Dream about Ex-Husband meaning

Dream about ex-husband meaning:dying, getting married, and his girlfriend, and his family, with another woman, having a baby, coming back, crying, trying to kill me,giving me money, coming to my house, doing drugs, drowning, funeral, my ex husband kissing me, laughing at me, proposing, smiling, sleeping with ex husband.

Dream about ex-husband meaning:dying, getting married, and his girlfriend, and his family, with another woman, having a baby, coming back, crying, trying to kill me,giving me money, coming to my house, doing drugs, drowning, funeral, my ex husband kissing me, laughing at me, proposing, smiling, sleeping with ex husband
Dream about ex-husband meaning:dying, getting married, and his girlfriend, and his family, with another woman, having a baby, coming back, crying, trying to kill me,giving me money, coming to my house, doing drugs, drowning, funeral, my ex husband kissing me, laughing at me, proposing, smiling, sleeping with ex husband

For most people, sleep is like therapy because it’s their chance to dream and relax. But it is not always true and this dream can cause you major stress. For instance, at one minute you were dreaming about enjoying a picnic and eating ice cream, and then suddenly you see your ex in your dream. What does it mean if you see your ex-husband in your dream? It doesn’t mean that you want to get together again.

It is a natural phenomenon that people wonder about the reason behind their dreams and it is likely to increase your curiosity if someone unexpected comes in front of your eyes. It is not a strange thing to see your ex-husband in a dream even if you are happy with your new relationship. Dreaming about an ex is common. If your brain keeps popping up a certain person while you are sleeping, some of these reasons might be.

You are worried about the success of your new relationship

When you are going to start your new relationship and dream about your ex-husband, you might be comparing them to evaluate if things work out this time. When trying to get hitched to someone new you are remembering the minuses and pluses of your previous relationship. Your psyche is trying to help you out so you may believe that now you have entered into the right relationship.

You feel that your relationship is not yet over

There are plenty of reasons that you are looking for your ex-husband in your dream. It sometimes symbolizes that you still have a feeling for him, there is still an option. To overcome this situation, it is suggested that you have a deep look inside you and figure out if everything is over. Are you wishing to get back together?

Dreaming about your ex-husband can have different meanings but the best thing is to look inside yourself. Doing this will give the answers you are looking for.


Dreaming about someone who is dying, is a slightly horrible dream. When you wake up you feel that your heart is pounding. This situation gets worse if you think about the death of your ex-husband as this dream has a proper meaning.  It can also confuse you as to why you are getting into such dreams as the relationship is over. Such a dream means that you will get new space and soon the cycle will end. This dream will help you to overcome disappointment in your relationship.

Some people interpret it as a way to stop yourself from suffering. After the breakup, most of the people felt that they had gone crazy. Sometimes they may suffer from mental disorders as it feels that their identity has been removed. You may have these dreams because of difficult meaning and troubles that you were suffering because of your ex-boyfriend. The ex-husband dies in the dream to stop the feelings you are going through. Its simple meaning is that you want the love and memories you shared to go away.

Getting married

It is never fun to see your ex-husband getting married to someone else in a dream. You will have peace of mind after knowing what it means. It signifies that you are not over to your ex-husband. In the present time, you have feelings for that person. You are hoping in one corner of your heart to get together once again. It is completely normal but it doesn’t mean to move back to the relationship that is completely over. Possibly, the relationship ends for good reason. You need to realize this fact is better than the previous one coming to you. Try to embrace new things as they are coming and allow new opportunities to show their existence. 

And his girlfriend

People often think about their ex if there is not complete closure. Dreaming about their ex-husband with his new girlfriend can have good as well as bad singing. It depends on the perspective of the person looking at it. If talking about good perspective, it symbolizes that now you should move on as your ex has stepped into a different heart. But for those who couldn’t overcome the feelings and separation, it is a big task. It doesn’t mean that he still loves you, you are just interpreting your inner feelings. You can try to ignore them but most often truth is told by dreams. Don’t be ashamed to dream about it, as everyone has gone through this point in their lives.

And his family

It is very interesting to know that if you dream about your ex-husbands family, it states prosperity and good luck. You are living your dreams. Seeing a husband’s family in a dream is like fresh air. You are energetic and confident enough to step forward with new projects in life. It is often explained that such dreams show your thought process.

Dreaming about the ex-husband’s family has a different meaning. One interpretation is that you lack trustworthy people in your life. You have poor judgment skills. These dreams represent your independence and commitments. You may feel that your time is used up in your personal or business matters.

With another woman

In other words, looking at the ex-husband’s family in a dream means the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. People will call you for physical or emotional support. You will express yourself differently from the past. This dream can be a signal for the union of opposite people. It can be evidence of authority, status, strength, and potential. You are wishing for a relationship that can complete you. Something important is going inside you which you need to express. You can do any situation you like.

Having a baby

Last night you saw a dream in which your ex-husband is holding a baby and now you want to understand its nature. For learning about the true nature it is necessary to keep in mind all the components of a dream. It can have a special meaning. Dreaming about your ex-husband having a baby means that you are a clever and honest person. You are trying to get control over everything. Your observing power will give you an overview of feelings and emotions. You look differently at various things. It will be beneficial for you to step on the ladder of success and work with consistency to achieve your goals. 

Dreaming about your ex-husband with his baby proves that you will go higher in your career. Whatever your career is, you will achieve distinction. With your exceptional strength, you will fulfill your aspirations. Likewise, it can mean that where people are wasting their time you will search for higher production.

Another meaning of this dream is that money is coming along your way. This money might come from any of your distant relatives or someone closer whose absence will sadden you. It can symbolize money like a lottery or a prize in a game. This money will be enough to enjoy, celebrate and have relief.

Dreaming of an ex-husband with a baby means that you are going to be paid for your efforts. You have spent your time and efforts and your project will reap all the honor. Don’t be afraid to accept that you are an architect or an artist. You will be rewarded for your hard work. Enjoy your time and be thankful for the honor you achieved.

Coming back

One night while sleeping you see your ex-husband in a dream coming back to you. You might want to know about its true meaning. It simply defines that you are still processing your relationship and till now you are finding a true closure. For some people, it reflects that they still have feelings for their ex. If you see the dream of getting with your ex-husband doesn’t necessarily mean that you are waiting for the person to come back to you.

Revisiting past relationships and memories in dreams while sleeping provides us a chance to reevaluate things from a better perspective. It gives us time to process some unknown feelings and move on. Sometimes such dreams help you to end up completely on your ex. The best way is to talk about our dream or write it in a journal and think over it. If your ex was cruel and you dream of getting back to it then you are falling back to an unhealthy relationship with someone else. Ask yourself what you are feeling. The dream may be a warning for a negative relationship in the future.


Are you aware of the fact that you spend your night dreaming? Dreams are releases that help you to get rid of all types of feelings and emotions. You dreamed about your ex-husband crying and want to know why. This belief has a deep meaning. This dream is reflecting your inner sight in a better way. Dreaming about ex-husband crying seems to be a mystery that should be resolved. This dream has a bad meaning. It means that you are going to lose money. You should protect yourself. It is not good for you to lend money to someone and you never see that money again. If people owe you money, you should get it back as you are going to need it.

This dream has one positive meaning too. It symbolizes your inner positive attitude and kindness. It shows that you are a good and open-minded person. You wish to help others and you like being great with others. This dream can be interpreted as you have never been poor. You are living a luxurious life and made enough money to do what you desire. Dreaming about your ex-husband crying means that it’s time for you to think only about yourself. This doesn’t mean that you become selfish but you should attain full attention.

Trying to kill me

Dreaming about your ex-husband trying to kill you is very scary. Dreaming about your ex-husband trying to kill you signifies the importance of rest in your life. It indicates that you need to relax and enjoy your life. Don’t take things too heavy on you. This dream indicates your personal and professional relationships. You have achieved authority and power.

Killing in a dream shows your individualistic attitude. You are undecided in some areas of life. There is something inside you that you don’t know how to express. These dreams are the presentiment for what is coming your way or what is available out there for you. It is hinting that you put your previous things aside and that new rooms are available for new things.

Giving me money

Dreaming about your ex-husband giving you money has a very strong meaning. Interpreting the right meaning of the dream is a way to enhance personal development. The meaning of ex-husband giving money will vary from person to person depending on experiences. Knowing why you see this dream will make it easy for you to understand different situations.

If you feel hesitant and uncomfortable while your ex is giving you money, it means that you are a snobby and arrogant person. You are a person who likes everything to move around you. It is difficult for you to consider the feelings of others as you only think of yourself. Some people understand this with a different definition. According to them, your ex-husband giving you money is the symbol of unhappiness and displeasure. It shows that you are not happy sexually. All of the unsaid hurt in a relationship will lead you towards dissatisfaction.

When we see things in our dreams we should have a deep look at them as they present one significant part of our life. After being divorced for many years, one night you saw your ex-husband. This dream shows that you are moving back to your old goals in life. You should remember the lesson that this person taught you. It means that you have to move back to complete your unfinished tasks.

Coming to my house

When you have a dream of your ex-husband visiting you at home it symbolizes that you are finding someone that can enter your life with different and unique qualities. You will find these feelings similar to the feelings that you felt when you were in a relationship with your ex.

Doing drugs

It is not a big task to see your ex-husband in dreams. Dreaming about ex-husband doing drugs represents excessive enjoyment and pleasure in life. You are getting control of the abusive power with which you harmed yourself.


Your heart will go up and down if you see someone’s funeral in a dream. Dreaming about your ex-husband can horrify you as you were once related to the person however, it can have a different meaning. This dream points to a transition state. You are spending your energy on things that you can handle. You need to be a bit careful about the decisions you are going to make. It encounters a rebellious attitude within you. You are advised to look forward to the future and move on from the past.

My ex husband kissing me

Your ex-husband kissing you in a dream can have an ambiguous meaning. This dream helps you understand the troubles; conflicts you may face in the future but it also gives you good news. This dream promises support and new relationships. If a woman sees her ex-husband kissing her in a dream, this throws light on the incompleteness of the relationship with the desire to continue the dream.

Laughing at me

When you dream of your ex-husband laughing at you is a good symbol. Such a dream can exemplify your feelings, sentiments, and happiness. Laughing in dreams indicates that you will encounter a pleasant and comfortable situation. Your problems will disappear soon.


A marriage proposal is a dream for most women. Marriage proposals are a common subject of dreams. Dreaming of a marriage proposal from an ex-can is a good signal. It shows that both of you have come on terms with each other and you have learned all the desired things from your experiences. If you accept that proposal it means that you are still looking for a chance to go back.


To dream that someone is smiling shows your satisfaction with your achievements and approves the decisions made by you. Dreaming of ex-husband smiling demonstrates fraternity, union, and wishes.

Sleeping with ex husband

If you dream of sleeping with your ex-husband it doesn’t mean that you still have emotions for your ex-husband, it is the most common reason that most of us interpret. 

Dreaming of an ex-husband means that you still remember the person’s personality and miss the person himself. Dream of sleeping with an ex-husband can be confusing and for many people, it raises different questions in mind. These dreams help you revisit the old relationship because your ex-husband was extremely pleasurable and because of the comfort of getting your consciousness to wish to reside.

All these dreams have different meanings. Be sure to remember your dream for its true interpretation. It is not important what dreams are about, or what happens in the dream, the main thing is how you feel during the dream. Those who are curious about knowing the meaning of their dream need to keep an open mind and judge themselves to answer their curiosity.

I hope you liked it. This article will provide all the details you are looking for. It will be highly appreciated if you share feedback.

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