Chinese Fried Rice, recipe

Chinese Fried Rice, recipe. Who invented Chinese rice, fried rice or the so-called three-delicious rice? It may seem incoherent, but when we analyze the number of modifications that have been made to this dish worldwide, this question makes sense. It is not known who was the person in charge of creating this recipe, nor the exact place where it began to be cooked, but what we do know is that it comes from China.

This dish of Asian origin is a variation of fried white rice combined with vegetables, finely chopped meat, chicken, egg and Chinese roots. After its arrival in South America between the XIX and XX centuries, the different countries of this continent began to make certain modifications to this recipe.

In Peru, the idea of adding pieces of pork and ham to the preparation was born, while in Colombia the mixture of this rice with paprika and shrimp obtained incredible results. Undoubtedly, the touch that each country has contributed to this recipe has achieved unforgettable flavors.

Origin of fried rice

But what if someone asks why it is called Chinese rice? We must answer that it is due to its origin in China (fried rice appeared for the first time in the Sui dynasty in China), regardless of the fact that each country has its own style and it is already part of its gastronomy.

Many popular varieties of fried rice have their own ingredient lists. In Greater China, Yangzhou fried rice and Hokkien fried rice are the most famous.

Because of its Chinese origins, Japanese shahan is considered a Sino-Japanese dish. Korean bokkeum bap generally does not, although there is a Sino-Korean variant. In Southeast Asia, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean nasi goreng and khao phat, with similar preparations, are popular dishes.

Chinese rice ingredients

Despite the different styles of this dish, there are some basic ingredients that must be present in any three-delicious rice.

The main one is white rice, which must be prepared in such a way that it is loose and soft. The second element that cannot be missing is the soy sauce, a dark condiment that gives color and flavor to our rice. The next thing to take into account are the different vegetables and plants that can add flavor and aroma to our Chinese rice, such as: scallions, carrots, garlic, ginger, peas, bean sprouts and celery.

At the same time, it is common to use scrambled eggs; these have a positive influence on the flavor and texture of the dish. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the meats that provide the protein component to this recipe: chicken, pork, ham, smoked cutlet or shrimp.

Fried rice, three delicacies, chaufan
Fried rice, three delicacies, chaufan

It is bad

After a hectic day at work or during the little free time we have for lunch, buying Chinese rice at the nearest restaurant is probably the quickest and easiest option. However, it is important to keep in mind that this recipe may not be the healthiest for our body.

The incredible flavor of the different versions of Chinese rice in restaurants around the world is due to the large amounts of oils used to fry the rice and other ingredients, a factor that can put our cardiovascular health at risk if we frequently consume this dish, due to the accumulation of fat in the arteries.

Likewise, the soy sauce used in Chinese rice can be a trigger for some complications in our organism, due to the amount of sodium it can provide. An excess of sodium can lead to an increase in blood pressure; on the other hand, people who have problems with uric acid should completely avoid products containing soy.

Fried rice is irritating

Abdominal pain, burning sensation in the stomach, altered intestinal transit and heaviness can be manifestations of irritable bowel syndrome; a gastrointestinal disease that can be caused by frequent ingestion of many of the ingredients used in the preparation of fried rice.

The saturated fats contained in the meat of this dish or the oil used to fry the rice are absorbed very slowly in the intestine, which can cause irritation; likewise, the large amount of seasonings added to increase the flavor can be harmful to this organ.

It carries egg

Egg is one of the ingredients in the original Chinese rice recipe; a basic ingredient that is present in all cuisines and can provide a large amount of protein. In addition, its neutral flavor can be easily adapted to more demanding complements of this dish such as meat and chicken.

Are you interested in knowing how to add the eggs to the Chinese rice? It is very easy and there are two options to do it; the first one is to cook the rice as usual, then in a frying pan add two beaten eggs, let them curdle and finally mix them with the rice. The second alternative is to add the eggs while the rice is cooking.

Is healthy

It is true that in the restaurants where we usually buy Chinese rice, they add a lot of sauces and condiments to improve the flavor of the dish; however, we already know that these ingredients can produce harmful effects in our organism. So should we stop eating it? No, we can reduce its consumption or prepare a healthier version at home.

To prepare a very healthy homemade Chinese rice with incredible flavor, we can use more vegetables and eggs; at the same time, replace some ingredients such as pork meat with chicken or shrimp. Another very important factor is the technique we use to prepare it, steaming the rice will be healthier than frying it.

Fried rice is healthy
Is fried rice harmful? Sick?

Chinese fried rice makes you fat

For those who do not want to gain weight, are on a strict diet and avoid high-calorie foods, fried rice can be an enemy dish. This factor is due to the combination of ingredients so varied in the preparation, from the use of carbohydrates to fats and sauces. The frying of rice and other ingredients in this meal is the main reason for its caloric content.

Studies have confirmed that just one cup of Chinese rice can be equivalent to 34% fat, while specialists recommend that the daily intake of total fat should be between 20-30%, a value that should be distributed between 3 and 4 meals.

Venezuelan style

After the Asians arrived in the country, Venezuelans studied their recipes and modified them with the resources they had available; the result of this adaptation of Chinese rice has almost become a classic dish of Venezuelan gastronomy.

To make this Venezuelan-style Chinese rice, the chicken breast, smoked cutlet, shrimp and the white rice you have from the day before will be the protagonists. To season and give it that typical Venezuelan flavor you should add carrots, celery, scallions, sweet peppers, garlic, salt, egg and lots of soy sauce.

In general terms, the preparation consists of sautéing the meats and vegetables in lard for 3 or 4 minutes; then gradually add the other ingredients such as garlic, chili, ginger, salt and soy sauce. To this preparation, an egg omelet chopped in pieces is added, and finally the cooked rice is added and stirred very well.

Recipe with chicken

Preparing a tasty Chinese rice with a few pieces of chicken you have at home can be faster than ordering it at home. Besides, this dish is an excellent option to turn a single chicken fillet into a meal for 2 or 3 people.

For this recipe you need a chicken breast of approximately 200 g, which you will cook on both sides in a frying pan with previously heated olive oil; when it is ready, cut it into small pieces and add them to the rice, vegetables and other cooked ingredients.

Recipe with shrimp

The recipe for Chinese rice with shrimp is one of the favorite and most requested versions in restaurants, but it can also be prepared very easily at home and fascinate the palate of everyone in the family.

How much shrimp do you need? 200 grams are enough to prepare a Chinese rice of this style for 4 people.

The first thing to do is to cook the rice and wash the shrimp; the cleaning of these crustaceans is based on the elimination of the gray vein, the head and all the hard parts. The next thing to do is to cook in a frying pan pieces of meat, chicken and bacon; when they are ready you add the shrimps together with the vegetables to cook them.

Finally, when all the ingredients are cooked, add the rice and leave the preparation on the stove for three more minutes so that the flavors are well integrated.


The typical sweet and sour sauce that usually accompanies the delicious Chinese rice, is a perfect complement to this dish and cannot be missed. Preparing this sauce is very simple and making it at home gives you the advantage of adjusting the intensity to your liking. Right now you must be wondering.

What is the sauce for Chinese fried rice or tres delicias? Well, the ingredients you need are basic in every kitchen: soy sauce, orange juice, water, cornstarch, ketchup, sugar and vinegar. The first step is to dilute the cornstarch in the water until there are no lumps; meanwhile, put the rest of the ingredients over medium heat.

When the cornstarch is ready, mix it with the other ingredients and stir until a thick consistency is obtained.

With vegetables

Of all the variations that exist, Chinese rice with vegetables is the easiest to prepare. Even after a busy day, you can be encouraged to prepare this simple dish. Another advantage of this recipe is the low fat content of the ingredients it contains, resulting in a very light and healthy meal.

The main ingredient is rice; you should wash it several times to remove all the starch and then cook it. The next step is to cut into small pieces the vegetables of your choice to sauté them; you can use broccoli, carrots, celery, scallions and mushrooms. In another pan, prepare an egg omelet.

Finally, mix the sautéed vegetables and the diced egg omelet with the rice; cook for several minutes and add the desired amount of soy sauce for seasoning.


Chinese or fried rice, vegetarian or vegan, is a very healthy alternative; it is low in fat and its preparation is very fast, it will not take you more than twenty minutes to cook it. The trick for this dish to have an incredible consistency is to use rice from the day before.

In this recipe you can use carrots, onions, corn and peas; vegetables that you can boil or steam for a healthier result. Likewise, the soy sauce can be replaced by tamari, a variation of the first one that is gluten-free or contains low proportions.

And lumpy

Lumpias are one of the most popular side dishes in Chinese cuisine; they are vegetable rolls wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla, which can be fried or baked to reduce the calorie level.

To cook them you can start by preparing the tortilla; for this step you need to make a homogeneous mixture with wheat flour, corn starch, water and salt. Place thin layers of the mixture with a ladle or brush in a hot pan, the thinner the better the result.

When finished, set them aside. The next step is to prepare the stuffing; for this you must cut into thin strips the carrot, cabbage, celery and cook them over medium heat with four tablespoons of water. After a few minutes it is time to season with salt, sugar and 5 Chinese spices.

Finally, roll out the tortillas and place the filling on them, fold their sides inwards and coat them with egg to make them stick together. Once the tortillas are ready, you can fry or bake them.

And chop Suey

Legend has it that perhaps this dish was invented by an American immigrant in his attempt to impress Westerners; frying the only vegetables available in the kitchen and accompanying them with some pieces of meat, he obtained an incredible result which he called “Chop Suey” which means “mixed pieces”.

Its preparation basically consists of sautéing the vegetables of our preference in a wok with olive oil; chopped chicken and bean sprouts can also be added. To complete this dish, it is essential to place the preparation over a portion of fried or steamed white rice.

What is Cantonese Chinese fried rice?

It is a variation of the conventional Chinese rice, in which meat fillets cut in strips are incorporated. What is Chinese rice Valencian style? Valencian fried rice differs from traditional fried rice in its ingredients and method of preparation.

In this recipe potatoes, tomatoes, blood sausages and chorizos in slices are used; while the bacon must be chopped in strips. The potatoes should be the first to be cooked in a casserole with oil, when they are soft, the other ingredients are added and mixed for several minutes with a wooden paddle.

Finally, add the rice from the previous day, chicken broth and saffron; place in the oven at medium temperature for twenty minutes and when ready, cover with aluminum foil.

How many calories does Chinese rice have?

Due to the large amount of ingredients in this dish, it is estimated that a small or individual portion of tres delicias rice contains between 163 and 333 kcal, which is equivalent to 15% of the total daily calories.

How long does fried rice last in the refrigerator?

Normally the shelf life of fried rice in the refrigerator is three days, but its conservation can be extended to three months if we freeze it. The latter option is very useful when you prepare large quantities of Chinese rice and you are afraid that it will deteriorate.

Read an important clarification below in the item bacteria.

How much rice do the Chinese eat?

China is one of the first rice-producing countries and for 1,000 years this food has been the most consumed in the country. Of the 210 million tons of rice produced in China in 2019, 194 million tons were consumed by its inhabitants.

How to make Boricua Chinese rice?

Puerto Rican fried rice is an original adaptation from Puerto Rico; to prepare it you must begin by frying in oil pieces of scallion and ham and then add garlic powder, carrots and peas. In a corner of the same pan we cook an egg and when it is ready we mix it with the vegetables.

Then we add the rice and the amount of soy sauce of our preference; then it is the turn to add the shrimp and cover the preparation until they are soft. Finally, add the chopped lettuce and that’s it.

How to make Chinese rice black?

The key to a richly colored Chinese rice is soy, but not the soy that is normally used; you should get a dark soy sauce that is mixed with molasses for a thicker consistency.

What to accompany Chinese fried rice with?

The best side dishes to accompany Chinese rice on any occasion are lumpias, chop Suey, sweet and sour sauce and servings of sweet and sour chicken or pork ribs.

Hokkien (or Fujian ) Fried Rice

Derived from Chinese fried rice, it originates from the Fujian region of China. It is covered and then mixed with a thick sauce that may include mushrooms, meat, vegetables, etc.

Szechuan fried rice

It is a spicy dish that originated in Sichuan province. It is seasoned with doubanjiang bell pepper sauce, garlic, new onion and purple onion. Yin Yang fried rice is covered with two different sauces, one quite salty and white, the second red and made of tomatoes.

In its most elaborate version, the two sauces draw the symbol of yin and yang .

Yangzhou Fried Rice

It usually includes a generous portion of shrimp and scrambled eggs, as well as grilled pork, but its ingredients vary widely, even in the city it is named after.

However, it is the most popular type of fried rice in Chinese restaurants around the world. It is often referred to as “special fried rice” or “house fried rice.”


Storing cooked rice at room temperature can lead directly to food poisoning, caused by a pathogen: Bacillus Cereus, usually found in the environment, mainly in the soil. It is therefore naturally present in products of plant origin (type B strains) or in dairy products (type A strains).

However, type B strains are natural contaminants in rice fields. Therefore, rice is almost always contaminated with Bacillus cereus.

Why can storing rice make it poisonous?

When rice is cooked and then left at room temperature for too long, Bacillus cereus can multiply rapidly and, after only two hours, toxins are produced. However, they will no longer be destroyed by cooking.

And as is often the case with such pathogens, it is not possible to detect this contamination by the taste or odor of the food. Rice that has become poisonous may cause vomiting within 1 to 5 hours after consumption. Symptoms usually disappear after 12 to 24 hours.

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