Dream of moving house, meaning

Dream of moving house; meaning, interpretation. I had to study this type of dreams, since we receive repeated requests about it. For this, we ask magicians, seers, psychics, to study the Talmud from the Necronomicon to the Interpretation of Dreams by grandfather Freud. And that’s what happened. In any case, it was a very good mental exercise.

Dream of moving house; meaning, interpretation.
Dream of moving house; meaning, interpretation.

It turns out that moving dreams are quite common, and most dream books interpret moving promises to change. But in order to determine exactly what kind of changes dream of moving, you need to remember the details of the dream.

For example, moving to a clean apartment with beautiful furniture promises pleasant changes. But if the room in a dream is dirty and unkempt, then you need to prepare for the worst. True, many dream books make an exception for those who are going to change their house in reality. In this case, the dreams only reflect current problems and do not have much meaning.

The interpretation of sleep also depends on who dreams of moving.


The first thing to evaluate if you dreamed of moving is the situation, your own attitude, individual moments and details:

  • Moving according to a dream book is always an expectation of some kind of change in life: perhaps this will be a trip to another country, a promotion at work, a change in financial situation. Most likely, you are on the threshold of new events, which can be both good and unpleasant;
  • To understand what it means to charge for a move in a dream, remember: what was the situation in the new home? How was the interior, the furniture, the general atmosphere, did you like it there? If you generally evaluate the situation positively, pleasant changes are expected;
  • The dream book about moving to another bad apartment suggests that unpleasant and unexpected changes await you. Dirt, a lot of rubbish, old furniture that is falling apart can be considered a particularly unfavorable sign;
  • Many young female representatives, as well as young guys, are often interested in: why does a girl dream of moving? She must wait for a meeting with a man, which can lead to an early marriage. For a young guy, such a dream promises new acquaintances.

In a relationship

If you are a married man, then seeing a move in a dream is a sign that it is time to pay more attention to your soul mate. It is possible that a period of “stagnation” has begun in your relationship, which is time to stop by initiating some type of active action.

Often men who constantly watch quarrels in the family dream of moving, and the subconscious mind projects one of the possible ways out of the situation, that is, literally such a move according to the dream book, the meaning is to run away of family problems.

Why dream of moving to a new apartment for a married woman? Here the situation is radically opposite: such a dream is a good sign. According to the dream book, moving to a new apartment for a married woman is the fidelity of her husband.

To a large apartment or house

Each compiler of a dream book with moving to a rented apartment advises to take into account different issues.

For example, Vanga considers important not a new place of residence, but the process of the path itself. The interpretation of a dream about moving along the Vanga is an opportunity for success, multiplying funds.

The road is a symbol of how you will achieve what you want: if you dreamed that you quickly moved to a new apartment, along a straight and good road, there will be no problems in achieving what you want; if the path was crooked, full of flaws and holes, then you may have problems on the way to achieving your goal.

Moving in Miller’s dream book is a colossal change in a person’s life, perhaps spiritual growth or a trip to a country that he has long dreamed of. If she sees a dream about moving to another apartment, packing things, then perhaps she will become a source of trouble for someone.

Freud said that the meaning of a change of housing is hidden phobias, fear of a new life, relationships. It is rare that someone is looking for a move at work in a dream book. If such a dream came to you, then most likely you are worried about your career.

You can see different variations of such a dream, for example, many people dream of moving to another apartment without repair, which is interpreted as an opportunity to start something from scratch. Very often the house is the key symbol; in general, it is interpreted positively, denoting the inner world of a person. Based on this, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • if you dreamed of a beautiful, large and reliable house, you are a self-confident person and feel psychological comfort;
  • if the house, on the contrary, is old and dilapidated, then perhaps you have some kind of internal rupture, hidden psychological conflicts, problems that you are trying to suppress;
  • many are interested in: why dream of moving the whole family to a new house? If it goes well, a new home for you is a place where you enjoy life, then you can expect success in all endeavors.

Miller claims that if a house appears in a dream, then we should expect new bright events in life, and Freud predicted a replenishment in the family or a meeting with a new lover.

Someone else’s move

Very often, the main character in a dream is not ourselves, but strangers, so you need to think about why other people move in a dream. Let’s take a closer look at what this can mean for each case individually:

  • why dream of moving a friend – most likely, you will really have to face a change of residence, but not for him, but for you;
  • watch the moving process – soon you will be offered a new position;
  • why dream of changing parents – very soon you will have to make an important decision in life independently, without consulting anyone;
  • why dream of moving relatives – you are likely to be in temporary isolation from loved ones;
  • if your neighbors decide to go somewhere, be careful: you can have a conflict situation with them.

One of the most auspicious characters is the mother. If she dreams of moving to another apartment with her mother, this is a very good sign: her wishes and ideas will come true soon.


When a person moves to a new place of residence in a dream, this means that in reality he is making a transition from one state of consciousness to another, or from one level to another.

That is, if he is sick, he will recover, if he was swallowed by a creative crisis, inspiration will soon return to him, if he is lonely, he will soon find the person he needs. In special cases, such a dream promises the imminent death of the sleeping person.

Any movement is a harbinger of changes in the dreamer’s personal life. If you bother to lose your things when you move, it means that you will face big losses, be it property or financial. Also, such a dream suggests that one should not be too gullible, because enemies can easily use this gullibility to achieve their own selfish goals.

Worse yet is breaking or ruining things while moving. This suggests that soon a loved one will greatly disappoint the dreamer or big troubles will fall on his head. If you had to part with unnecessary pets in a new place, then this is a good sign – any business you start will be successful.

Why dream of moving to another country, city, new place?

  • to another country – happiness in personal life or success in the professional field;
  • moving to another city – easily overcome obstacles;
  • new place – a new stage of life.

Why dream of moving to a new and different apartment, to a new and different house?

Why dream of moving:

  • in a new and different apartment – joyful events;
  • in another new house – happy moments.

Why dream of moving: dream options

  • to dream of things to move – temporary success;
  • moving to a hostel – get a good deal;
  • moving to an old house – anxiety and inner emptiness;
  • move to a guy – pregnancy;
  • moving to another new room – changes in the inner world;
  • moving to the upper floors – success at school or work;
  • moving to the lower floors – job loss;
  • moving to a newly renovated apartment – positive changes;
  • moving to dirty housing – something bad will come true soon;
  • apartment exchange – the desire to radically change your life;
  • collect things – get ready for a new life.

Dream of cleaning the house

If you dreamed of cleaning the house, fixing and packing everything, it is a harbinger of a successful career and additional income. Progress at work will help you earn people’s respect.

If a married woman dreams of cleaning the house. Show that her husbands are good people, they know how to do business, they take care of the family. This is a good dream, so take it easy!

Dreaming of changing jobs when moving house

In your dream, if you see yourself packing for a business move. You feel homesick, you don’t want to move. This is a reminder to yourself that you need to change some habits in order for the work to progress smoothly.

On the contrary, if you dreamed that you changed jobs in a cheerful mood. Cheer up because it is a good sign in your relationships with colleagues and promotion at work.

Dream about moving house with someone

According to dream interpretation, dreaming of moving house with someone reveals your willingness to increase the level of commitment in your current relationship. Soon you will meet some lucky cases.

Move alone

This dream reveals that you are ready to be independent. The need to be free and to be able to walk on his own is a big part of his thoughts.

To an empty house or a building under construction

This dream portends that you will receive a reward for the hard work in which you have excelled. You can expect some money in your finances and you can afford to fulfill some of your dreams in the long run. This is a sign of the successful end of some projects and endeavors and well paid for it.

Move to another town

If you dreamed of moving to another city, such a dream is usually a harbinger of the end of a relationship. Sometimes this dream shows your ambition to achieve success in desired areas.

If you move to a small town, this dream usually reveals your desire to balance your life a little and have more time to relax and spend with your family.

Pack things to move

The dream of packing things to move indicates your willingness to leave the past behind and move forward into the future. Often this dream represents a message from your inner self to let go of certain things or people that are weighing you down or blocking your progress.

This dream could also indicate your willingness to make some significant changes in your life. These long-repressed emotions and memories are released to help you feel better.

Move into your old house

This is the dream that reveals your inner emotional state. Maybe you feel the need or desire to go back in time for some reason. It can reveal your desire to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances to reminisce about the old days.

Your ex moving into your house

If you dreamed about your ex moving into your house, that dream usually reveals your feelings towards your ex. You can’t let go of your ex and still feel sorry that the relationship is over.

Move in with parents

If you dreamed of moving back in with your parents, that dream usually reveals your feelings towards your parents. You may not be able to spend time with your parents, or you may remember that you weren’t as anxious as you were during the time you lived with them.

Usually these dreams are triggered by some event that evokes memories of the time you lived with your parents.

Dream of moving abroad

If you dreamed of moving abroad, that dream usually indicates your need for change and adventure. Perhaps you are bored with your daily routine and refuse to face some difficult problems in life.

Dream about helping someone move

This dream reveals your fear of change in life. You don’t want to face and accept that drastic change.

Moving to a two-story house in a dream

Moving to a two-story house in a dream means facing a huge fortune. This fortune can be good news for the future or it can be expressed as a good job along with marriage. It is included in the beautiful dreams that are generally handled and interpreted in a positive way.

Moving to a house with a pool in a dream

Moving to a house with a pool in a dream is interpreted that the dreamer’s quality of life and standard will increase. Indicates a good profit, especially with goods and properties. However, it indicates that these will happen more with luck and that your life will be in order.

Moving to a house with a garden in a dream

Moving to a house with a garden in a dream indicates a peaceful life. It indicates that the dreamer will not have any financial and moral problems and will lead a good life with his family. It is also rumored that she will not suffer from any serious illness and that she will overcome difficulties with her family.

Moving to a house by the sea in a dream

Moving to a house by the sea in a dream is interpreted as the owner of the dream will change the surroundings and the environment. In this way, it means that you will get rid of problems and stress a little bit. It indicates that the person will be good and will obtain moral motivation.

Collect items for moving in a dream

Picking up items in a dream usually represents one’s complex feelings and thoughts. Collected objects are the desire to put order in one’s life. This person may be on the brink of an important decision. You must be wise for your decision to make you happy. You must make decisions within reason. The dream is a warning to its owner.

Collecting things to move in a dream also represents the person’s desire to move away. Sometimes getting out of the environment makes everyone feel good. It will be better if the dreamer leaves for a different environment for a while. This dream can also be interpreted as a reflection of the person’s complex subconscious.

Moving to a small house in a dream

If a person sees that he is moving to a small house in his dream, it means that this person’s problems. The small space to move represents the problems in which the person is. This person is overwhelmed by her problems and wants a way out. And this way out is only in one’s own hands.

The new decisions that the person will make will allow him to achieve happiness in his life. However, it takes a little more time for this to happen. Being patient, making the right decisions is the interpretation of this dream.

Moving to a distant country in a dream

Changing country in dreams indicates a new life. The owner of this dream wishes to have a new life in new conditions. This is going to happen in a short time that anyone wants. This dream can also be interpreted as getting married, having children, being rich.

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