Endless knot meaning

Endless knot meaning. The mystical knot, endless, eternal, infinite feng shui symbol, use and meaning. This article aims to answer the following questions or searches: mystical knot, endless knot, abundance knot, infinite knot, Tibetan knot, feng shui symbols, knot symbol, figure eight knot, and similar meanings. It is a knot of eight in a loop that, in India, represents the goddess of wealth, while in feng shui it is symbolized as a snake that bites its tail.

It is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. The mystical knot is one of the most powerful tools to gain luck, success in any business, prosperity and happiness. The knot is a multiplication of eight repeated (that is, many beneficial symbols of infinity), multiplied and intertwined with each other.

knot, Endless
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knot, Endless

Endless knot meaning . It represents the spiritual nature of our own existence on the planet, birth and rebirth, it is also a symbol of infinite love. In Sanskrit: Shrivatsa; in Tibetan Dpal be’u, དཔལ་ བེའ ུ. Perhaps it is an evolution of the naga, the ancient symbol of the two entwined serpents. It is tied so that neither a beginning nor an end is seen.

Its main meaning is a multiplied symbol of an endless and continuous process. For Feng Shui, the mystical knot is the personification of increasing the flow of luck in love, work, health, etc. It depends on the sector you place it in or the talisman you tie it to. Very often in Chinese talismans, it can be seen on a red thread, activating a talisman like Feng Shui coins.

It also talks about the path of the spiritual crossing, the flow of time and the movement within what is eternal. All existence is said to be limited by time and change. Therefore it is not unreasonable that it represents samsara, the union of wisdom and method, the connection of ancestors and omnipresence.

Where to keep it, how to use it?

Preferably it is red in color; it should be put in the south-west part of the room to enhance happiness in relationships; in that same direction should be used in offices or businesses to improve business relationships, harmony and loyalty with partners, employees and customers.

Tibetan knot symbolism

The amulet will help you formulate your wishes and attract good luck. Of course, you have to remember that any action also has a reaction. Everyone decides what to do for himself. The Tibetan knot personifies karma, justice. Events created by and for you will bounce off others and come back to you. Furthermore, the knot is the embodiment of reincarnation, the infinity of life in the universe. Everything material and immaterial, living and non-living, is interconnected.

Love, abundance and protection; It also protects against heart breakage, illness, suffering, accidents, misfortunes, danger, anger and fear. Provides mental clarity. Carved into jewelry, such as agate, jade, or quartz crystal, it is considered most effective.

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