Cancer decans 1, 2, and 3

Cancer decans 1,2 and 3: dates, 1, 2, 3, personality, physical appearance.Introduction .Cancer decans refers to individuals belonging to the 30 degrees of the cancer zodiac. Cancer is a sign of duality. The first decan, the most extroverted and active, is ruled by Venus. The second decan, more introverted and reflective, is ruled by Mercury. The third decan, most introspective and contemplative, is ruled by the moon. An individual’s zodiac plays an important role in determining their personality. The following is an analysis of this zodiac that will help you understand Cancer decans better.

Cancer decans 1,2 and 3: dates, 1, 2, 3, personality, physical appearance
Cancer decans 1,2 and 3: dates, 1, 2, 3, personality, physical appearance


Cancer decan 1 are born between June 22 and July 2.

Cancer decan 2 are born between July 3 and July 11.

Cancer decan 3 are born between July 12 and July 21.

Cancer Decan 1

This decan is demonstrative of the sociable, outgoing, and popular Cancer sign. Most of the people from this decan are known for their warm, friendly and caring personality. They are very good at making friends among people. These decans have a very good sense of humour and have a great sense of fun. 

They love to make jokes and laugh at others, making them great comedians or entertainers. Throughout their lives they tend to be very social people who can connect easily with many others and more. They have a very positive attitude towards life and are very optimistic. They are known for their love of freedom, but they also love their home and family. They deeply care about their family and show affection to their family members. These decans are also very caring, compassionate and sympathetic. They display a need to be accepted by others and want to be liked by everyone in the society.

Decan 1 individuals are very ambitious and determined. They love to work hard in their lives and want to achieve success at any cost. They have a fighting spirit and are never discouraged by any difficulties they encounter in life. They can overcome any obstacle with sheer determination. The natives of this decan usually have a number of enemies because they sometimes face opposition from people due to their straightforwardness and outspoken nature, but they also have many friends who like them for their warm hearted character.

Cancer Decan 2

Cancer decan 2 are adventurous and are very sociable. Most of them enjoy the company of others, love to be around people and enjoy making friends with people. They love to read and write and are talented writers. They are also very intelligent individuals who can achieve success in anything they set out to do in life. They are determined and ambitious and they achieve the goals they set for themselves. They have a deep interest in other people’s lives and are always available to lend a helping hand to anyone that needs support. These decans are very generous, charitable and kind-hearted. They like to help people who are in need of their help financially or otherwise.

Cancer Decan 3

Cancer decan 3 is thought of as peaceful, loving, sensitive and intelligent individuals by their friends. They are considered to be very wise individuals who live a very simple life. Due to their sensitive nature, they are also thought of as poets and artists. They love to read and write poems, stories and novels. 

They may take interest in music, art, photography and writing for a living. They are very emotional beings who experience love and affection naturally. They need to be loved and accepted by others in order to live a peaceful life. These people are also very devoted to their work and like to be dedicated towards their work, whatever the nature of their work might be.

Decan 3 people hate controversies, confrontations and arguments. They consider these things as signs of immaturity in an individual’s life. They try their level best to avoid these confrontations for the rest of their life. These people are mostly known for their kind nature, so it is not surprising that they are also loved by others.

Personality: Cancer decans 1,2 and 3

Even though you might get along with all the decans, your results will be very different depending on which decan you are born under.

Cancer decan 1, 2, and 3  personalities are very warm and affectionate people who are friendly, sympathetic and compassionate towards others. They have a great heart for their family and friends. They generally have a good understanding of life and want to help in solving problems faced by their friends or family members by sharing their thoughts. They are not selfish people who only think about their own problems and do nothing to help out their friends.

These people always try to be available to their friends whenever they need help. They are very understanding and compassionate towards others, willing to lend a shoulder to anyone in need of support. These people generally have a warm personality and are loved by many due to this trait, although they may sometimes lose friends because of their good nature.

Cancer decan 1-2-3 personalities are very sensitive people who are very emotional. They feel the emotions of those around them deeply and they express these emotions naturally. They love to help people in any way they can. They are often known for their good nature and compassionate nature, which makes them loved by many others.

Being a Cancer decan 1, 2, or 3 person means that you have a great concern for family and friends, as well as a desire to help them in any way possible. You have a deep love for your family and friends, often showing them how much you care by doing things that make their lives easier. You are a very sentimental person who will express your emotions in an immediate and natural way so that others can understand how you feel. You cannot keep yourself from being affected by the emotions of those around you, being hurt if they are upset or happy if they are pleased with something. You are a very deep person who has a great love for everything in life.

People belonging to these decans are very kind, compassionate and affectionate. They love their family and friends very much to the point of being considered as weak. They are soft spoken and affectionate by nature. These people like to be alone to think or just read books or be with their own thoughts. 

Cancer decan 1-2-3 personalities are known for being extremely generous people. They will help anyone they know in need of their help by utilising their own finances. These people are very caring and love to help out their friends whenever they need help. They sometimes go overboard in helping others that they forget to take care of themselves, which may lead to physical problems.

Cancer decan 1, 2 and 3 personalities like to spend time with friends and family. They generally do not like being alone or spending time with people whom they don’t know well. The reason for this is that being around others helps them feel secure and safe, which is something these people need in their lives a lot. They are very sensitive people who get hurt easily because they can feel the emotions of those around them. These people are also very kind and empathetic by nature and may be hurt when their kindness is taken for granted by others.

Cancer decan 1, 2 and 3 personalities are very emotional. They may also be considered to be weak people because they are often hurt easily by other people’s words or actions. It has two apparently contradictory characteristics and this is that they are sensitive and strong.. These people may also have physical problems because they will overreact to most things, causing them a great deal of pain. 

Cancer decan 1-2-3 people need to learn how to deal with these problems that come from other people’s actions and words so that they can live a happier life. These people are also considered to be very pampered by their parents and friends, which leads to them developing a sense of being overly dependent on others.

Cancer decan 1, 2, and 3 people need to learn how to deal with the reactions that they get from other people because of their sensitivity. They should be aware of their own emotions as well as the emotion that they express towards others.

Physical Appearance

Cancer decan 1, 2 and 3 people are usually thought to be shorter than average people. They have an average or short build and proportionate features. Their skin is usually brownish or reddish in colour, they have hazel or brown eyes and sometimes they may also have brown hair as well. These people will often grow up with a very good looking physique. Cancer decan 1, 2 and 3 people are also known to be very attractive by nature. They have a natural beauty that other people admire and find beautiful. 


The Cancer decan 1, 2 and 3 people are sympathetic and emotional with a great deal of love for both family and friends. They try to find the best in everyone they know therefore they can become extremely hurt by others’ words or actions. It is very important that these people learn how to be sensitive towards others while also remaining firm in their beliefs. 

Cancer decan 1, 2 and 3 people need to learn how to deal with their emotions by staying calm rather than being completely dependent on others when they are in crisis.Read Also: Compatibility of cancer decans with other zodiacs; Cancer tiger; Characteristics of Cancer Woman; Taurus decans 1-2-3