Capricorn and Capricorn, compatibility

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Capricorn and Capricorn, compatibility, couple relationships, friendship, love, sexuality and marriage. Capricorn is one of the calmest signs of the entire zodiac, being, at times, unnoticed by the rest. They are individuals who have a very own sense of humor, so they do not connect with anything, as they would be in the rest of the signs. This, together with his ambitious mind, makes him very lonely people at times.

Understanding Capricorn from their relationships is not simple, but not for that, impossible. We are going to undertake the task of understanding how this sign is related to another person of the same sign, specifically, in areas such as friendship, marriage and sexuality. He continues reading in the next sections to find out what Capricorn has in store for him.

This sign represents all those people who are born between December 22 and January 20, and is part of one of the coldest signs of the entire zodiac as far as their personality is concerned. However, this does not mean that they are not related. Let’s see how two Capricorns establish friendly ties.

Capricorn and Capricorn, compatibility
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Capricorn and Capricorn, compatibility


Capricorn and Capricorn, compatibility, Capricorn is a lover of conversations of substance and a lot of content, that is, of those in which really interesting ideas are raised, where the points of view have a solid base. There is nothing that can make Capricorn connect in a more intense way than through the exchange of ideas.

He loves to converse, present his arguments on certain topics and, of course, be heard. Their friendships are characterized by really long conversations, whether between two or more people, which can become the central activity in meetings. Capricorn opts for people with a lot of knowledge, and this is how many of their friendships are defined.

The friendship between two Capricorn people will be full of exchange of ideas and intellectual resources. They can travel to multiple locations, perform different activities, but among all that, the magic will really be in the conversation.

Other aspects such as values and principles enter here. Capricorn is a person who highly values the education of his friends, since he also puts it into practice every time he interacts, therefore, he despises vulgarities and always strives to set an example for others. To relate in a friendly way, Capricorn needs to verify that these values exist.

Two Capricorns can listen to each other for hours, and both will enjoy good food, as long as their companion is the right one. They do not tend to develop many friendships, because they do not connect so easily with anyone. This can sometimes be a problem as it causes you trouble inserting yourself into some circles.

However, Capricorn friends are people who have learned to recognize it as someone important, and have seen beyond first impressions. Therefore, he has ties, although few, very strong with other people. We could say that Capricorn friendship is based on quality rather than quantity at birth.

To be a friend of Capricorn, a person must be willing to offer their time, since this sign is very demanding in terms of time and dedication. However, it is in charge of being reciprocal, since it makes sure to compensate for everything that people dare to relate to in order to encourage true feedback among those who dare to give of their time.


Sexuality is one of the most fascinating moments for Capricorn since he is a person who loves to experience and live sexuality to the fullest. He maintains an interest in having contact with his partner, as well as talking about intimacy issues. He is a person with a high level of sexual activity.

He has no problem innovating his ways, or doing it in the most unexpected places. For Capricorn, sexuality is one of the most vital aspects of any relationship, and when it does not enjoy this base, its mood tends to be affected even. At this point, a relationship between two Capricorns will be ideal, as they will both maintain the same level of desire.

Two Capricorns will be two insatiable flames, which would have experiences day after day at home, in their work spaces, at parties, etc. There will be no limit for these two, and they will always have an idea to come up with in bed, trying to step things up to take pleasure to the next level.

Capricorn enjoys being touched and desired by their partner. He loves innuendo and he loves nothing more than the proactivity of his spouse. In this sense, two Capricorns will have intimate relationships very frequently, transforming, in a short time, into the perfect companions in bed.

One of the aspects that Capricorn detests the most is the taboo regarding sex, on the contrary, they highly value conversations without fears based on ignorance. He opts for people who have a lot to say about sex who don’t care about being judged unjustifiably just for knowing about it.

Sexuality represents an essential factor for Capricorn, which is always kept under exploration for itself. At times, this can get out of hand, to the point of suffocating your partner regarding this issue. However, he can think about it and get back on track.

In intimacy, Capricorn enjoys having his partner take off his clothes, as well as saying things to him while they have relationships. He loves the use of sweets to diversify the sensations and smells a bit, and on the whole, he adores intense endings, where neither of them can due to lack of energy.

A courtship without this virtue can quickly bore Capricorn, which could lead to the abandonment of the relationship on their part. Capricorn will only exist in sexuality that is intense, passionate and constant, otherwise, he will not be able to establish a truce in this regard.


Marriage represents one of the most important standards in a relationship for Capricorn, therefore, consider that every relationship must reach this stage if it is really serious. For this reason, every Capricorn yearns to find the person with whom he can live in love for all eternity.

Under this premise, Capricorn greatly respects marriage, and finds in it a very important institution to form the family. He longs to be part of this marriage, and from a young age, he prepares to be the faithful spouse of the person with whom he decides to take this important step.

For Capricorn, reputation and dignity are very important aspects in their image, and, therefore, in their marriage. He hates discussions in public, and completely disapproves of problems that are not solved in a timely manner. Capricorn will always seek a relationship based on respect, and will not be able to reconcile if the terms are not clear.

As a spouse, Capricorn is always interested in the welfare of his partner, worrying if he has problems. For this sign, his marriage should always be at its best, as it will be here that his legacy will end once his life ends. Therefore, marriage represents one of the most solemn acts in their existence.

He considers that his partner must have certain aspects such as loyalty, respect and total dedication, otherwise, he will not be interested in creating a bond of such magnitude with another person. Marriage is the most important delivery that exists for this sign, and if you do not feel something of reciprocity, you will hardly appreciate a proposal of such magnitude.

Although it does not show it, Capricorn is a very sentimental and loving person. It could be said that his love is very pragmatic, since he prefers to demonstrate through actions, being a person of gestures, who rarely explains what he feels. In those cases, he prefers to write it and deliver it through a letter, which for this sign is, in fact, a very intimate act.

Capricorn does not contemplate going back in marriage, and when their relationship fails, they can find themselves in a very difficult state for their mental well-being. He will never think that his marriage will fail, and he will give his all so that it can develop and become the most important foundation of him.

As can be seen, Capricorn is a person who, although he may seem somewhat reserved and cold, is someone who has a lot to offer whom he considers worthy of it. As a couple, he is willing to give up everything he has, from his time, feelings and life. In sexuality, he lives every moment, and in friendship, he shares the most important thing, which is his knowledge.

Whether in bed, in marriage, or in friendship, Capricorn is a person unable to live a second without passion. Therefore, not everyone can really connect with this sign and its way of life. In this regard, these are the characteristics that define this, the calmest sign of the entire zodiac, in these three very important relationships.

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