Chinese horoscope 2022 black water tiger predictions

Chinese horoscope 2022 black water tiger, male (or male, like the Chinese year 1962), predictions, cabal and predictions.

In 2022, the Ganzhi calendar will be the year of Renyin. The five elements are water trees (the five elements are water and the five elements are wood). If the five elements lack water and wood, 2022 is a good year. If all five elements lack water and avoid wood, the 2022s are not good luck. If all five elements lack gold, 2022 is a year of bad fortune; If all five elements lack fire, the fortune of 2022 will not. be good; if the five elements are lack of fire, the fortune in 2022 will be average.

In 2022, Tai Sui will be General He’e, and Tai Sui’s position will be the northeast (Tai Sui Fang is not easy to move the ground, and Gu Tai Sui’s head breaking through the ground is a great omen).

Chinese zodiac signs that commit Tai Sui in 2022: Chinese Zodiac Monkey (Red Taisui), Chinese Zodiac Monkey, Snake (Xing Taisui), Chinese Zodiac Snake (Taisui cause)

Popular industries in 2022: textiles and apparel, papermaking, traditional Chinese medicine, forestry, tea, culture and education, science and technology, chemical and chemical fiber.

When does this Chinese year start? February 1, 2022; When it ends? January 21, 2023. The first day of the year of the Black Tiger is not the day of the Chinese New Year in Chinese astrology. The first day of the month of the Tiger is the first day of the year in Chinese astrology. This day is called the Beginning of Spring, which is the date the sun enters the 315th degree in the tropical zodiac. This day is around February 4 of each year

That means that the Chinese Lunar New Year is not the first day of the Year of the Black Tiger. If a baby is born before February 4, 2022, the baby’s zodiac sign is the cow, not the tiger.

Born one year of the water tiger

People born in this year should pay more attention to their fortune. 2022 is the year of Ren Yin of the lunar calendar, that is, Nayin is called “gold leaf of gold”, commonly known as the life of the “water tiger”. 2022 is the year of Ren Yin. Yin is a tiger. The five elements of Ren belong to water and the five elements contain a gold foil. Therefore, being born in 1962 is the life of the water tiger. Xiaohu’s people have particularly strong self-esteem. He goes his own way, he considers himself arrogant, he is talented and arrogant, and it is not easy to accept the opinions of others. This is the main reason for its failure.

The fate of the tiger

People born in the Yinian year are usually very resourceful and intelligent. They are brave and competitive, but compassionate, selfless, and benevolent. They are provocative, chivalrous, and often have a bad reputation in the world.

It should be noted that People born in this year are usually very large and not small, and they must be trustworthy and respected. Most women are wise and chaste. People born in the year of the tiger are transported in the first year, and the middle-aged transport is the uncertainty and the changes are many. After middle age, there are good opportunities at the moment, and there are also those who have high morale in the night scene.

What is the baby tiger missing?

What a person lacks in the five elements depends on many factors. It is not a generalization. It requires not only the year, but also the specific time of birth and the specific time. Therefore, the five specific elements of a baby born in 2022 need a specific analysis of the specific time.

Although there are certain flaws in the character of the water tiger, it will lead to an unsatisfactory life, but if this is used as a basis, it is also somewhat arbitrary to say that the fate of the tiger people this year is very bitter. The fate of the baby tigers born this year can be described as mixed.

The advantage is that the water tiger is approachable, optimistic and cheerful, it can survive well in any environment, and it can also make a lot of friends. The downside is that these friends may not be able to get along with each other for a long time.

Yang water

It is running water, river, waterfall, or ocean. Yang water is masculine and can become a discharge from floods, torrential rains, or ocean surges. Water is related to wisdom in the Chinese theory of the five elements.

The characteristics are talented, wise, sharp, agile, restless, and progressive. In the Chinese I-Ching, water is related to danger. The other yang water traits are harsh, unforgiving, uncharitable, and provocative. Yang water is the ninth element of the 10 heavenly stems. Yang water color is black or dark blue. The location is in the north.

Water element 2022 is a water year of the five Taoist elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In feng shui, the aquatic environment is cool, dark, and relaxing. The room in the house is the bathroom. This year, design your bathroom to be a private healing sanctuary for taking long healing baths.

The bath can be a quiet respite from the strong energy of the year of the tiger. The most favorable season in a water year is winter. In Chinese medicine, water rules the kidneys (and bladder). This year, and next Water Rabbit 2023, it’s time to see an acupuncturist and take herbs for kidney balance if he experiences health problems with urination, sleeping, dreaming, or other water imbalances.


This is a very explosive year, one that should start with a huge bang and could end with whimpering or whimpering. It has been a year whose vector points towards war, discrepancies and disagreements. The positive part of this whole exercise is that it could also be special for daring and greatness.

Nothing will be built in small quantities or minimal scales, much less timid. The key here to understand what happens are the extremes or extreme situations. It’s all or nothing, it’s that simple.

Wealth and fortune

2022 is the year of Renyin, which is the birth year of the zodiac tiger. As we enter this year, all the signs of the zodiac will undergo further changes. What matters most to all of us is our fortune, career luck and wealth luck are very important parts. Let’s take a look at the Chinese zodiac luck, wealth and career luck of each zodiac in 2022.


Career luck: there are good career opportunities for mouse man in 2022, which is good for project cooperation, good for official projects, and good for collaboration with leaders and bosses, but there will be a certain amount of hard work.

Wealth: There will be certain opportunities in the fortune of 2022 for the rat people, and there will be good returns due to the new opportunities for cooperation, but there will be a lot of hard work to seek money and it will be subject to certain limitations.

Rat horoscope 2022 Chinese zodiac. The Tiger does not favor the careful and cunning Rat too much. 2022 years will be a stressful period for this sign; only perseverance and hard work will help you achieve the planned results. 

The Rat will require greater loyalty to others: it insists on condescending to other people’s weaknesses, while at the same time expecting greater severity with itself.

Ox, Buffalo

Career luck: There will be some opportunities in the cattle race in 2022, which will be beneficial for business operations and performance improvement, but we must be more active in fighting for it and we must not slacken our efforts.

Wealth: There will be some opportunities for the won in the fortune of wealth of 2022. It is a small benefit for the fortune, but we have to work harder to fight for it, otherwise there will be various obstacles in the pursuit of wealth.

Hardworking and Balanced Oxen – The Tiger promises a successful year, full of accomplishments and enjoyable events. Even if he is at the bottom of his career ladder.

This year’s symbol has already prepared a platform for you to get off to a good start. Oxen can count on a good financial position, the achievement of all their goals, and good luck in their endeavors.


The Year of the Tiger will become something of a springboard for the Tigers. The heavenly bodies have not been so supportive of the Tiger for a long time; Any business that representatives of this sign undertake will end quickly and successfully. A favorable forecast for this year does not mean that there will be no problems in the Tiger’s life, but this active sign will easily overcome any obstacles.

chinese horoscope 2022, predictions
Tiger horoscope 2022

Professional luck: The professional luck of the tigers in 2022 is relatively flat, it is difficult to have good opportunities and it is easy to find competitors, but it will not bring problems or hidden dangers.

Luck in wealth: Tiger people will have a relatively dull wealth fortune in 2022, and they will be more likely to have more contact with siblings and friends, but there will be no hidden dangers of spending money and they will be relatively rational.


The owner of 2022 favors you, life will become much more interesting and harmonious. Rabbits expect many pleasant acquaintances and lucrative offers. You will be successful in everything you undertake. Agility, cunning and initiative will help you in the most difficult and risky cases. But all this is possible only on one condition: you must act, not be lazy and not stay at home.

In the sphere of love, everything is fine. Everyone who has halves will develop a relationship. Many are expected to join the family. Lonely rabbits will be able to meet their love, find friends. Don’t trust strangers in financial matters.

Luck in the race: In 2022, luck in the race will be slow, and there will be some problems in the race. The Chinese zodiac rabbits must be prepared and face it with all their might.

Wealth luck: Wealth luck in 2022 is very good. If you make a lot of money, the Chinese zodiac rabbits should close them in time. Especially in some investments with high chase, it is advisable to close when they are good.


Professional luck: In 2022, professional luck will improve, and colleagues will have a good attitude towards people who belong to the dragon zodiac, which will bring comfort to the career of people who belong to the dragon zodiac.

Luck of wealth: In 2022, the luck of fortune will be slow and there will be more gifts. People who belong to the zodiac dragon should not complain as usual. It is more important that I be happy to make money.

The tiger will give them the opportunity to express themselves in all its splendor: their thirst to shine will be completely satisfied. Dragons will be so dazzling that they will cause envy and increase the attention of others. Astrologers advise to be careful; In this case, you can easily overcome the obstacles that arise on the way.


Astrologers say any setback this year will be promising. People who leave your close circle will end up as fake friends and frustrated projects will be a waste of time. Everything negative in your life is simply eliminated, and this is not a loss, but a discharge of ballast. The stars say that snakes should leave their cozy burrows and not try to sit up until better times. You must face any problem.

Career luck: Snake people will have some career opportunities in 2022, which are small bucks for exams, job applications, and career prospects, but you have to fight for them.

Wealth: Snake people will have some chances in the fortune of 2022. They will benefit from the care of the nobles, but they must be more active in fighting for it, otherwise they may not be rewarded.


2022 will be a busy and active year. You will have so much energy and strength that you will achieve success in almost every area of life. You will demonstrate your greatest activity and eagerness in the professional field. Perhaps in late spring or early summer a long-awaited increase awaits you, or you will drastically change your activities, changing your usual way of life. Of course, it won’t be easy, but all changes promise you only good things in the future.

Career: There will be good opportunities in the horse race in 2022. It is a small benefit for exams, job applications and career prospects, but you need to be more active to fight for it.

Wealth: There will be some opportunities for the horses in the fortune of 2022. They can get the care of the nobles and benefit, but they need to work harder, otherwise it will be difficult to win.

Sheep or goat

It will certainly be an interesting year for this quadruped of the Chinese zodiac, we’ll see why. The Year of the Tiger is full of promise and potential, as well as a boost to the achievements of the sheep or goats. The ruler of the year has a large number of positive surprises ready for the representatives of this sign, covering all possible facets, home, family, sexuality and love.

Career luck: There are no good chances in the 2022 race for people in the sheep family. They will easily meet competitors, but they will not bring problems or hidden dangers.

Wealth Luck: People born in 2022 will have a relatively dull wealth fortune and will have more contact with siblings and friends, but they just need to be more sensitive to avoid the hidden danger of spending money.


Monkey horoscope 2022, forecast, predictions, health, family, love, sexual. This year, the Monkeys can safely start the most risky business: the symbol of the year promises them the successful completion of any project. 

Agile and curious monkeys will take the luck, jumping easily from branch to branch. The entrepreneurial nature of this sign makes the symbol of 2022 treat the Monkey with due sympathy. However, the stars advise you to curb the usual inconsistency and inconsistency: only organization and perseverance will help the Monkey to realize all the opportunities that the new year brings him.

Career luck: In 2022, career luck is normal and working overtime will make the career of the Chinese zodiac monkey person calm down.

Wealth: Wealth luck will be slow in 2022. Spending money is like running water. It is better not to overdraft on the credit cards of the Chinese zodiac monkeys. That indecent money is persecuted.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster 2022

Career: A good opportunity for a rooster in 2022 will be good for project cooperation, good for examination and evaluation, good for applying for a job and getting the care and support of the noble person to do business.

Wealth: A rooster person will have good fortune in 2022 and will have good income from work, he will be able to take care of the nobles and benefit ourselves, and it will be easy for him to earn income from real estate projects.

With the tiger, this year is hectic. The pace quickens. There are new ideas and new concepts everywhere. In this environment, it can be difficult for you to adapt to events and circumstances.

In addition, the changes announced by the feline can destabilize it. However, if you wish, you can take advantage of this year, its possibilities and opportunities. To do this, take life a little less seriously. Don’t get attached to your ideas. Be open to others, even if they seem completely crazy or utopian. By doing this, you will find that some are interesting and may serve your interests.

Chinese horoscope dog 2022

Dog horoscope 2022: love, health, family, sex, predictions and predictions, what lies ahead for the faithful quadruped of the Chinese zodiac under the influence of the tiger, during a year that promises to be very balanced and full of opportunities to improve in all facets and performances.

Perhaps one of the representatives of this sign will remain dissatisfied with this situation – important events and promotions in the career will avoid the Dog.

Career luck: In 2022, career luck will slowly increase. Dogs belonging to the Chinese zodiac in the professional meeting must intervene in time. Don’t ask permission if you have nothing to do.

Wealth luck: In 2022, wealth luck will slowly increase, and I will receive gifts that will make me very happy. It is very good that people with the Chinese zodiac dog have partial wealth in 2022.


Career luck: Swine people won’t have much of a chance in their careers in 2022. It’s easy to have some contact with law enforcement agencies, but they won’t bring you any hidden dangers or problems.

Wealth: Pigs will have some small opportunities in their 2022 wealth luck. They can benefit from their own wits, but they need to be more active in fighting for them.

Horoscope Pig 2022, what is coming for this sign of the Chinese horoscope, some trends. The tiger brings many surprises and facts for the natives of the wild boar sign, they are from those unforgettable years.

The pig will live a full life, fulfilling its dreams and desires, unhurriedly solving domestic and family problems.

In the year of the Tiger, the Pig will plunge into carefree days, because the totem of 2022 will help her deal with all problems and conflicts. You will be able to work calmly and fruitfully to improve the quality of life, without being distracted by trifles. Representatives of this sign are often prone to episodes of anxiety and have a rather impressionable nature, but you should not worry about the impending changes, they will all be for the better.

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For the people of the fate of the water tiger, their fate is not all calm, but mixed. As for whether it is good or bad, it is up to you. If you are diligent and willing to create, you will definitely make your fortune. Better yet, well, if you get carried away and don’t know how to seize the opportunity, then your fate will not be too good.

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