Dreams in the witch house

Introduction: Dreams in the witch house. Dream in the witch house is a short story by H.P. Love Craft, published in 1933 for the first time. This story covers the life of a student Walter Gilman. 

Dreams in the witch house is a short story about a Man, Gilman, who keeps chasing the shadow of his dead sister. His query is unfruitful once he unlocks the door to the forest of lost souls. The evil creature is hiding in the woods to hide from his goal.

Dreams in the witch house
Dreams in the witch house

Dreams in the witch began when Walter was a child And fond of playing the piano. He had a sister who was sick, and Walter promised to take care of her. But he could not save her. She died, and the water shattered.

Walter looked that a ghost dragged her sister into a forest that his brother could not reach. The quest motivated him to search the woods, find these ghosts, and get back her sister.

He was a student of mathematics and folklore at the Miskatonic university. He moved to an old house in Ark ham, Massachusetts, for home. This house was for the ghost name Keziah Mosan lived there and conducted different experiments.

Gilman entered the house and observed that fee of unease was growing with every step. It was not rumours about the place of cursed or stores of strange disappearances that had plagued the town for centuries.

No, it was something more than that sound whispered in Gilman’s back of his mind. Something that gave him feels that someone is observing him.

As he approached the house, he saw that windows were boarded up, preventing any light entry into the home. He wondered how anyone could live there without light and fresh air.

He also noticed why he had been drawn into the house and felt he needed to see what lay inside it. He pushed the old scary doors and stepped into the dark, dusky hallways.

The inside air was thick was the smell of decay and mould. Alter could hear the sound of rabbits scurrying on the walls. He took a long deep breath, started to control his nerves, and became stable. Then he started down the hallway. The floorboard cracked beneath his feet, and he felt he was living in a nightmare.

The walls had lined with strange symbols and runes and etched into wood with an unknown substance. The sign looked like the pulse and writhed as he passed from them.

He felt that he had drawn deeper and deeper into the house. He turned the corner and noticed a dim light coming from the room at the end of the hall. He approached and felt that he was growing dread after overstepping.

As he reached the door and opened it, he observed a dim light from a single candle casting a shadow across the walls. The floor was dirty and smelled of decay, dust and cobwebs. In the centre of the room was a tall twisted figure whose form was obscured by the shadow.

Walter gasped that it was someone who was looking at him. It was a witch and an old crone who had been dead for centuries. She had a twisted body, and her skin was leathery and blackened.

Her eyes were empty sockets, but he felt she was staring at him and observing his every move. He tried to back away, but his foot rooted there.

He felt he was pulling towards her, or she was drawing him towards herself. The dread grew more robust, and he thought he had to move before it got too late.

He rushed to the door, which shut up and trapped him in the room. He felt her cold bony hand on his shoulders, and she shuddered as he thought she was alive; she was still alive after too many years. 

She said welcome, Walter, and her voice was like rustling leaves. She said I was waiting for you. Walter wanted to scream, but his lips did not utter a single word. He got stuck there.

He felt the witch tighten his shoulders and had trapped in the witch’s house forever. He woke up with sweat pouring down his face and realized that it was a nightmare, nothing more than that.

He lived there, and he observed the changes there. He felt that the house had peculiar geometry, which seemed to distort the space and time. He started to view the vivid and terrifying dreams in which he visited the other world.

He encounters the Witch Kaziah Mason and her Rat like Brown Jinken. He dreamed that more than once, and then he believed there is more than fiction and superstitions. 

He convinced himself that there was something not only his imagination. As the dreams became more frequent and intense, Gilman started physically changing his surroundings.

He observed the strange physical changes, geometric shapes, figures and splashes on the wall of the house. Gilman heard the voice as it came from the fabric of reality.

He became worried and scared, wanting to know his fundamental matter. Gilman visited the local professor named frank Elwood. He was an expert in folklore and crafting.

After listening to Gilman’s suspicions, Frank confirmed that the house had been cursed as a witch’s house. The witch, Keziah Mason, used to live there and performed a series of experiments.

Her experiments were to open the doors in other directions. He warned Gilman to leave because he was in grave danger. He could move as soon as possible; otherwise, he would die by a witch.

Despite her alarm of frank, Gilman did not leave the house. His curiosity increased, and he became obsessed with his dreams. Alter started to like the different geometry of the house. After too many days and frequent frames, he concluded that house geometry had a relation to the mathematics he studied.

He believed he had discovered a new branch of science that would revolutionize the human understanding of the universe. In the story’s climax, he discovers that Keziah and brown Jenkin are not the fiction of his imagination, but a manages present in his room.

Walter found her sister there at the witch’s house, but Kahzieh was too powerful than him. Before he could get his sister back home, the witch attacked him, and he collapsed on the floor.

Franks finds his friends alter, the dead body and takes it to the bed. And his dead body became a puppet for frank Elwood. He started to tell the story of the altar to others and get fame. 

Final words: Dreams in the witch house

Frame in the witch house short story of brother alters in quest of his departed sister whom a witch Keziah had taken. He could not save her sister and died there, but his search opened many gateways to archaeological and researched knowledge.

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