use of foul language, ill thoughts of words, actions, and gestures can cause quarrels which can even result in accidents.  In number nine is not only a symbol of commitment but it also shows the way to be closer to perfection. Some of these efforts for perfection include:

  • Eliminate irresolution.
  • Fight against prejudice as far as possible.
  • As much as possible, fight with politics.
  • Do away with all the physical cowardice.

In Greek mythology, the number 9 was dedicated for inspiration as the symbol of versatility, flexibility and the mark of the weakness of human affairs.

 Therefore, the symbolic meaning of nine represents the last stage of a cycle of life which can often bring about a change of outlook or circumstances of life and remind you into switching your lifestyle. This is a classic result for learners chasing self-development goals. 

Whether the results are good or bad is dependent on the energy you put in has been positive or negative. 

Many people feel connected to number nine because of its spiritual significance.

The number nine is a number that is constantly propagated at all times in all aspects. This is the sign of a complete circle, that the division of the circle is carried out through the last digit (each quadrant of 90 degrees therefore 360 degrees of the whole circle. For Jews, nine is the symbol of honesty.

In numerology, the main concern is on the numbers between 1to 9. All these nine numbers have different meanings, aspects, features, and vibrations. They also play a role as number symbols that define different traits and characteristics. When you see numbers that reoccur and repeat, you are surprised that these recurring numbers are not coincidences. They are spiritual messages from heavenly angels.

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