How valentine day was invented

Introduction: How valentine day was invented. There is a dark history behind Valentine’s celebrations, but it has changed with time. Today we have made our Valentine as loving as we could. We celebrate with brunches of flowers, especially red roses, and many gifts, which include chocolates.

We see Valentine’s as a day of love, but when we move to history, we see the darkest part of this celebration. It is weird for us, but we ignore it as we see its positive side. This day was not always as loving as it seems now. 

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How valentine day is celebrated

Introduction: How valentine day is celebrated. Valentine’s Day is the message of love as it originates from a couple’s marriage which St. Valentine did.

The day is celebrated in a special way, including sending love cards with flowers, especially roses. Valentine’s day was not as loving as it is now. This day has a dark history. But with time, it appeared a lovely day for all the lovers in the world.

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