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Chinese year 2000, Chinese horoscope, zodiac. If the description of the zodiac signs considers the dates of birth of a person, other factors are much more important according to the Eastern calendar. Each year is assigned its own patron animal and an element that affects the fate and character of a person. In the East, they believe that it is this symbol that protects and protects a person throughout his life.

In 2000, the White Metal Dragon takes on this mission. Consider what it promises to those born under this sign. General characteristics of the symbol Finding out what was the year 2000 according to the Chinese horoscope is quite simple. But it is important to know what such a patronage promises a person born during this calendar period.

The main totem animal of the year 2000, the White Metal Dragon, is highly revered in China. This mythical character is considered a real ruler, a magician, who fulfills wishes and punishes disobedience. Influencing a person’s life and destiny, this sign gives them the gleam of cold steel, not as bright as gold, but emphasizing courage and honor.

The metal element, according to Chinese tradition, is associated with sadness and severity. This element moderates the joy of nature, adds prudence and melancholy.

The white metal Dragon is the toughest, truly solitary. He does not so much need the company of other people, and this affects everything from the form of communication to social behavior. Sharpness, bordering on rudeness, often drives away from him even the closest people. Do not expect emotion from these people. They are too calculating and need socialization.

In a sense, they always violate the established framework and rules, but at the same time, they rarely break the law or seriously harm others. The patron saint of 2000, the White Dragon, thanks to the ability to restrain emotions, turns out to be an excellent analyst and a good strategist.

His innate courage makes him a man of action. Most of these people are punctual, obliging and honest, they cannot be bribed. Also, unlike other Dragons, this one is able to calmly withstand criticism, which has a beneficial effect on his relationship with the outside world. The best time for people born in 2000 is autumn with its warm days.

They feel good in a cool and sunny climate. The color green has a beneficial effect on the mood and well-being of metal dragons.



Born in the year of the Metal Dragon, a man is distinguished by self-confidence and intransigence. He will not listen to other people’s opinions, will not forgive the feelings of others. Frankness is a characteristic of which he is really proud.

If a man born in 2000 takes a leadership position, his subordinates will receive criticism without any division in ranks. In love relationships, these people are also despotic, fussy and hardly open-hearted. He remains faithful to his partner, but requires almost complete submission from her.

Any moment that arouses jealousy can provoke him to a fit of rage. If the spouse complies with the conditions proposed by him, this tyrant of the house will be ready for anything for his family.


Outwardly modest and even quiet, a woman born in 2000 is a real volcano of passions under a strong metal armor. She hides her ambition under the guise of diligence and willingness to take on the most difficult work. Her intellectual development is above average, a woman born under the auspices of the Metal Dragon is versatile and has many hobbies.

These ladies are characterized by legibility in communication, they share personal and business communication circles. In personal relationships, white metal dragon woman does not suffer from attention deficit. She is ready for an easy and free relationship, but always chooses a man from the higher rungs of the social ladder.

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