David’s Story

David’s Story; son, meaning, Saul, Harp, Goliath, Jonathan, marry, Psalm, sin, women . For all those interested in knowing the story of King David, in this article you will find it in chronological order. Still, you may be wondering, Where is the story of David in the Bible? It is described in the Old Testament, the books of Samuel, and in The Psalms.

The story of David is fundamental, because this was a very important figure in the Bible, known for being the successor of Saul and becoming the second King of Israel. During his tenure, he managed to unify the Israelite people and expand it to other cities such as Samaria, Petra, Damascus and Zabah.

Ten years after Saul’s mandate, David was born in Bethlehem, specifically in the tribe of Judah.

David What does it mean in the bible?

“The beloved” or “The chosen one of God”, meanings that the Hebrew language gives to this name. He was also an important spiritual leader.

The Christian, Jewish and Islamist religions revere this King because of his influence on them. Even significant events in David’s life are described in the Koran; book that repeatedly quotes some fragments of The Psalms.

How many David are in the bible?

The name David appears in the Old Testament eight hundred times, while in the New Testament it is mentioned seventy times; always referring to the King who was chosen by God to rule the lands of Israel.

Before being king,David’s Story

During one of the battles King Saul was leading, God sent him a message through Samuel. He ordered him to finish off the Amalekites and destroy everything that belonged to them, from animals to women and children.

But Saul committed the sin of not obeying his orders, provoking God’s repentance by naming him King. Faced with this event, God assigns a new mission to Samuel; travel to Bethlehem in search of one of the sons of Jesse, whom he had chosen to be the new King of Israel.

God asks Samuel to carry oil with him, to pour it on the head of the newly anointed one as a symbol of his choice. In addition, he advises him to take a cow with him and ensure that his visit is an offering; thus Saul would not suspect his intentions and would not impede his path.

Upon reaching the town, Samuel meets seven of Jesse’s sons, but none of them were God’s chosen ones. It only remained to meet the youngest, David. He was taking care of the flock of sheep as always, but his father interrupted his activities so that he could attend the service where everyone was gathered.

When the young man with dark skin and bright eyes arrives, God informs Samuel that he is his chosen one; so, in front of all his family, he poured the oil on his head and anointed him as the future King. That was the day that David’s life completely changed, now God’s spirit had filled him with power.

David and saul

After Saul disobeyed, the spirit of God left him and he began to be tormented by deep agony. Before the concern of the state of his master, one of his servants commented that he must be caused by the presence of an evil spirit sent by God.

Who was David playing the harp for?

For Saúl. In order to feel better, Saúl had to find someone who could play the harp very well; so he ordered that they look for the best.

Influenced by the grace of God, one of the servants recommended David, who knew how to play the instrument perfectly and was also a brave warrior.

Upon arriving at the palace, David places himself in Saul’s service; every time he was tormented, David came to relieve him with his music. Since then the friendship between them begins, including, Saúl asks Jesé to grant him his son to be his assistant permanently.

David and Goliath

The strength and bravery of David is demonstrated in the legend of Goliath, after Israel started a war against the Philistines under the command of Saul. The two sides made their camp in nearby hills; both were separated by a valley, where the catastrophic event would occur.

The leader of the Philistine troops was a giant of almost three meters, named Goliath and a native of Gat. He was protected with a bronze armor that weighed almost fifty-seven kilos; Accompanied by a huge, heavy iron-tipped spear, this opponent could take down anyone who stood in his way.

The six-cubit giant defied the Israelites for 40 days; He ordered them to find his best warrior so that she could face him. If the Israelite was able to defeat Goliath, the Philistines would become slaves to his people. On the other hand, if Goliath was successful, the Israelites would be slaves of the Philistines.

Why did David kill Goliath?

For the reward offered, for avenging his people.
Jesse had ordered David to bring food to his brothers, who were in Saul’s army. When David arrives at the battle line, he can witness the humiliation that Goliath had been inflicting on all the soldiers.

The giant’s words arouse David’s interest, who decides to ask the soldiers about the reward the volunteer would receive. Whoever succeeded in defeating Goliath would receive many riches; and the youngest of Saul’s daughters would be granted to him as a wife.

Since he was little, David had been known for his courage; even as a child he had prevented a bear from taking the life of a little lamb. On another occasion, he freed one of his sheep from the clutches of a lion. These events gave him the courage to challenge Goliath.

A sling and five stones that he had collected in the river, were all that David had to defeat his enemy. He even took off the armor given by Saul because it was uncomfortable for him.

With how many stones did David kill Goliath?

When the giant addressed David, he ran up to him and took a stone out of his bag; a single blow to the forehead was enough to knock Goliath down. David then took the Philistine’s sword and cut off his head. The battle was over.

When the giant addressed David, he ran up to him and took a stone out of his bag; a single blow to the forehead was enough to knock Goliath down. David then took the Philistine’s sword and cut off his head. The battle was over.

Here is the answer to the question that many ask themselves:

How many giants did David fight?

In addition to the dreaded Goliath, years later David would also kill his 3 children.

David and Jonathan

After David’s victory against Goliath, Saul decides to keep him by his side. In this way, his son Jonathan begins a friendship with him and from that day he swears that they would be best friends for life. The love that Jonathan felt for David was very great, to show him he gave him princely clothes and other items.

Friendship with Jonathan wasn’t the only thing David got when he returned from his battle with Goliath; he also won the affection of Michal (one of Saul’s daughters) and the respect of the Israelites. Even that same day the women began to sing “Saul killed a thousand soldiers, but David killed ten thousand.”

That honor that David was receiving, plus the fact that he was protected by God to win all his battles; he enraged and aroused Saul’s envy. For this reason, on two occasions while David was playing the harp, Saul threw a spear at him with the intention of killing him.

Who did David marry in the Bible?

Unsuccessful in his assassination attempt, Saul made a deal with David; if he managed to kill 100 Philistines he could marry his daughter Michal, who was madly in love with him. To Saul’s surprise, David wiped out all the soldiers and managed to marry his daughter.

One day Saul confesses his desire to kill David, but Jonathan intercedes for him and makes his father promise that he would not harm him. However, days later this promise is broken; Saul orders soldiers to kill David in his own home.

Mical finds out about the risk her husband was running, so she warns him in time and helps him escape through the window. This is how David must hide from Saul for 7 years, visiting different places to avoid being discovered.

What psalms did David write in the cave of Adullam?

The cave of Adulam was one of the many places that David resorted to hide from Saul and his soldiers. Here he stayed a long time; he was lost and disoriented. Even so, he managed to write three of his deepest psalms: 147, 52 and 34.

Why did David write Psalm 23?

As a way of expressing fear but at the same time trust in your divine protector.
Also known as the “Shepherd’s hymn,” Psalm 23 was written by David at the time he was being persecuted by King Saul.

Through the use of metaphors, David tries to reflect what his life was like at that time; he describes himself as a lamb, while God is the shepherd who will guide him.

David among the Philistines explanation

Faced with the uncertainty of being killed by Saul, David decides to live among the Philistines. Along with his two wives Ahinoam de Jezreel and Abigail de Carmel, he accompanied by his 200 soldiers and his families; he goes to Gat, a Philistine city that was ruled at that time by Aquís, son of Maoc.

David and Bathsheba

After the death of Saúl and his son Jonathan; a battle for the throne began between the men of Isbette and the followers of David. Finally, David is victorious, becoming the King.

Later, as the Israeli army left to fight other battles, David decided to stay home. This allowed that, during one of his walks on the terrace, David could observe a very beautiful woman bathing on the roof of her house. Immediately, he ordered one of her assistants information from her about her.

With whom did David sin?

Bathsheba was the name of the woman who had captivated David with her beauty, the wife of Uriah, one of the soldiers of this King’s army. Even knowing this, David took advantage of the fact that Uriah was in combat in Rabbah to spend the night with Bathsheba. David later learned that Bathsheba was pregnant. Women who committed adultery in Israel were to be punished with death. David, faced with the anguish of losing his beloved, ordered Uriah to withdraw from combat and return home; in order to make him believe that he had been responsible for the state of Bathsheba. But Uriah refused. Faced with a failed first attempt, David needs to change strategy. He sends a letter to the general ordering him to place Uriah in the most dangerous place in the battle; in this way he would be killed at any moment. After Uriah’s death, Bathsheba spent a few days in mourning, but she eventually reunites with David and the two marry.

How many women did David have?

Michal and Bathsheba were the main loves in the history of David, but they were not the only ones; Abigail, Ahinoam, Maaca, Haguit, Abital and Egla are other names of the women that David had as wives. Not counting the 4 or 10 concubines who were also living under his roof.

Where did David take the ark of the covenant?

The Ark of the Covenant is a wooden box that Moses built, under God’s command, and represented his presence in the land of Israel.

The ark of the covenant was in Bala in Judah, so David assembled a battalion of Israelite soldiers to transport it in a new cart. The original idea was to take her to the City of David, but after he felt fearful of the Lord, he ordered to take her to Obed Edom’s house.

Obed Edom and all his family were blessed by the presence of the ark, and David, upon hearing this, asked again that it be transferred to his city.

How many books did David write?

The Psalms relate the Old Testament, the first part of the Bible. Its authorship has always been related to David; however, only 73 of them were written by this king or, better still, tradition attributes them to him.

David prophesied about Jesus

During the appearance of the Angel Gabriel before Mary, he informed her that she would give birth to a son that she would name Jesus, who would be given the throne of David by his father God. We know that the first statement is true, but what about the throne of David? How is this prophecy fulfilled?

At the age of 30, the same age as David when he was crowned King, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and began to preach the gospel. Physically Jesus never ruled Israel like David did, but he was the king of the spiritual Jews.

However, David’s reign lasted 40 years, a time that does not coincide with that of Jesus. It is said that all prophecies must be fulfilled to the letter, therefore, only through a second appearance would Jesus be able to end his ministry.

The second coming of Jesus would allow him to fulfill the remaining 37 years of reign, fulfilling the prophecy of the throne of David. Otherwise, no one can be safe.

David’s Prophecy About Judas

It is said that in addition to prophesying the arrival of Jesus, David was able to predict the betrayal of Judas.

“Even the man of my peace, in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, raised his heel against me.” This interesting passage written by David in Psalm 41, was quoted by the Lord at the time that he claimed that he would be betrayed by one of his disciples.

David what is his spiritual legacy

It is known that David being just a shepherd, managed to defeat one of the warriors most feared by the Israelites. This shows the immensity of David’s faith, a sign of inspiration for his followers.

After David who was King?

The prophets were in charge of informing David that one of his sons, Solomon, would be the future King of Israel. After his death at age 70, Solomon would be in command.

Michelangelo’s David Story

The sculpture of David made by Michelangelo was part of a project that consisted in the creation of sculptures of characters from the Old Testament.

The artist began his work in mid-September 1501, starting from a 5-meter block of marble that Agostino di Duccio had begun to sculpt in 1464. At that time, the piece already had an advance on the torso.

Michelangelo’s David is particular in certain details; he is ambidextrous, it can be guessed from the way he takes the stone and the sling. In addition, the artist represented his posture minutes before finishing Goliath.

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