Death Tarot Card Meaning

Introduction: Death Tarot Card Meaning. The Tarot card known as death is often associated with fear and negativity due to its name, but its meaning goes far beyond literal death. In the Tarot, Death symbolizes transformation, endings, and new beginnings. It represents the natural cycles of life, the concept of change, and the necessary process of letting go to make space for growth. 

The Death Tarot card usually indicates a time of spiritual change and change and new beginnings, not death! The change or transformation that death can bring may be challenging, unexpected, sudden, or even painful, but it will fetch a new lease on life.

It is best to try not to resist the change brought about by the Death Tarot card because resisting it will make the transition difficult and painful. Instead, try to embrace change as a new beginning. This Major Arcana card can also indicate the need to let go of old issues or beliefs when it arises in a tarot spread.

By exploring the Death Card’s more profound symbolism and interpretations, we can uncover its profound wisdom and valuable insights.

Death Tarot Card Meaning
Death Tarot Card Meaning 2

Death Tarot Card Meaning in Love and Relationship (Upright)

If you are in a connection, death in a love tarot context may indicate that you or your partner are holding on to a relationship that is not working or that you are clinging to old patterns that are not working. You are preventing your relationship from moving forward.

Death means things are going to change whether you like them or not. You can either resist transformation or embrace it. If your relationship is not going satisfactorily, the Death Tarot card may indicate that it is time to move away, a divorce, or that you and your partner must make significant changes and let go of old patterns or problems.

The old issues that the Death Card seeks to change can be deep-seated and painful. If so, you may desire to consider relationship counseling. The Death card may indicate that you will soon let go of old beliefs, issues, or behaviors that no longer serve you. Embrace this change because it will bring new love into your life.

Money and Occupation (Upright)

Death in a professional context is a warning not to depend too much on anything not working for you. The only thing assured in life is that things change. If you are unhappy with your current job, start looking for a new one, or the universe may force you to find a new one.

If you are starting your own business but are hesitant to leave your old job because of the security it offers, death is signaling that it is time to jump in with both feet. When the Death card appears from a financial perspective, money may be tight, and you may experience a hurried drop in income or loss of money.

If this happens, don’t let it get you down, this change will take you to a positive place, and you will learn from it. If you face financial difficulties, don’t stick your head in the sand; make valuable adjustments and keep moving positively.

If you’re tight on money, consider going back to basics, swapping big nights out for cozy nights with close friends. And remember, any financial problem will be fixed in the long run if you make the necessary changes.

Letting Go and Release (upright):

The Death card urges us to let go of attachments and release what is holding us back. This can refer to emotional attachments, relationships, or outdated beliefs and behaviors. It invites us to surrender control and trust the natural flow of life. Letting go can be challenging, but by doing so, we create space for growth, healing, and new opportunities to enter our lives.

Spirituality (upright)

Physical death is a condition of change when our souls leave the physical body behind and return to the spiritual beings we all are internally. The Death card represents spiritual transformation. A spiritual tarot reading marks a time when you can connect profoundly with your higher self and discover a depth of spirituality you didn’t even know you had.

This spiritual change can be caused by grief, loss, or the heartbreak you have experienced. It can symbolize a difficult transition from an old situation to a new beginning. Try to accept change even if it is difficult, and it will lead you to your higher path. 

General Meaning and Interpretation of the Death Tarot Card (Reversed)

Generally, a death reversal implies that you are resisting the change necessary to move forward. Nothing new can begin when you hold on to this old negative energy. Death signifies that while you are finding it challenging to let go, once you do, new energy will flow into your life to give you a bright new start.

Love and Relationships (Reverse)

If you are in an affinity, the Death Tarot card reversed in a Love Tarot context demonstrates that you resist change. Maybe you’re holding on to a relationship that’s run its course for a long time because you feel dependent on your partner or fear loneliness.

Or maybe you’re living with a partner you don’t love out of a sense of responsibility. It can also indicate that a relationship you thought was over long ago may resurface and be rekindled.

If you are single, a death reversal demonstrates you must let go of negative behavior patterns to bring something cheerful into your love life. For example, if you tend to choose the wrong partners because of low self-esteem, you will need to build up self-confidence and let go of self-sabotaging behaviors to have such partners in your life. Get a partner who treats you with love and respect.

Health (Reverse)

In a health context, a death reversal may indicate that you resist dealing with your health issues or being proactive in your treatment. Maybe your health problems are physical symptoms of a deeper problem, and you resist addressing them. You may have an old fear of a specific disease and avoid checkups. Get it out of the way; it will give you new energy.

Spirituality (Reverse)

When death appears in a reversed spiritual context, such as an upright meaning, it indicates a difficult time in your life, a spiritual change caused by grief or loss. Nevertheless, the reversed card in the tarot reading tells that you are incredibly resistant to this change.

Maybe you’re so worried about these ups and downs that you’re digging in your heels, refusing to move on. Maybe you have lost faith in the universe and think nothing is positive in your future. Or you may be angry and feel like the universe can’t bring you anything anymore to compensate for what you’ve been through.


In conclusion, the Death card in Tarot signifies transformation, letting go, and embracing change. It represents the natural cycles of life and invites us to release what no longer serves us. Rather than being a harbinger of doom, the Death card offers profound wisdom and encourages us to embrace endings as catalysts for personal growth and renewal.

By understanding the deeper meanings and symbolism of the Death card, we can navigate life’s transitions with greater insight, resilience, and grace.

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