Dreaming that your ex hugs you meaning, interpretation

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Dreaming that your ex hugs you meaning, interpretation. You have woken up from a rather unique dream: your ex-partner gave you a hug and you didn’t understand why. You must know that beyond being a repressed longing, there is a meaning that you need to know. So if you have come to dream that your ex hugs you, value very well the considerations that you will find in the next sections.

Dreams are an instance in which we can interact with symbols that try to warn us about important eventualities in our life. For this reason, we cannot take any of these experiences lightly. To dream that your ex hugs you corresponds, in the first place, with the following meaning.

What does it mean to dream that your ex hugs you?

Hugs represent affection, they represent the ties that we have ever had with the closest people in our life. In this sense, dreaming that our ex-partner hugs us is linked to those ties that we once had with this person. It doesn’t specifically mean that we miss her.

To understand more precisely the meaning of this dream, it is necessary that we remember the way in which this person hugged us. Some hugs feel very strong, at other times the person in the hug may be crying. For these cases – and others to be seen below – we have developed a set of interpretations respectively.

Dreaming that your ex hugs you from behind

When in dreams a person gives us a hug from the back, it is very likely that that person may be going through a difficult time in their life. It may not necessarily be a problem that involves her, perhaps a problem with a third party, but that has also given her a hard time.

If you have dreamed that your ex hugs you from behind, we can reach the same conclusion. Your ex partner may have certain difficulties at this time, which is not allowing him to have peace of mind and fulfillment. This situation is usually very common, because problems invade us all at some point, and in this case, our ex-partner is the one who goes through it.

Dreaming that your ex kisses you

When a person kisses us, the matter is much more intimate. To dream that your ex kisses you indicates that that person has thought about us very often, and in addition to this, she has remembered us with a lot of feeling. This dream warns us that our former partner may be reliving experiences with us from their thoughts.

This situation is more common than it seems. Often, people tend to remember their partners, some even dedicate themselves to remembering in detail their past sentimental experiences, and consequently, we can observe the effects of this in our dreams. It’s not that our ex-partner misses us, but rather that she is fondly remembering us.

Dreaming that your ex hugs you very tightly

When a person reaches our dreams and hugs us very tightly, they are acknowledging that we have hurt them. This can happen with different people in our circle, such as a friend, a relative or, in this case, a partner.

If we find our partner in our dreams, and in addition to this, he has given us a big hug, it is possible that we have done him some damage during the times of relationship. The matter becomes more complex, since it may be a harm that, unconsciously, we did to this person, such as a bad influence or a lie, for example.

Dreaming that your ex hugs you and cries

When we see a person hugging us and crying in our dreams, it means that that person once felt something strong for us. A bond that once existed is causing suffering in one of the two people.

If it is about our old relationship, it means that our former partner regrets the breakup that once had to occur in the relationship. This feeling has been difficult to suppress, and despite the efforts, this person still suffers from what was once this relationship.

Depending on the characteristics of this person, we may or may not notice it – in case there is still contact with the former partner. In other words, if it is a reserved person, it may not show it, or on the contrary – in case of being an extrovert -, yes.

Dreaming that your ex boss hugs you

Our bosses are the representation of that authority in our life that we once obeyed. So why have we dreamed of any of our former bosses? This is mainly due to problems related to our security, our way of valuing ourselves and betting on our well-being.

If in the dream we are hugged by our former boss, we are getting carried away by bad currents regarding our well-being. Our own decisions may be harming our lives, which speaks of a self-esteem issue that we urgently need to address.

dream that your ex hugs you, interpretation, meaning

After dreaming of a hug from your ex

Reserve this experience for yourself, avoiding sharing this personal information with someone who could end up telling a third party about it. Do not try to establish contact with your ex unless you really find it necessary, and especially if you have a relationship in which you feel comfortable.

Dreaming about our ex-partner is not specifically a sign that we miss him or we should return to that relationship. Even if we are single, we must really appreciate the meaning of this dream and entrust ourselves to continue moving forward. If this relationship is to be revived, it will do so without the need for us to force the order of things.

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