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Clock in the bedroom

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Clock in the bedroom: feng shui, vastu, sleep. Introduction. People have different perspectives when it comes to the decoration of their houses. The items used to decorate homes depend on an individual’s preferences. Clocks are some of the most stylish and affordable decoration items that can create a bold statement in your home. Clocks are easy to install and can be used to fill black spaces on the walls to create an elegant appearance. 

Clock in the bedroom: feng shui, vastu, sleep.
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Clock in the bedroom: feng shui, vastu, sleep.

The main challenge about clocks in the bedroom is where to hang it to create the desired appearance. The exact location where one should hang their clock depends on the clock’s design and the size of the available space. You do not want your wall to look too crowded because you hung a clock in the wrong space. This article will cover some of the things you need to know before hanging a clock on your bedroom.

Feng shui

Feng shui refers to an ancient Chinese practice that enables people to use energy to harmonize themselves with their surroundings. Good Feng shui occurs when the right energy is available to create harmony in the surrounding environment. If the surrounding has bad energy, it will be considered as bad Feng shui and this would negatively affect people’s lives. 

Good Feng shui in the bedroom will depend on where you hang your clock. Certain rules have been developed to ensure that people hang their clocks in the right location in the bedroom. If you plan on hanging a clock in your bedroom, it is good to become aware of such rules to avoid creating a negative energy in your room. The bedroom is one area of the house that should be filled with positive energy to facilitate good sleep. 

Hanging a lock above the bed creates an appealing look. However, you need to consider the type of clock to hang on this position because some clocks tend to have a ticking noise. If you hang a ticking clock above your bedroom, it will create bad Feng shui and this will affect the quality of sleep you get. In such a case, you should consider digital clocks that do not have a ticking sound. This location would be ideal to place a clock in the case of rooms with a high ceiling. 


Vastu is an Indian science that plays a major role in creating a positive or negative energy in your surroundings. Vastu focuses on the design of a room to ensure it provides the most positive energy. According to Vastu, clocks hanging on the northern side of a room should be metallic. Therefore, before you hang a clock on your bedroom walls, you need to identify the direction of each wall to ensure you hang a clock that would bring in a positive energy. The best colors for such a clock are white and gray. 

According to vastu, the east side represents wood. Therefore, you need to place a wooden clock on the eastern wall to create good energy in the room. Clocks with a pendulum are also a great idea of creating good energy in the bedroom. 

The oscillation of such clocks is known to cause good vibrations that will facilitate you to have a good night’s sleep. However, the oscillations should not make much noise as this might disrupt an individual’s sleep. According to Vastu, clocks that have a ticking sound are not ideal for placing in the bedroom because it will bring bad energy that can disrupt an individual’s sleep. 


The main function of a bedroom is that it is a sleeping area. However, some people prefer to spend their free time lying on the bed to relax their bodies. Regardless of the purpose of your bedroom, it is important to ensure that it offers you maximum comfort. The best way to create such comfort is by enhancing a positive energy in the room. 

Clocks are an ideal way of creating an aesthetic appearance in your room. All that matters is the choice of clock you need to put in your bedroom. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the choice of decorative items for their bedrooms. 

Hence, the choice of a clock plays an important role in determining the mood you create in the bedroom. If you sleep better in a quiet environment, it is ideal to buy a digital clock or a clock that doesn’t tick. Such a clock will provide you with the quiet environment you need to get a good night’s sleep. 

Some people prefer a little noise to trigger them to sleep. For instance, such people might listen to slow music before falling asleep. The sound of a ticking clock would also produce desirable vibrations that such people need to fall asleep. If you prefer to sleep in a room with a little noise, then a ticking clock would be your ideal option. 

Conclusion: Clock in the bedroom

The placement of a clock in your bedroom can highly determine the kind of energy you create in such a room. If your bedroom is filled with bad energy, the chances are high that you will not get good sleep. Sleep plays an important role in an individual’s body because it helps you relax. 

When you have had enough sleep, your body will remain active enough to carry out the day’s activities. If you do not get enough sleep, you will feel fatigued, thus making it challenging for you to carry out your daily activities. Hence, it is important to follow all the Feng shui and vastu rules while placing a clock in your bedroom. 

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There are many rules about the location where you can place your clock in the living room. You need to know such rules to facilitate the creation of a positive energy in your home. These rules will also enable you to avoid creating bad energy that can disrupt your well-being: Feng shui clock ; How to set the clock for good feng shui ; Feng Shui Color for Bedroom

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