Capricorn sign meaning

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Capricorn sign meaning. The sign of Capricorn is shown with certain strengths that make it stand out among other signs of the zodiac, such as: its discipline, responsibility, self-control and for being very good managers.

Like all signs, they have weaknesses, since they think they are know-it-all, they are condescending, relentless and always expect the worst.

This sign always likes to be with family, listen to music, the traditional and the discreet status. While what you don’t like is almost everything at some point.

It can be said that Capricorn is represented by responsibility and time, they are often very traditional and by nature serious. They possess an internal state of independence that allows them to make significant progress in their personal and professional life.

They are usually the masters of self-control and have the ability to lead, make realistic and solid plans, manage many people who work for them; Learn from your mistakes and make it to the top if you rely solely on your knowledge and experiences.

Capricorn characteristics

With an austere and reserved character, those of the Capricorn sign nevertheless have a great sense of humor. They tend to know the dark side of existence, for them the sense of responsibility and duty are very important, it is for this reason that they know how to enjoy the good things and the pleasures of life.

They are of few words, but of strong wills and ambitions, they have tenacity and good sense. Those born under this sign advance slowly, to reach the peak of success.

They are considered distrustful people, who only have their resources, they are beings that relate with difficulty and maintain control over their emotions. But as soon as they overcome the barriers of mistrust, their esteem is eternal, as well as their feelings, guaranteeing great dedication and loyalty.

People of this sign are not interested in attracting attention, they are conventional and traditional and tend to assume responsibilities, sometimes they will be the support of family and even friends.

Capricorn start date

The Capricorn sign begins after the sign of Sagittarius and runs from December 22 to January 21.

Capricorn in Love

Capricorns tend to see life in general as a slow but very safe climb to the top of a mountain, which means reaching goals and meeting goals.

In this way, Capricorns approach their love relationships. It is an ambitious sign who is attracted to ambitious rather than relaxed people.

The most compatible signs with Capricorn are Taurus and Virgo, however, the number one on the list is Scorpio, because it is also ambitious, enigmatic and objective.

When a Capricorn person really opens their heart and falls in love, they will be willing to give everything without exception, but in turn they want to have the unconditional support of their partner.

That is why they show their love and attention to the loved one, even becoming totally dependent on their partner. People with this sign are attracted to people who show certain features and aspects. The main one is that they be strong workers, since Capricorns admires the ability of some people who have a difficult and long day at work.

In love, Capricorns are calm and reserved, but at the same time they are open and show their humorous side with people they like. If they joke, clown and flirt it is a sign that they are meeting a person they like.

Capricorn woman

Self-confidence is an aspect that identifies the Capricorn woman, in addition, she is usually cold with others and is slightly distrustful and shy at first.

The women of this sign are quiet and reserved, giving them a hard and cold appearance, in order to meet a woman of this sign you will have to gain her trust little by little.

By letting yourself be known, you will really show a sweet and sensitive person, but one who faithfully protects your privacy.

Capricorns often use their intelligence at all levels in order to achieve experiences, obtain wealth, power, have charm, beauty, erudition, etc.

Something that these women stand out for is because they know how to find the resources to get ahead, for them life is a constant challenge and they plan strategies and work very hard to achieve their goals.

When they do things, they do it with an interest and with an objective already proposed in advance, which is why other qualities are added to their way of being, such as effort and perseverance, until they reach that objective.

The positive side of those born under this sign can demonstrate the great ambition they have, they are very erotic, practical, affectionate, impulsive, introverted, patient, prudent, disciplined, fun and reserved. Likewise, these women prove to be more mature people for their age.

Among the negative features that stand out in women of this sign are; pessimism and perfectionism that can be some other problem.

They like to be leaders, they are very professional and direct in order to achieve their goals, they can go over anyone to achieve them.

These women in love are a bit complex, they do not trust anyone, which is a bit difficult to conquer them, they also have a hard time expressing their feelings and sometimes they show superiority as a defense system.

For people who manage to gain the trust of Capricorns and can break that shell, they will have the opportunity to see the true sensual and sweet personality that radiates, in addition to the erotic force that Capricorns manage to give off in intimacy.

They do not like to be played with their feelings and much less often play with the feelings of other people. They consider themselves very sincere and the worst thing that can happen to women of this sign is that they suffer a love disappointment.

The type of men who prefer the women of this sign are those who know how to listen and who are older than them or at least with the same degree of emotional maturity that they have, additionally that they transmit positivism and confidence in bad times.

Capricorn sign, woman
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Capricorn sign, woman

Capricorn man

As it is an earth element sign, this aspect gives Capricorn men a lot of stability, courage and determination. For any type of relationship it is one of the best signs of the zodiac.

Capricorn men are energetic and calm when trying to achieve their goals. They consider themselves faithful to the principles acquired in their life. When something crosses their mind, they manage to obtain it, no matter what the obstacles to overcome.

They have their feet firmly on the ground, they have objectivity and a curious mixture of impulsiveness and rationality. As workers they are very efficient and practical, who can be entrusted with the work and will end up solving it in the best way.

They are the maximum exponent of responsibility and are always sure of themselves, it is rare that they leave something half done. As co-workers they are excellent people, as they manage to carry out any project.

But in roles of bosses or superiors not much, since their demands will increase without them realizing it.

Capricorn men also like crafts, music, and fine arts and are often excited about beauty in any of its forms. They are quiet and do not like large, continuous displays of appreciation.

They are more people of deeds than of words and they also like that others are the same. They tend to value their personal space and require time to devote to themselves.

They prefer to enjoy a movie at home, rather than visiting noisy and uncomfortable places. Men of this sign do not love adventures or risky situations, so they prefer to play it safe.

If necessary they can adapt to new situations, but if they have a routine for them it is much better. As for love, men of this sign prefer to take the step, when they are ready.

The woman who wants to make a Capricorn man fall in love should not use grand gestures or be noticed, but should subtly enter his life. They will make themselves known and will first seek trust and friendship before moving on to the next stage.

Once as a couple, Capricorns are easygoing companions who can be talked to and who know how to listen. When they are a certain age, they value the type of person and their interior much more than the physical part of the relationship.

Although they may seem lonely, Capricorn men are not. They prefer to be alone if they cannot find a person capable of offering them the tranquility and warmth they seek. If you find that person, he will be the best lover, husband and father.

This sign gathers everything you need to have a happy family, for being so loving, grateful, faithful and dedicated. They offer security, stability and will always watch over your family.

What are Capricorns like?

People of this sign are very ambitious and disciplined, practical, prudent, have patience and when necessary they are very cautious. They are also reserved and have a sense of humor.

They like professionalism, reliability, having a solid foundation, having a goal, and being leaders whenever they can.

They are considered stable, safe and calm people. Very hard-working, practical, responsible and willing to insist what is necessary, in order to achieve their objectives.

They are reliable and sometimes have the role of completing a project started, which will end without any inconvenience.

As bosses they are usually demanding, although they do it in the same way with their family and friends, but this is because they also demand themselves. They are very fair people.

They are not considered one of the happiest signs, since they sometimes tend to pessimism and melancholy; when they suffer from depression, they should seek professional help.

In fact, it is necessary that those born under this sign always try to maintain their emotional stability through relaxation and breathing methods or perform activities that help them relax and control their emotions.

Capricorn lucky number

The lucky numbers of the Capricorn sign are: 3, 16 and 25.

Tarot for Capricorn

HOUSE I: Personality

Arcane: 8 of Swords

Tip: There may be paralysis and negativity. It will not be good to get involved in a situation or attitude that does not contribute to the present. It will be necessary to break with limiting thoughts and connect with ambitions.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: Page of Swords (Page of Swords)

Tip: Putting your ideas into practice is essential; in addition to investing in good academic training and professional updating.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: 2 of Wands (suits)

Tip: there can be duality; Before making a decision, it will be necessary to ask oneself if a voice from the past is being attended or is aligned with the best version.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: 4 of Wands (suits)

Advice: reunions, blessings, security, rest as a family are coming. It will be necessary to share plans and projects with loved ones.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: 3 of Cups

Tip: in this regard, romantic conquests will come to the fore, as well as happy relationships. This results in personal satisfaction. Joy and experience are valuable gifts that must be manifested.


Arcane: The Tower

Advice: drastic changes and difficulty in adapting will come. It is possible that there are conflicts in the work environment, that you have even dismissed. To do this, it will be good to exercise caution, make sure you meet your responsibilities and accept challenges as opportunities for growth.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 4 of Swords

Advice: avoid coldness and resentment; do not act without thinking and reflect on the nature of feelings, before making a lasting and deep commitment.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: Temperance

Advice: it will be necessary to take advantage of the moments of tranquility, in order to strengthen ties in the relationship, through the exchange of ideas, projects and experiences.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcane: The Hierophant or High Priest

Advice: in search of the truth. Dedication to study and avoid conformism. The potential for expansion and growth must be trusted.

HOUSE X: Vocation and aspirations

Arcane: The Hermit

Tip: Take time to redefine career goals and identify what matters most. Be careful with external pressures and expectations from others.

HOUSE XI: Friends and groups

Arcane: Queen of Swords

Tip: With independence you can make it easier to provide practical advice to those who need it. Joining the group does not mean that individuality is lost.

HOUSE XII: Mysticism and Karma

Arcano: 5 de bastos (palos)

Tip: Contrast events and challenges are what motivate personal growth, since they drive you to leave the comfort zone and go beyond the unknown.

Capricorn compatibility with other signs

Capricorn and Aries

Those of the Capricorn sign have good intention to build a partner, but the impatience and impulsiveness of Aries will not make it so easy, in this sense Capricorn must learn to take risks. But their fascination for each other motivates them to have a lasting relationship.

Capricorn and Taurus

These two signs have the same vision as a couple that can be long-term, there they will always be present when the other requires it, there will also be respect and loyalty. On the one hand, Taurus manages to calm jealousy with Capricorn, while the latter discovers sensuality in the arms of Taurus.

Capricorn and Gemini

Since they are two totally opposite signs, it is an almost impossible relationship. Both are too realistic, but, although many do not believe it in terms of a relationship, in the end, it ends up working.

Capricorn and Cancer

The rigor of Capricorn faces the sensitivity of Cancer. However, they can easily grow together as a couple. Both will need security and will have the ability to calm down between the two.

Capricorn and Leo

At first glance, Capricorn does not seem to be up to Leo’s level, but it is very likely that he will be able to make him fall in love thanks to Capricorn’s determination and determination.

Capricorn and Virgo

These two signs are shy, at the moment of seduction neither will take the first step. Once the ice is broken, you can both understand each other wonderfully, as you have the same desire for lasting love, affection, and enjoying fidelity.

Capricorn and Libra

Capricorn will find it difficult to meet the love demands of Libra, they love tokens of love and fiery declarations, but Capricorn will not know how to do it. They both dream of having a committed and loyal partner and that is why a couple made up of these two signs can work wonderfully well.

Capricorn and Scorpio

These two signs are very fiery. If Scorpio manages to awaken the Capricorn volcano, the encounter will result in something very intense. In this sense, Capricorn should relax a bit, connect and put mistrust aside.

Capricorn and Sagittarius

In the beginning, professional and social issues will unite them. Later on, your relationship will become more turbulent. Sagittarius tends to have trouble with the reserved attitude of a Capricorn. But the two of you can create a beautiful relationship because of the values you share.

Capricorn and Capricorn

A same-sign relationship is not that easy. What will make such a relationship work is the attraction to opposite tastes. As soon as a relationship begins, they will easily compromise, driven by the desire to live a strong and lasting story.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn admires the independence and originality of Aquarius, Aquarius likes the way of being reliable and calm of Capricorn. Neither will need great displays of affection, and the success of this relationship will depend on accepting things as they are.

Capricorn and Pisces

Those with the sign of Pisces like that Capricorn helps them put their feet on the ground and face the setbacks of their daily lives. Pisces will succeed in prompting the Capricorn to dream a little more and to get out of his limited vision. Between these two signs they have many things to learn from each other.

Capricorn sign qualities

This sign is characterized because they are people who have a lot of confidence and efficiency, they also have a calm with which they make their decisions, managing to take safe and stable steps that will guarantee them to avoid making mistakes.

Which makes them very reliable and worthy of doing any job, no matter how difficult it may be. They have a realistic and practical character, becoming logical and reasonable people who analyze things very well, allowing them to make their decisions wisely.

Although they are usually reliable and rarely make mistakes, in the event of a stumble, their tenacity makes them not back down and they face their problems with great persistence and work discipline, in order to overcome difficulties.

Capricorn in bed

This sign in sex can be somewhat dangerous, for having that calculating, cold character and where they usually plan every detail; on the sexual plane they also adopt this position.

Capricorns try to get their partner to enjoy it to the fullest, they usually calculate times, write down the expressions of the other in their mind, to see if they are doing it correctly or if they lack to keep up.

After processing all this information, they begin to correct what they believe are their mistakes, their mission is to reach the top and that everything turns out perfect so that they can be crowned as the king or queen in bed.

They are able to turn around if what they do or see they do not like or do not make them enjoy, but if they are having a good time, they draw their strength and resist until the couple is exhausted and consumed.

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