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Dreaming that your ex kisses you, meaning, interpretation

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Ex kisses you
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Dreaming that your ex kisses you, meaning, interpretation. It is said that our dreams are nothing more than a manifestation of our unconscious, manifestations that translate into repressed feelings that we observe in our dreams. An interesting point of view, although perhaps a bit reductionist on something as momentous as our dreams.

Have you ever dreamed that your ex kisses you? This is not just a memory or a feeling of missing your ex. Our dreams are more than repressed feelings, they are messages that we should not ignore, because they try to warn us of something. If you have dreamed that your ex kisses you, it is not a mere coincidence or memory.

What does it mean to dream that your ex kisses you?

Something is wrong with your emotional situation. Dreaming that your ex kisses you is a sign that your emotional, and also sentimental situation, may be experiencing a circumstance that you have not been able to realize. To know this more thoroughly, it is necessary to know in greater detail the way your ex kissed you.

This will specifically determine the meaning of the dream, and for this, we are going to present the different interpretations of this dream based on the way your ex kissed you. If you have come to dream that your ex kisses you, pay attention to the following interpretations.

Dreaming that your ex kisses you, how to interpret it?

Your dream may be explaining a different message depending on the type of kiss. In this regard, you should know that:

If you dream that your ex kisses you on the cheek

You may be having trouble making decisions about your relationships. The kiss that your ex gives you on the cheek represents the inability you have developed to define the role of the people around you.

You need to inquire into their feelings and understand what you really feel for those who call your attention at this moment. Otherwise, you will have trouble establishing strong relationships with your new partners.

This situation is very common in those who have already experienced a breakup, which only merits a reflective exercise, where we can understand what we may really be feeling for some people who attract us.

If you dream that your ex kisses you on the mouth

When your ex kisses your mouth in your dreams, it means that you may be having problems in your current relationship. These problems may not necessarily come from you, but also from your partner. Most of the time, they are nothing more than insecurities that may be disturbing the relationship.

To deal with this situation, you need to have a conversation with your partner in which you let her know that she can share with you any discomfort she has about it. If your partner has let you know that there is no problem, you need to inquire into yourself, because it is possible that your current relationship is not being what you really need for your life.

If you are currently unrelated, the interpretation is directed to another situation. And it is that you may not be finding conformity with your loneliness. This does not mean that you should find a partner, but rather, that you should learn to live with yourself before establishing a new romantic relationship.

If you dream that your ex kisses you on the neck

Kisses on the neck hold a meaning tied to intimacy and sexual desire. And indeed, if you dream that your ex kisses you on the neck, it means that there is a person who is wanting you at that precise moment. It is not necessarily your ex who may be wanting you.

If you are in a relationship, it may be that person, although it may also be a third party. It may seem like a really little worrisome dream, but you should pay close attention to it, especially if you have a partner, as they may feel somewhat frustrated about their relationship.

Open a space with your partner to insert yourself into a more satisfying intimacy, where both can find conformity. If you find yourself single, a person you have been dating, or considering a possible relationship, may be beginning to feel desires for you.

If you dream that your ex kisses you on the forehead

When your ex-partner kisses you in your dreams, you may find yourself in some danger. Kisses on the forehead signify protection, fulfillment and happiness. In this sense, a person you know knows that you are at risk, but she has not been able to tell you, even though she is very fond of you.

You need to examine the dimensions of your life that could put you in a dangerous situation. It’s not necessarily about your integrity, it can also be about your financial situation, which, if compromised, can put you in a really dangerous situation.

The recommendation for these types of dreams is to talk with the closest and most trusted people in your circle, either at your job or in the area where you live. Explain that you have a bad feeling, and that there is something that bothered you

a, but you can’t figure out what it is specifically about.

A dream that warns us more than love

As you can see, dreaming about your ex is not necessarily related to missing her or wanting her to come back. Analyze each of these interpretations and allow them to help you understand as soon as possible what this dream tries to warn you about.

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