Dream about ex boyfriend

Dream about ex boyfriend: and his family, and current boyfriend fig, and his girlfriend, and his wife,being sick,being pregnant, being drunk, beating me up, but I’m married, having ex boyfriend baby, back together, cheating, calling, chasing me,doing drugs,dating my sister, dead, getting married, hugging me, kissing me, killing me, missing you, giving me money, happy, sexually, texting me.

And his family

Dream about ex boyfriend: and his family, and current boyfriend fig, and his girlfriend, and his wife,being sick,being pregnant, being drunk, beating me up, but I'm married, having ex boyfriend baby, back together, cheating, calling, chasing me,doing drugs,dating my sister, dead, getting married, hugging me, kissing me, killing me, missing you, giving me money, happy, sexually, texting me
Dream about ex boyfriend: and his family, and current boyfriend fig, and his girlfriend, and his wife,being sick,being pregnant, being drunk, beating me up, but I’m married, having ex boyfriend baby, back together, cheating, calling, chasing me,doing drugs,dating my sister, dead, getting married, hugging me, kissing me, killing me, missing you, giving me money, happy, sexually, texting me

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend and if it is your first love is a common thing. That ex becomes the symbol of uninhibited, lasting, and unafraid love. It means that you are powerful enough to overcome things and your subconscious mind is messaging you to find some spice in life. You can dream about your ex-boyfriend in different ways. 

It depends whether it was a recent ex or you broke up recently. If you saw your recent ex-boyfriend in your dream, then your subconscious brain is signaling you to undermine the hard work you are putting in to overcome this person. Your dream is helping you heal from the process and feelings of breakup. Possibly, your ex-boyfriend was an abusive person and he is wandering in your dreams. If you are dreaming of an abusive ex-boyfriend, then clearly during your waking time when your mind is active you are finding the reason why that everything happened.

One case is that you dream about your ex-boyfriend because you are missing him. You are remembering all those qualities that you liked in your ex and thinking if you can find such a person again. It may be your inner desire that you want to get back together with him. 

You may see him apologizing in a dream and chances are that you will forgive him. It depends on the situation whether you want to fall in love again with an ex. Such dreams can communicate good things too. Some interpret it as a sign that they are at peace in their new relationship and they learned the lesson that they were looking for from their relationship. 

When you see your ex in your dream it doesn’t mean you are missing them. The only thing is that you are missing the human interaction and feelings of being loved. Such dreams focus on reflecting the good qualities of your ex-boyfriend.

When you wear makeup and remember that you saw your ex-boyfriend in your dream, it is shocking and unpleasant. But these dreams reflect your inner thoughts. They represent your actions and feelings in waking life. These dreams don’t have the same fits and their interpretation depends on explanation. 

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend doesn’t have the same significance that you want to get back with them. Many women reported that they have seen their ex-boyfriend’s mother making a cameo in the dream. If an ex-boyfriend’s mother appears in a dream, then it is interpreted as you have unresolved issues in your ongoing relationship. 

A dream related to an ex-boyfriend or his relatives can be very upsetting for a girl as the relationship is over now. To see your boyfriend’s mother in a dream is a girl’s true desire. For some sensitive girls, the meaning of this dream is taken as the girl hasn’t still forgotten her love and the dream reflects her sadness at how much she missed her. 

This dream can have turned into a nightmare if you see the death of a mother in a dream. This directs that your former love will face dangers or threats. It is good for you to warn him that he will face problems in the future.

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend fighting with a current boyfriend is a difficult phase you’re going through in dreams. You should try to get in touch with spirits. It means one of your friends is into yourself or your relationship is dominating you.

Others interpret this dream differently. Your dream is a signal of strength and power from you. From obscurity, you are holding a prominent position. Your opinions will matter.

And current boyfriend fig

Seeing ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend fighting is a signal towards the battle of hate and love. You should make attempts to move forwards. Thoughts of aging and appearance have always preoccupied you. Such a dream can be a signal of negative and positive situations. It seems that you are riding on a roller coaster.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend is directed towards your childhood self. You can face problems in the future with those who are dependent on you. Your experience will be helpful and it provides clarity to you regarding relationships and situations. This dream can be a symbol of your core characteristics. You are on a journey to explore your emotions and try to understand your feelings while doing certain things. 

Sometimes a dream of an ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend fighting is an alert to a bad habit. You are trying to break this habit but till now you have not achieved success. 

Sometimes the person or things that you find unappealing appears attractive to you. Your dream is a bad signal about your tendencies. It is telling that you have to buy favors from friends or others. You are advised to solve your problems and confront them as they have reached the boiling point.

Dreaming about someone dying is a horrible scene. But that doesn’t mean the actual death of that person so relax. Death of an ex-boyfriend in a dream can hurt you and make you feel uncomfortable as soon as you are in a relationship with him. When you see your ex-partner’s death then it symbolizes that you are mourning over the end of the relationship. 

You are not looking for your boyfriend to come back but you are sorrowing over the death of a relationship. It is a symbol of happiness as it advises you to let go of the previous relationship. If you see your ex-boyfriend dying this might represent a change in the dimensions of your relationship.

And his girlfriend 

One night you are sleeping and see an ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend in a dream and now you are searching for its meaning. Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend comes up when you are trying to draw a comparison of how the guy behaved with you and what he is doing with his new girlfriend. When your dream ends you think the new girl is happier than you. So you conclude that the happiness the boy was looking for has been granted to him by the new one.

Your overthinking attitude can be another reason that you are dreaming about your ex-boyfriend with his girlfriend. You might compare your relationship with his past relationships and then it will be a headache and regret all over again. 

You can be frustrated when you see your ex-boyfriend enjoying with his girlfriend and all you feel is a sense of frustration. You are in guilt for missing out on him. You are regretting letting him go. Allowing him to move forward seems like your biggest mistake in life. Every day you feel his absence.

The above conditions change if it was a toxic relationship. In such conditions you are worried about a new girl whom you think will face the same trauma. 

According to your things, the same things will happen as in your relationship. It will be quite awkward for you to warn her and all these thoughts and anxiety are making your dream. This dream simply means that you are worried about the new person whom your ex is dating. This dream has nothing to do but it is just a concern for the new girl.

Possibly, your subconscious brain is telling you that your ex-boyfriend has moved on. Now it’s time for you to move forward. Your dream is helping you to grasp the reality of the situation.

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend could mean that you are looking for closure. You want things to end now but are uncomfortable and unsettled about how the things ended. May you be still proving yourself that the relationship is over now? 

And his wife

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend with his wife means you are ready to let go of previous memories and now searching for a new and healthy relationship. In your waking hours, you are afraid to repeat the same mistakes and your subconscious brain reflects them in your dreams as they don’t wish history to repeat itself. 

So the appearance of an ex-boyfriend doesn’t have the same meaning that he is here to do something to your wounded heart. You should not feel ashamed or still because you still see your ex-boyfriend in dreams. You dream about sharing life. To move and forget these kind gestures is not an easy task. It is your work to figure out what exactly you are thinking, making you see your ex-boyfriend in a dream living happily with his wife.

Being pregnant

If you dream about your ex getting pregnant then it is considered a good symbol. It symbolizes that you have learned many different things from your previous relationship. In other words, the relationship has permitted you to produce new parts of your life. It is possible to dream about a person pregnant in a dream whether it is your ex-partner, friend, current partner, or any family member. This dream can tell you about the feelings that you or any other couple is trying to get pregnant.

Being drunk

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend drunk shows your attributes. It reflects that you are an open and sincere person. You are trying to transform your personality and embrace your sensuality. This dream will help you realize your sense of reality. You feel protected by spiritual power. Your good nature will reward you for being nice to others.

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend drunk has another meaning too. It signifies your strength, knowledge, and ability to make decisions and choose your path. You are seeking guidance from others. This dream may be about the dominant character who is ruling over you.

Sometimes dreaming about an ex-boyfriend’s drinking signals reflect immaturity. Try to have a look at yourself. Readjust your attitude and change the way you think. This dream alerts you about some negative feelings and emotions to be directed at you. The only work for you is to keep yourself away from a pessimistic approach and attitude.

Beating me up

Seeing an ex-boyfriend beating up in a dream can scare you and you may want to know about its true interpretation. The meaning of the dream is completely different from the horrible feeling. Dream about your ex-boyfriend beating you points towards your creativity and talents. It shows your enjoyment in life. 

You are conscious of a particular situation. From healthy growing and development, you need a solid foundation. This dream signals the strength and resolution of your character. You need to gain experience in life.

Dream of an ex-boyfriend beating you up is a warning for the role you play in the whole picture. You are getting strong, taking on new identities. This can be a hint of spiritual meaning. You lend a helping hand to people who need your help. 

Sometimes you take this pressure very seriously and you only want to give up. It may reflect that the period of chaos related to this relation is going on in your mind and can only accept it. After some time, things will be better soon.

But I’m married

You are happily married and one night you meet your ex-boyfriend in your dream. Coming across a dream like that is a normal thing. After seeing your ex-boyfriend, you might spend the next few days missing him and feeling sad over the end of a relationship. If you end on a positive note, then you both didn’t have hard feelings for each other. You simply realize that it is time to move on, even if you are together in the past you could never become each other forever.

Having ex boyfriend baby

Those who see the dream of having a baby with an ex-boyfriend can be confused as to why they are viewing such things as they both have moved on. This dream can have two meanings. If the baby is yours it may suggest you start the relationship again. If the baby is not yours then it can be a signal for you to move on.

Back together

When you dream about your ex-boyfriend there might be a chance that you still feel for the person but the case is not the same for everyone. Dreaming about getting back together with an ex-boyfriend can be joyful but it can be a situation of unwanted confusion. When we are in a relationship with someone we consider that person a significant part of our life and when the relationship breaks we keep on dreaming about the precious memories.

You broke up with your boyfriend because he cheated on you. Now after getting out of this situation you are still experiencing the same thing in dreams because you have been created. This bad experience is creating feelings of distrust in a current relationship.

Cheating, calling; chasing me

If your dream is about an ex-boyfriend calling and chasing, then you will look for its meaning. It doesn’t sound serious as it doesn’t involve much in the relationship. It doesn’t symbolize that your ex is behind you and trying to call you to get you back in life. This dream might indicate a break to brainstorm what you want from your new relationship.

Doing drugs

Whether you know this fact or not, you dream every night. Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend doing drugs shows that you require kindness. You want to be supported and connected. Thinking in solitude can harm you. You are a friendly person and want to interact with different groups. You maintain human connections from the bottom of your heart.

Dating my sister

Dream of your ex-boyfriend dating your sister can alert you. This can be a kind of warning for feminine and warning. Your enemies are trying to bring you down. You are a social person and like hanging out with people. You need to confront your past to move forward and you should focus on your goals.


Seeing someone dying in a dream can horrify you. If you see your ex-boyfriend’s death in a dream, then you are grieving over the loss of relationships. You may not want him to die but you are mourning over the loss of relationships. You may feel sad but you have to let it go.

Getting married

A signal that you still have a feeling for a previous relationship is to see your ex-boyfriend marrying someone else in your dream. You are not over this guy and you are hoping to get back together with him. You still have feelings for that person. It is completely normal as we all face this situation one time in our life.

Hugging me, kissing me

When you see your ex-boyfriend loving you, hugging and kissing you don’t think the same that still you want to be bound with this relationship. It is reflecting the present state of your mind. So when you dream of your ex-boyfriend hugging and kissing you, it reflects your present relationship and what you are looking for. 

Killing me

On the other hand, if you see a dream opposite to the previous one that your boyfriend is killing you, then in actual words you are blaming your boyfriend for ending the relationship even accidentally. Seeing an ex-boyfriend in a dream is a symbol of passion and unrestrained desire and courageous love. 

Missing you

Your dream is telling you to find some spice in life. Seeing your ex in a dream means that you are missing some old memories associated with that person and you wish to have them back.

Giving me money

Receiving money in dreams from your ex-boyfriend anticipates success, confidence, and power in life.


The dream in which you see your ex-boyfriend simplifies that you both still wish to be together. This dream appears most probably when you are reliving the previous good memories that you made with him. 


If you witness a sexual relationship with your boyfriend in a dream then the relation is not over from your side, some leftover emotions are hidden inside you but it is not true in every case. You may be remembering the representation of the person rather than the person himself.

Texting me

It can be suggested that you are so involved in texting that the task has been carried to your dreams. Most probably, this dream is interpreted as that you are still in the state of processing the relationship. This can mean you have not moved on yet.

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