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Dream about witchcraft

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Dream about witchcraft, meaning. Sorcery and witchcraft are a practice that is usually associated with black magic, it is for this reason that when you dream of witchcraft, you can think that the interpretation of this type of dream is completely negative. However, these dreams also have positive connotations.

As it is a very extensive subject, the context of the dream itself is essential for its interpretation, but if it is to be given a general meaning, some interpreters agree that it is usually a desire to obtain things through any means that possibly cannot be achieved. they are deserved.

So it’s time to do some analysis to find out if a person is acting appropriately to achieve a goal. It is as if the subconscious were making a wake-up call to correct the course and although it is complicated, the satisfaction of seeing the effort materialized will be worth it.

Another meaning can be directly related to the childhood of an individual, that is, it is a reflection of those terrifying stories that cause fear in childhood.

Dreaming of witchcraft (positive meanings)

In order for a person to have a somewhat more precise interpretation, experts on these issues recommend observing the context of the dream.

Because many of these dreams can have a positive evocation; For example, if a person dreams of witchcraft, this may mean that his soul needs to make changes to transform his life and make it more pleasant.

If you are starting a project, it is a sign of good omen, and the key to everything is to have a lot of patience.

On the other hand, if demons could be observed in the dream, the meaning is that the person will have a promotion or great job offers.

These evil entities are the reflection of people who do not like the dreamer’s growth, but that will not affect them in the same way.

When symbols of witchcraft are seen in the dream, it can also be a good omen if elements of white magic are perceived, such as images of saints, colored candles, quartz, amulets or rosaries.

Dream about witchcraft, meaning
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Dream about witchcraft, meaning

Dreaming of witchcraft (negative meanings)

A person can have difficult moments and a lot of tension in his life, if he dreams of a witchcraft altar. In this sense, he should try to clarify everything he can so that things flow in a positive way, as it should be.

While, if a person dreams that their partner is being witchcraft, it is a sign that the love relationship may not have a future, where arguments, lack of affection and fights in marriage and courtship could become habitual.

Another meaning of these dreams with witchcraft is when you dream of objects related to black magic (upside-down crosses, dead animals or pentagrams), this means that you must be prepared since a sudden failure may come.

Dream about witchcraft and dolls

When an individual feels vulnerable or fragile, he is likely to dream of voodoo dolls, especially if he is a superstitious person and has the belief that everything is going wrong and bad luck accompanies him, he is certainly susceptible to have those kinds of dreams.

It should be noted that luck comes and goes as it pleases and life must be faced with much more optimism.

The details in this kind of dreams are very important to take into account, because not all of them have the same meaning; for example, dreaming of the boss, which represents a voodoo doll, are frustrated and negative feelings that come to light.

While dreaming of pins or needles stuck in the doll, it is the belief that another person is negatively influencing the dreamer’s relationship.

Other interpretations of dreaming with dolls

Dreaming of making a voodoo doll: this type of dream can occur in a person who wants to take revenge on another, specifically on someone very specific.

Ideally, to put aside these negative feelings towards that person, is to focus on individuals who are of greater interest.

Dreaming of a voodoo doll and feeling represented by it: the meaning of this kind of dream means that bad feelings such as jealousy and envy are being awakened.

But on the other hand it is something natural to have these dreams, if the person has remorse about their behavior towards another, the healthiest thing is to try to respect other people.

In the same way, this representation can also mean the fear that other people want unhappiness and misfortune or the person is going through stages of fear, insecurities and doubts.

For those individuals who easily change their minds or who believe they do not have sufficient criteria to make a decision and feel easy to manipulate, this is another reason why they may be presenting this type of dream, for this what they should try is to take charge of their life.

Dream about witchcraft and cats

Black cats are generally thought of as omens of bad luck. If a person dreams of a black cat, he will surely wake up with the feeling that something will go wrong in his life, that his economy or health may be at risk.

The bad luck that is linked to the black color of the cat is transformed into the certainty of a deception that you may be about to suffer, whether it is economic, emotional or work deception.

Really dreaming of a black cat does not mean that a tragedy will occur. It is possible that the subconscious is indicating that you should look much more carefully at some decisions that are being made or that should be made.

This kind of dream can also mean that something new is approaching in that person’s life, something unknown, that they will not know how to face and what to prepare for.

Because black cats are the main symbol of witchcraft in the Tarot, the Queen of Wands is accompanied by a black cat, that is, the courtly arcane related to witches.

Those beings who tend to dream of black cats may be being called to develop paranormal abilities that help them see life from an esoteric point of view, so that they learn to see and decode messages from the cosmos in everyday life.

What experts in the discipline of dream study advise is that the essential thing is to understand who is dreaming.

There are also people who adore black cats and have them as pets in their homes to provide them with love and care like a common cat.

In general, these types of people will not receive a negative impression when dreaming of a black cat, as most people who do not live with this type of cat would think.

Dream about witchcraft and fire

The symbology of this type of dreams shows that there is passion, desire, illumination, transformation, fury, travel and even changes.

For people who dream of witchcraft and fire, depending on the kind of dream, it can be interpreted in different ways, even as they can mean good things, they can also be bad things for the dreamer.

It may be that something old is about to end and something new is entering a person’s life. Both thoughts and opinions can change suddenly.

In case the dream can be controlled by the dreamer, it is symbolizing self-motivation and inner transformation, among many other analyses. Likewise, there are other representations of dreams with fire, among which we can mention:

Dreaming of witchcraft and fire where a person is burned: having a dream of this type can mean that the dreamer suffers from insomnia caused by worries with a sense of guilt.

In addition, it may be because impulsiveness will make you make mistakes that you will later regret and that, additionally, your temperament is passionate.

If the dream implies that the person burns himself, the meaning corresponds to the person being madly in love.

On the other hand, to dream that something is burning caused by some witchcraft, is that they are announcing happy moments, of joy and passion; it can also mean that there is a situation that is ignored.

Or that time is required to rest and relax, dreaming of witchcraft and fire that causes burns will announce pleasant things. On the other hand, dreaming of a flaming and clean fire means honesty, pure spirit and the unconditional support of friends.

Another dream that can be strange is being on fire coals in a witchcraft ritual, which can mean the person’s ability to achieve everything that is proposed, although it can mean the opposite when those who are burning are other people.

When the dreamer feels that his feet burn a lot when he walks through the coals, it can mean excellent health, but private and business matters can be affected due to the bad faith of a friend.

Dreaming of witchcraft and a lot of fire: this type of dream describes the inner passion of a person, as well as the anger that he possesses. They are usually people who like change and good things.

It is not necessary for them to worry about what they do not know, the essential thing is to explore their abilities and become someone important.

Dreaming of witchcraft and fire of small flame: when dreaming of witchcraft rituals with small flames of fire, its meaning indicates that few things concern the person.

That being is at a stage where the problems are in the past and the situations that arise are routine and will not be of great discomfort to the person.

The small fire in a witchcraft ritual can represent the energies, in case of being a relaxing and calm fire, it is because a little rest is desired; while if you dream of holding the small flame of fire in your hand, it foretells that the dreamer will make a new journey, but in which he needs to be well prepared.

Dream about witchcraft and snakes

Another figure that is closely related to witchcraft is snakes, so much so that many have taken it as a symbol of evil. The snake can be taken in different ways.

For example, in religion this animal was taken as the temptress of Adam in paradise, which earned it that the majority will consider it as a representative of the devil.

But really the snakes are the symbol of the earthly energy, that which arises from the earth, the earthly force and the senses at their best.

Next, we will mention some examples of dreams with witchcraft and snakes that people usually have and their different interpretations.

It should be noted that dreaming of witchcraft and snakes is a harbinger of some conflicts that have been caused by deception, lies, sex or betrayal. Those examples are:

To dream that a snake is entangled in the body of a person and attacks, means that your enemies may soon attack you or you will be the victim of intrigues.

Otherwise, it is when the snake is hit or killed by cutting off its head, it means that there will be triumph over the enemies or if there is a disease of its own or in the family it will be overcome.

A dream with a witchcraft rite and a coiled or fleeing snake can also be shown, which can mean that enemies and troubles will move away temporarily, but surely to fight back.

If you dream of a snake moving smoothly, gracefully and with no threat of attack, it tends to be a sign of unsatisfied sexual desire.

But if it is a woman who has these kinds of dreams, it is because very soon she will suffer from problems and disappointments.

Dreaming of one or more snakes and witchcraft are usually classified as nightmares, for many people they are announcements of slander, depression, hopelessness and betrayal.

A person can also dream of witchcraft and that a snake falls on him, that means that complicated situations will arise that will affect the dreamer in some way.

When you dream that you walk on many snakes that move on the ground, this is an indication that the person may be experiencing the fear of suffering illnesses or psychological attacks.

Another interpretation is to dream of witchcraft and a dead snake, which means that after lawsuits and fights, everything will end with hatred and grudges that will not be resolved.

Dreaming of witchcraft and animals

A person may dream of witchcraft and animals or animal parts, this meaning will depend on the symbolism given to the animal. 

A particular example is to dream that a person has skunk things placed in their belongings, which means that someone is trying through witchcraft that no one gets close to them, with the purpose of not having a partner or friends, this idea is based on the fact that no one approaches skunks because of their smell.

To dream of witchcraft and animals that attack: among other meanings of this kind of dreams you can find where animals are attacking, it means that you should pay more attention to enemies, especially those in the work environment, these animals represent the risks, obstacles and latent dangers.

To prevent these situations from escalating, it is advisable to evaluate the environment and review the type of relationships that are established in the workplace and the interests that are shared in such environments. It should be noted that the size of the animal symbolizes the magnitude of the threat or how it is perceived.

In the same way, the dream can be a premonition and sends signals about the outcome of a situation that an individual is going through. If he manages to escape unharmed from the animal’s attack, it means that he will overcome the problems.

Otherwise, you will have to go through life very carefully and make better decisions to avoid defeats.

To dream of witchcraft and mistreating an animal: when you have a dream of this type it should be understood as a metaphorical dream.

In this sense, the animal symbolizes an aspect of the dreamer’s life and behavior towards himself, it speaks about the affections and deep feelings that the person possesses before certain situations that disturb him.

You should also pay attention to the animal you are mistreating, for sure by noticing the animal’s weaknesses and qualities you can identify what it really represents.

Also, with these dreams people should be alert, since they can mean a bad omen, for this reason it is very important to take care of health and warn about possible risks to family members if they have signs of being in danger.

To dream of witchcraft and that you kill an animal: in this sense to have a dream that is related to these acts, is because the person should reflect on his self-control, it is possible that he has bad desires towards another person for something that bothers him.

Other small examples that represent witchcraft dreams where animals are killed, are the following:

  • Killing ants means that the dreamer is being followed by someone unscrupulous.
  • Killing cockroaches means that the opponents will be defeated.
  • To kill rats, it is the strength and coolness to face enemies.
  • Killing cats means that the dreamer will be able to escape from an enemy or traitor.

Dreaming of witchcraft in a cemetery

This is the most common dream that can be interpreted, it means that the person is breaking with old behaviors and habits that are bad for him/her, it can also symbolize a kind of regret and sadness.

The important thing to remember is that everything is temporary in life and you have to be patient and face the obstacles. This kind of dream can also suggest peace, fear, sadness among other feelings, everything will depend on the context.

From there arises the importance of remembering the details of the dream, as well as the feelings or sensations that the person experiences while dreaming, since only in this way will you be able to decipher what your subconscious really wants to transmit.

Dreaming of witchcraft and candles

When dreaming of rituals where lit candles appear, this can be positive signs for the future. Although witchcraft is a dark practice, lighted candles announce rebirth or learning when dealing with situations that previously generated fear.

In turn, this could indicate that the rebirth could mean moves, changes at work, career advancement and even a new love relationship.

Psychoanalysis of dreaming about witchcraft

When a person dreams of witchcraft it is usually given a meaning that will depend on what they feel during the dream and the type of magic they are practicing. This kind of dream can mean that you want to get at all costs those things that you do not deserve.

This interpretation applies when an individual dreams of a witchcraft ritual being practiced by a stranger.

Likewise, when witchcraft is being practiced on another person in the dream, it can be interpreted as the desire to punish other people who have harmed the dreamer, using any means available.

It is a revenge desired by the subconscious and in this case it is best to meditate and think things through very well before acting impulsively.

For those who dream that they are doing witchcraft to help others, it means that the dreamer is a good person who gives his all to help people.

It is also a prediction that you will receive good things that will translate into benefits for the family and household.

But if instead the dreamer is the victim of witchcraft involving black magic, it means that the decisions he makes could harm himself. 

It can also mean that there is manipulation by someone who is held in high esteem and who is trying to influence decisions.

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