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Chinese zodiac the dog

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Chinese zodiac the dog: characteristics, compatibility, meaning, element. Introduction . People born within the eleventh cycle of the Chinese zodiac are called “dog people”. In Chinese culture, dogs are considered especially loyal and intelligent animals. Dog years are defined by the Chinese zodiac and run from February 3 (February 2nd in 2017) through January 23rd of the following year. 

Chinese zodiac the dog: characteristics, compatibility, meaning, element
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Chinese zodiac the dog: characteristics, compatibility, meaning, element

In some areas, the Chinese zodiac is used to select the date of a holiday. In mainland China, February 3 is celebrated as “Dog Day” and is considered the best day to make a wedding proposal. The Chinese zodiac is also a basis for many other traditions. For example, the Chinese lunar calendar is based on the twelve animals of the zodiac, and people born in a year are often named after these animals.  This article will focus on the Chinese Zodiac of dog, its characteristics, compatibility, meaning, and element.


People born in a year of the dog are loyal and faithful friends, but they can be suspicious of new people and situations. They have an honest personality which means they’ll never lie to you or backstab a friend, but if you play them for a fool too many times, they’ll walk away for good. Dog people are very independent and usually have their own things going on. They know how to be responsible with money and in general, don’t get into much trouble. 

Dog people are usually a little more conservative than other people born in that year. They do things they want to do and they don’t care what other people think. If you are a dog person, you are probably very loyal to your friends and family and will keep them close. Dog is an Earth sign, meaning it’s warm and comforting, with an easygoing attitude that really is good for anyone going through hard times or being stressed out about work or life in general. 

A Dog is the loyal, righteous animal and so are the people born during this year. It can become aggressive at times, but it also shows mercy to its victims. The dog has strong ties to its territory and master, and will bark at those who approach it. The Dog is the animal that pays special attention to the lunar calendar. It’s very sensitive to changes in the four seasons and seeks harmony with nature, rather than conflict or confrontation. 

The Dog people do not like to fight or argue with anyone. They are very generous, especially to their friends and family, and what’s more important than that? The Dog people are a bit stubborn and can be blamed for being unreasonable. Full of confidence, the dog does not fear anything or anybody. 

Dog people usually have a wide range of friends, and they are always there when somebody needs help. They have good memories and try to never forget to do something they promised to somebody else. The dog people are often very good at business and doing many things at once. They are popular in their communities, so they can have some power over the others around them. 

A person born in a year of the dog is very protective towards his/her friends and family. Dog people tend to treat every problem as a challenge and will not stop until they succeed. The man born in the year of the dog is strong-willed, honest and bright.


There’s something magical about people who cross paths with their soulmate, and it can happen at any point in their lives. Many romantic relationships are simply born from fate, and following your zodiac sign will tell you whether or not you’re compatible with someone. Your animal match could be your next love interest, a lifelong companion, or even a child! In the Chinese zodiac calendar there are 12 animals that represent different classifications of humans. Each of these 12 signs presents a different compatibility with the dog zodiac.

Dog people are highly compatible with Tiger, horse, and rabbit.  A relationship with individuals from these zodiac signs has very high chances of leading to marriage. These individuals also make good friends because they understand the characteristics and needs of each other. They are always willing to compromise during challenging situations to make each other happy. These people would also make ideal work companions due to the level of collaboration they show one another. The dog people are not compatible with people from the other 8 zodiacs. Hence, a relationship between them would be a disaster and would rarely result in marriage.

Many people believe that the dog zodiac is one of the most complicated zodiac signs to understand, but they’re wrong. The dog people are easy to associate with as long as your zodiac sign is compatible with theirs.


The dog symbolises a Chinese zodiac sign that is represented by the years 1936 to 1945. The years 1936, 1937 and 1938 are considered lucky. This is because they contain important elements such as the Year of Yellow Earth, the Year of Prosperity, and the Year of Mutual Happiness. These years make up a period of stability and prosperity. This is why the dog symbolises the Chinese zodiac sign.

The dog is a species that supports human well-being. This species has been used as pets in ancient China. The dog’s intelligence, loyalty and dependability have turned them into guardians of families and homes. Dogs were also used in the military service in ancient times, when they served beside their owners as personal bodyguards. Weapons such as spears and swords were used to protect these loyal companions.

In ancient China, there is a legend of a dog being shot by an arrow. The dog, however, protects his owner from his enemies by pushing himself in between them and the master. This story is used to symbolise the great loyalty that dogs have for their masters. In Chinese culture, any dog can become a good pet if it is trained from puppyhood. This is one of the important roles dogs play in Chinese culture today.

The Chinese zodiac the dog’s meaning is about loyalty, love, and protection. DOGS are usually seen as noble animals who carry their owner’s virtues with them. If a DOG has the same qualities of your sign then it can be said that you have the same virtues in your own life.If you find yourself being bullied or picked on too much, a DOG will come to your rescue and defend you in any way they can while still being able to keep their own cool around others.

If you feel alone and like nobody really knows, a DOG will always do their best to cheer you up in any way they can. DOGS are extremely loyal to their friends and family, so even though there are times when a DOG does not feel appreciated; it will never stop them from showing how much they love you. If you are afraid of getting hurt again in the future, a DOG is there for you as well as someone who will protect you from harm at all costs.


The dog people belonging to the wood element are sensitive to their surroundings, loyal to those they trust, sympathetic but not overly emotional. At the same time, they always want to be in a large crowd and are happiest when they are with a lot of people. They are artistic and love music and art. 

The dog people belonging to the fire element are imaginative and have strong charisma. They love the spotlight and always have something interesting to say at any party. They are extremely kind hearted but hate cheating or being tricked themselves. 

The dog people belonging to the earth element are hardworking and persistent at anything they do. They are also very generous and believe in justice. At the same time they are also sceptical of others and don’t trust easily. 

The dog people belonging to metal elements are friendly and emotional. They also have a lot of patience as they wait for many years before making friends with anyone. 

The dog people belonging to the water element are kind and gentle, never rude or angry. They love the beauty of nature and always try their best to protect it. 

Conclusion: Chinese zodiac the dog

The Chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 animals that are said to each represent a different year in the Chinese calendar. These animals are traditionally thought of as having influence on a person’s fate and personality traits. The zodiac affects everything from your job success to the way you dress, and can also play an important role in marriage, health, and mourning traditions.

The dog zodiac sign is one of the most loyal, honest and sincere signs in the Chinese zodiac. They are very family and relationship-oriented with a deep desire to stay near their loved ones. Dogs are faithful, protective and are always ready to lend a helping hand. A dog’s personality may be gentle, but they will not hesitate to speak their mind when they feel the need to do so.

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