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Chinese zodiac dragon

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  • April 26, 2022May 29, 2022

Chinese zodiac dragon: meaning, personality, compatibility, element, types. Introduction.The dragon is an exceptionally powerful creature, typical of Chinese legends and whose name was given to the twelve animals that make up the animal zodiac.

Chinese zodiac dragon: meaning, personality, compatibility, element, types
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Chinese zodiac dragon: meaning, personality, compatibility, element, types

The Chinese consider dragons to be symbols of great wisdom and a combination of power, strength, and benevolence. Their mythical journeys take them through dangerous lands and through rivers (representing communication) displaying positive characteristics in both their human form as well as their true form.

In this article we will examine the meaning, personality, compatibility, element and types of the Chinese zodiac dragon.

Meaning: Chinese zodiac dragon

The Chinese dragon zodiac is one of the twelve Chinese zodiacs, symbolising power and majesty. The dragon is a mythical creature with a long serpentine body, four legs and two large wings on its back. It is sometimes called the “August person” because of its auspiciousness in Chinese culture.

The dragon has many meanings but it usually refers to power, strength and good luck. In China, dragons are considered as having both negative and positive connotations. This zodiac is usually said to be warm, wise and can potentially bring fame and fortune. In the caste system of zodiacs, the dragon is the thirteenth animal which always comes in a year of 12.

Dragon years are selected according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, wherein the current 12-year cycle started in 2002. A baby born on the corresponding animal year will be of a certain dragon sign. The sex of the baby does not matter when determining its dragon sign, which is based purely on its birth year. For example, if a child born in 2004 was born during the year of horse (2004 being Horse), then he or she will still be a horse (dragon) and not a dragon (horse).


personality zodiac dragon
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Personality zodiac dragon

True to their name and reputation, dragons are intelligent creatures which excel in arts, sciences, and literature. They are ambitious and extremely hard workers; they also possess leadership qualities. They can be passionate in their endeavours, but this is not always a negative trait. Dragons enjoy life even if their love for adventures turns them into wanderers. One thing is for sure: wherever a dragon is present things are exciting.

Dragons are confident and like living in the moment. They live for the thrill of new experiences, but often find themselves bored because they have travelled to many places and seen many things. Dragons are knowledgeable and extremely loyal, but can also be very jealous. During a relationship, they value trust more than anything else.

Dragon people are somewhat reserved creatures who believe that they know everything there is to know. This can be intimidating to people around them, but it is a trait that helps them establish their authority. Dragons have a passion for learning, in everything from history to art, and also are interested in ancient wisdom. They possess an intelligent curiosity and enjoy learning, but are not necessarily as skilled as others at using their knowledge.

Dragons are very protective of the ones they love and they act on impulse. They love family and friends so much that they sometimes don’t realise that their actions could hurt the ones they care about. They tend to have a lot of enemies, but never underestimate them.

They are generally very confident and sometimes even arrogant. Dragons often don’t consider their actions until it’s too late, and they can be very stubborn. They need to remember that they are not invincible and that they should show some restraint in their relationships.

Overall, dragons are good friends and help those who need it. They care very much about art, ancient wisdom, friendship, loyalty and trust.

As the dragon is one of the most mythological creatures in Chinese culture, it is respected and revered. As a result, people born during the zodiac year of the dragon are often very lucky. Not every person born during this time will become a dragon, but those who do will enjoy many positive aspects about their personality and life.

The Dragon is an independent sign that has a compassionate but determined spirit. They have the ability to lead, as well as make good friends. Dragon people are hard workers; they are wordy and tend to think before they speak. Dragons should not be too forceful because they can be abrupt and insensitive.

Chinese people born under the dragon sign are often intelligent, sociable and friendly. They often enjoy school and education because it makes them feel good about themselves. Often, Dragon people find themselves in leadership roles during their lives, whether that’s being a teacher or an executive of a company.

Dragon people have an excellent memory, and it is strongly suggested that they use this skill to educate others. They are able to think ahead of others, which helps them make good financial decisions. Dragons love art, literature, music and poetry. They are courageous and enthusiastic about new experiences.

They are creative in any endeavour they pursue; they take pride in their talents. They do not like routine and enjoy changing their environments frequently. Dragon people are devoted to family, friends and pets.


The Dragon Chinese zodiac is highly compatible with the Rat Chinese zodiac. The Dragon is considered to be the second most auspicious sign in Chinese astrology, and has a natural affinity with the Rat. They are thought of as being similar in nature, as they are both mystical creatures with exceptional talents that can be an asset to one another in times of need.

The Dragon Chinese zodiac sign is attributed with people who have a cunning and intellectually superior personality. These individuals are not afraid to take risks or make bold decisions, but they also carry out these plans or actions carefully. These individuals belong to the Tiger, Monkey, Rabbit and Dragon zodiacs. The dragon is not compatible with the other zodiacs and a relationship between them would be disastrous.


The elements associated with the Chinese Dragon zodiac are those of water, earth, and ch’i (fire). This came about because the dragons in Chinese lore were often associated with things like rainstorms, earthquakes, and fire.

Water types are also very talented in music and art, which allows them to express their emotions freely through their own mediums as well as enriching others’ lives through theirs.

Erath dragons are very strongly connected to the earth and all things that come from it. They’re often very down to earth with a practical sense of realism. 

Fire dragons are the most creative of all the signs and will often do their best work for those who need help. They’re usually very compassionate and selfless, though they can be a little self-absorbed at times.


The Chinese dragon zodiac sign can be classified into different types based on various characteristics seen in each animal. The five types are: dragon year of the snake; dragon year of the tiger; dragon year of the wood turtle; dragon year of fire and dragon year of water.

The dragon year of the snake is a very highly esteemed sign. It is seen as a favourable sign for those born in the year of the snake during the new solar month. The advent of this type of dragon marks the start of a new year for those born in China. This is considered to be a happy new year for individuals and families because this type of dragon has a relationship with prosperity and longevity. The Snake Dragon can be seen as a very spiritual sign.

The dragon year of the tiger is another excellent sign for those born in the new year. The Tiger is a very strong animal and this sign represents great strength and success in both personal and business matters. It is a favourable sign for those born in the new year of the snake.

The Dragon of Fire has a relationship with both luck and success. The side of fire has some connection to great power, such as control over others, hard work and a desire for financial wealth. Those born in the Dragon year of Fire are seen as very powerful and successful.

The Dragon of Water is a sign reflective of great power, great strength and a desire for material gain. Those born in the Dragon year of water are seen as free spirits who are not afraid to go after what they want. They tend to be powerful and controlling people. They like to go after large goals and do not like competition from onlookers.

The dragon year of the wood turtle is considered to be a very spiritual sign. It is connected to longevity and wealth. Individuals born in the year of the wood turtle are usually seen as wealthy, powerful, and well respected by others. They enjoy fame and respect because of their wealth and are considered generous. The Wood Turtle dragon is not seen as a good sign for business or personal relationships as it does not like to work hard for hard-earned money or power.


In conclusion, the Chinese dragon zodiac has fascinated many cultures over time and will continue to fascinate others as time progresses. The scientific implications of this zodiac, that the Chinese dragon is a symbol for uniform rotation of the stars, are profound. It is one more piece of evidence that there are other cycles to the universe and its functions. The scientific implications of the dragon zodiac will grow over time as new discoveries are made and as time passes.

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