Bed sheets Feng shui

Bed sheets feng shui: colors, black, white, blue, red, orange. Introduction . Did you know that the color of bedsheets you have in your bed can affect the quality of sleep? According to Feng shui, the different colors of bedsheets evoke different energies.

Bed sheets feng shui: colors, black, white, blue, red, orange
Bed sheets feng shui: colors, black, white, blue, red, orange

If you plan to have a good night’s sleep, it is advisable that you know the color of the bedsheets that you wish to buy. If you buy the bad Feng shui colors, you will not sleep well and will feel fatigued to carry out your daily activities the following day. This article will offer you more information on the color of bedsheets you should buy or avoid.


What color of bed sheets should you get? This might seem like a simple question, but it is not. The color of bedsheets you get will depend on various factors. The first factor is your taste. People would feel more comfortable if they decorated their homes with their favorite colors. However, as you get your favorite color, you should also not forget about Feng shui. 

This is a Chinese practice whereby the items in your surroundings determine the kind of energy in that place. Good Feng shui is known to create a harmonious environment filled with positive energy.

Bad Feng shui occurs when the items in your environment create negative energy or drive away from the positive energy. The color of your bedsheet can create good or bad Feng shui. Therefore, you need to understand what Feng shui says about different colors before buying them. 


In Feng shui, black is considered the color of wisdom. Black has a lot of yin and is connected to the element of water. The bedroom is also considered a yin room, and therefore, this makes black the ideal color for your bedsheets.

However, you should ensure not to use too much black in the bedroom. For instance, if you are to use black bed sheets, it is ideal to have different colors for your walls and pillows. Too much black will disrupt the balance caused by Feng shui. The different shades of black are also ideal for use as bedsheets. 


White is one of the most common colors used for bedsheets. If you have been to various hotels in different parts of the world, you must have noticed that most of them use white bed sheets. 

This is because white bedsheets create good Feng shui, thus enhancing peace in the bedroom. The white color represents purity and simplicity. Therefore, when used for bedsheets, it can create peace in the room and promote the positive energy of Feng shui.

The color portrays cleanliness in the room, a factor that can be a source of peace. However, white should not be used in large quantities because it will appear harsh and disrupt the peace it is supposed to create in the bedroom. For instance, if you plan on buying white bed sheets, you should ensure that your bedroom walls are made of other colors. 


The color blue, when used in the bedroom, is considered a color of wellness and calmness. According to Feng shui, the different shades of blue are connected to the wood element. This element represents growth, new beginnings, and vitality. The blue color is also seen in nature, such as in the skies and the oceans. Therefore, it can be a very soothing and calming color when used in the bedroom. 

Therefore, blue bed sheets would create good Feng shui in the bedroom. Just like other colors for Feng shui, it is important to limit the quantities of the color that you use in the bedroom. Too much of the color blue will create clusters, and this is not good Feng shui. The idea is to create peace in your bedroom without overdoing it. 

If you are seeking to create more calmness in your bedroom, it is advisable to buy deeper shades of blue. Lighter shades of blue are a bit more exciting and might not create the peace you are looking for. These lighter shades will increase your heart rate, a factor that is not essential in creating peace. 


Red is considered the color of romance, and many people tend to think that it is ideal for use in the bedroom. These people think that the color white would create the romantic mood needed in the bedroom. 

Red is the most auspicious color in Feng shui and is considered undeniable. Red bed sheets are symbolic of good health prosperity and would bring luck in your life. Red bedsheets in your bedroom will make you feel more alert and awake. This explains why red is considered the color of romance in the bedroom. The best way to make this color pop up is by dimming the lights in the evening. 


According to Feng shui, orange and its different shades are considered colors of creating balance. This color is connected to the earth element and is associated with nourishment, stability, and grounding. Therefore, it makes it a great color for the bedroom, especially if an individual is feeling ungrounded. 

Orange bed sheets are known to create a cheerful environment that will lift your moods. Just like the other colors ideal for bed sheets, you should not overdo it because it is a bright color and might cause clusters. Such a cluster is not good Feng shui and will not create the ideal bedroom mood you are looking for.

Conclusion: Bed sheets Feng shui

Now that you know the different colors of bedsheets that will create harmony in your bedroom, you should not use colors that will invite negative energy. People have different tastes when it comes to the choice of color for decorating their home. This does not mean that you should use colors that bring on negative energy to your bedroom. It is best to choose your favorite color among the colors that facilitate good Feng shui. 

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