Aries decan 1

Introduction: Aries decan 1 is led by Mars (Aries triplicity). They are the newborns of the zodiac, coming into the world, kicking, screaming, and bawling their eyes out. The Sun moves through the constellations of Pegasus, Sea Monster, Lizard, Pendulum Clock, and King or, more precisely, 0º to 10º Aries from about March 21st to March 30th.

These emotional souls try everything together and grasp it with both hands. They desire it all, and they like it now. Of course, they do; they are the beginning of a new era.

Aries decan 1
Aries decan 1

Everything is fresh, new, shiny, and bouncy. These people are natural leaders, warriors, vanguard fighters, and trailblazers. They should be the first, the best, the biggest, and the greatest. Gone are the water and compassion of the previous decan; these people are so focused on their goals that they find it difficult to see their partners close to them.

‘Mars will rule the person born in this sequence and make them impressionable. The planet is associated with excess energy that can lead to quarrels, arguments, and confrontations. Words are the best way to control anger. You are more likely to dominate with arrogant, proud, arrogant, unwavering self-confidence.

 Your energy level is rising socially. You will use your energy level properly to achieve favorable results. No one can control you, and you resist those who try to control you. You are irresponsible, and your mood changes frequently.

Are you ready to know about Aries decan 1 love, personality, and compatibility? Let’s get started;

Aries decan 1 Love

Aries decan 1 falls in love without really knowing it. It is usually a deeply emotional love. Aggressively ambitious Aries will make moves that may seem rash to those around them, but this is normal for Aries.

Everything should be slow and steady in love affairs, but Aries decan 1 doesn’t believe that, and that’s why they mess things up. Because of this, they will try to take the relationship to the next level, the sexual level. Since passion and thought cannot go hand in hand, this can lead to conflict as the partner cannot match Arian’s passion.

Once the first decan of Aries has made up his mind about something, it’s almost impossible to change his mind. From what they have in mind, Aries are very active and committed to their goals. In this regard, they are relentless and never tire. A strong sense of humor is, well, their powerful suit. They are lovers of closeness and long-lasting relationships.

If there’s one thing you need to know about them, see that they don’t like to control their emotions, and let them express themselves. Aries decan 1 sexual desire is powerful, but if his partner does not have the same passion, it creates conflict in the relationship. 

Aries decan 1 personality

 Aries decan 1 personality in astrology is characterized by energy, enthusiasm, and passion, and you apply this to all aspects of your life.

Aries decan 1 is aggressive, and your dominant nature ensures you get what you want out of life and go to any lengths to get it. Physically strong, you have the energy to push yourself hard to reach the lofty goals you set for yourself. In addition, you are constantly looking for new opportunities to stretch and challenge yourself.

The main flaws in this first decan Aries’s personality are impatience and impatience. You ask for things quickly and jump into situations without thinking.

Aries decan 1 comes across as arrogant, somewhat selfish, and authoritarian. As their social energy level continues to rise, they cannot be held in place without impact. Expect heavy opposition when trying to tame Aryan, as it is in their nature to thwart your attempts to tame them.

Their ruling planet is Mars, and they are very incidental in character. Aries’ personalities are also very expressive, and they are often impatient, easily angered, aggressive and independent, and sometimes have a bit of a pet peeve. They can strengthen and improve by not using too many arbitrary words and expressions. Too many arbitrary words will cause other people to dislike them. 

They have a very rich and resourceful imagination and trust their intuition. This is their specialty. However, when their intuition is wrong, they refuse to admit it to themselves. This is particularly noteworthy. When they make decisions, they often depend on emotions and intuition.

If you were born under this influence, you are a fearless pioneer. You are money first and always try to come first in all your endeavors. The second place is not just in your words. You have very strong self-motivation and, combined with your natural leadership skills, can make it to the top in any profession you choose.

Aries decan 1 compatibility

There are no absolutes regarding astrological compatibility, and Aries decan 1 can make it work with anyone who shares their passionate energy. That being said, Aries decan 1 generally desires partners and friends who will appreciate their indie nature and have full, busy lives.

Aries and Cancer are best compatible with each other. Aries decan 1 and Cancer are both important signs, meaning they are always first at the party. Both love to initiate. So there is nothing wrong with starting this relationship, but can it last?

Cancer brings out the softer side of Aries while Aries pushes Cancer to take more risks. In general, Cancers are very sensitive and, without meaning to, Aries decan 1 often finds that they hurt Cancer’s feelings.

 The two have a very sweet, almost innocent, relationship when things are going well. But because their approach to conflict is so different, once they’re past the honeymoon phase, it can be difficult to back down from arguments.


People born in the first decade of Aries are very stubborn and do not listen to others, perhaps due to the influence of Mars. They cannot be easily persuaded or influenced. They will not listen to the advice of the people around them.

This can bring them into all kinds of trouble. They have no fear and do not dare to do dangerous things. They are experts in breaking norms, traditions, and customs. And explore hitherto unexplored territories.

They go where no one has reached before. They challenge themselves. Natives also have high expectations from their partners and family members and are generally considered demanding and bossy, although they are not so on the inside.

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