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Dogs in ancient history

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Dogs in ancient history: Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, Greek, Rome, Japan, Israel, India and Assyria. Throughout the blog we talk about the dog, especially in terms of the Chinese zodiac. That is why I found it interesting to bring a bit of history, culture and traditions around this animal.

The Dog is one of the premature domestic animals. In the early days, the Dog was used for the protection of flocks and houses against enemies. In ancient times, dogs were cared for and kept by only one master. in ancient times, and the dogs ate the remaining parts of dead animals. There are two basic kinds of dogs and one is greyhound used for hunting and was used to care for flocks and animals. The dogs were the friends of gods of healing. It is said that the evolution of dogs has occurred from the wolves.   

Dogs in ancient history, Mesopotamia, Egypt
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Dogs in ancient history,Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greeks, Rome,Japan, Israel, India, Assyria

Dogs in ancient Mesopotamia 

It has been noted that three breeds of dogs are positively recognized from ancient Mesopotamia. First is a greyhound, dane, and mastiff. Dogs in old Mesopotamia were so essential in people’s daily life that the Dog of God was seen in the neckband and rope. It is not confident that the people of Mesopotamia have invented the choker. It is thought that this process may have occurred with time. But the art of neckbands and collar can be seen in the ancient art of Mesopotamia. 

The dogs were greatly respected in Mesopotamia as guardians and defenders, curer, and companions of gods. The healing god always relates with the dog neck. Inanna was one of the most popular goddesses in Mesopotamia. a variety of paintings, statues were made for a specific reason. In modern days, the relationship between a dog and man has changed, but the basic structure is the same. 

They were built between 3300 BCE. in Mesopotamia. The food and caring of the dogs were equal to the humans, and they were caught by neck bands made from leather or other materials. but this does not prove that those ropes and neck bands were made from leather. The material from which NEC was created is still unknown. 

Dogs in ancient China 

The archaeological pieces of evidence have proven that the first Dog was domesticated in China 9000 years ago. In old China, dogs were used for many purposes like guarding, hunting. In old china, dogs were used as food and protein for people wrong, and The Dog was the faithful and oldest domestic animal in ancient China. 

The dog meat was considered fragility and the only king can eat as it is assumed that this meat is an excellent source of removing fatigue from the body during winter. Used on furniture, models of houses, and tools. 

In ancient China, a dog named lapdog was initially from China for the royal family only. They were entertained by walking, lapdog sleep on the silk cushions. These dogs were also awarded gifts packed with silk. In old china, dogs were used for food. The royal family always keeps the best dogs for hunting. Cultural process, according to artistic people, dogs will save us from the sun in hell. 

Dogs in old Egypt 

Dogs were widespread in old Egypt. They kept greyhounds, Salukis, even the mastiff hounds of today. The Dog was the important pet of every Egyptian family. Egyptian was the first civilization that revealed the dogs’ exceptional talent and skills and appreciated them. The Dog was also famous as the cat in old Egypt. 

After Mesopotamia, Egypt was the first civilization where the neckband of the Dog was made from gold. Egyptians took great care of their dogs. The physical appearance has been proved from the graves and on the painting of tombs.

As a companion and hunter, the Dog was an essential part of every Egyptian family. seven different kinds were breeds in old Egypt. Greyhound, these dogs are often used in hunting. The blazon, the Pharaoh, the Saluki , the whippet, the Molossian. in short, the dogs as faithful animals were loved and cared for by the old Egyptians.

Dogs in old Greek 

In old Greek, the word used for the Dog was kyon. All ancient Greeks had a great love and respect for their dogs. They considered them as their companions. After death, they buried their dogs and made their tombstone which had been discovered for centuries. They had an excellent relationship with their pets, especially with dogs. 

On the loyalty of the dogs, they have written a book, Odyssey. It was written in 800 BC and told us about the commitment of the dogs to their owner or man. When a dog dies, they do not become sad or cry. They buried them in graves and held a ceremony in his beloved Dog. All this they do decently. Hecate is the god of dogs in greek. 

The dogs were imported as they protect them from wolves. By doing so, they have developed a relationship of love and respect with humans. Greeks first made the neck belt, and they created paintings and designs on the neck belts. The Greeks were also impressed by the Egyptians. The neck belt was made of a simple rope or from leather. In old Greek, dogs were used for hunting. They are not used in warfare, but they are used by greek as guards. 

These hunting dogs were famous in both the upper and lower classes in greek because they protected the man and flocks from wolves.    

Dogs in ancient Rome 

In Rome, the Dog was considered a good companion, warrior fellow, and a suitable guardian. In some cases, they are presented to god for sacrifice. in old Rome, they served to keep the man warm in winters and improve spirits to improve spirits in his owner. The dogs in ancient Rome were used in war. 

They were used in the Roman army on a large scale for security and as a good guardian. The sacrifice of the dogs to God is not considered ordinary. Fighting dogs are used in small quantities, but they are cared for by many slaves and even by family members. A fighting dog is viewed as a symbol of honour.   

Dogs in ancient Japan 

In old Japan, dogs were domesticated from the Jomon period 10,000 years B.C. In Japan, the word in or kanji is used for dogs. The white Dog also comes into the folk tales of the Japanese and is considered very holy. 

There were six breeds used in ancient Japan. The oldest skeleton of a dog which was discovered in Japan is 9,500 before the present. It is thought that the Jomon people brought the dogs to japan from 10,000 to 12,000 years ago when they migrated towards japan from other areas of the land. 

The oldest known Japanese Dog is Hokkaido. Its physical structure keeps them safe from harsh weather. Nowadays, you can keep any dog as a pet, but they do not allow the aggressive breeds of the dogs. According to the survey, cats are the most common pets in japan and sell or buy from the market. 

Dogs in ancient Israel 

The people of Israel never hate dogs. But they kept them away from them. People think that street dogs eat everything, whether they are alive or dead. In the holy book of the bible, there are many references to dogs which means that they are known from ancient times. 

The dogs in Israel were used to guard the flocks’ homes, and they were also used as shepherds in some areas of Israel. They believe that these dogs have a relationship with old Hebrew people. The people of Israel kept dogs just for the security of the flocks. It is said that dogs were domesticated in Israel 12000 years ago. As in other cultures, the people of Israel think that dogs are faithful, caring animals, and they are considered a part of the family. 

Dogs in ancient India 

In old times they sent a female dog to detect a cow which was stolen by the pain. It means that dogs were also common in India, like other areas of this world. The first Dog was brought by the Portuguese trader in India when they came for trade here. After the emperor, Jahangir received a gift from an English diplomat, Thomas roe. 

They imported it from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other parts of the world. Jahangir was so fond of the dogs that he fed the dogs with his own hands and gave each Dog a fan of four slaves in a sweltering season. Mohenjo-Daro discovered the oldest skull.    

Dogs in ancient Assyria 

In Assyria, the Dog was an essential part of everyday life. In Assyria dogs were the first domestic animal. People of Assyria used them for hunting, for the protection of their animals and home. The images of the dogs were considered as safety of the house. Some people used small statues for the magical protection of the house. They buried them below or near the doors. Statues of dogs are found in the ruins of Nineveh. In ancient Assyria, dogs were also used in the army.

Conclusion Dogs in ancient history

The Dog is a faithful domestic animal from ancient times. In many parts of the world, it is used for various purposes. The Dog has proved himself as a good friend and companion of the man.

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